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The Best Horror Films as of 2021 | Scary Movies to Watch

the best horror movies

15 of The Best Horror Scary Films To Watch as of 2021

Well, as of 2021 Some of The best horror films of all time are still unpredictably terrifying. When it comes to the best horror movies to watch, a straightforward recipe simply does not suffice. Even if Scream’s ruleset is comforting, we need to feel like we’re speeding down a highway in the middle of the night, with the director slamming on the brakes.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen next, so it’s not going to be scary. And all of these finest horror films from classics to the newest hits as of 2021 should not confine themselves to a single genre.

Whereas some horror scary classic films take place in the dark of stuff that goes bump in the night, others take place during the day under a sunny sky and brilliant light. When it comes to terror, no place is safe. Horror movies will go everywhere you go.

We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to, and we’ve compiled a handy updates 2021 list of some of the scariest, most chilling, and entertaining horror movies that you can watch at home while you can avoid going out.

Of course, because we’re already not out of the woods when it comes to the pandemic, remember to obey ongoing quarantining and social distancing recommendations for your own and others’ welfare.

Here we Go:

15. The Woman in Black

the best horror movies 2021

This 2012 classic Hammer Horror movie doesn’t have anything to offer in terms of originality, but it’s competently put together and still one of the best films to pick in 2021.

Having said that, you might argue that merely making a ghost story this conventional in 2012 provided some innovation.

Daniel Radcliffe reprised his role as Arthur Kipps, a Victorian-era lawyer who journeys to the country to arrange the sale of a house that is discovered to be possessed by the ghost of the Woman in Black.

This CGI specter has a penchant for preying on girls, and the film becomes a mystery in the mold of “place this restless spirit and set her free.”

14. The Babadook

the babadook scary film

The Babadook, like the the other best horror movies on this list, isn’t just about scaring its viewers. The comparisons between sadness and despair are not by chance, and it’s worth noting that one of the more unsettling scary films scenes has nothing to do with a monster and all to do with a young woman losing control of her son while driving.

On the surface, The Babadook may seem to be something from The Conjuring world, but upon closer inspection, this is an intellectual, grueling fright-fest that knows precisely what you’re afraid of. And though you weren’t aware of it when you sat down to watch.

13. Martyrs

the best horror films as of 2021

Do you know how you have to work up the courage to ride a roller coaster or eat something ridiculously spicy?

To plan for the very tough stuff, you’d start with a smaller carnival ride or slightly spicy sauce. This ferocious, thoroughly volatile, and borderline genius deconstruction of terror, torture, and brutality should be approached with caution.

On the horizon, it’s a “home invasion” thriller, but the further you go down this rabbit hole, the more bizarre and horrific the discoveries get.

Well, this is one of the ugliest horror films on our list, So, Don’t pretend you weren’t warned.

12. Candyman


The movie’s atmosphere alone distinguishes it from many of its slasher horror films contemporaries even up to 2021.

Based on Clive Barker’s short story “The Forbidden,” director Bernard Rose relocates the story from Barker’s native Liverpool to Chicago’s dilapidated, “scary” Cabrini-Green schemes.

It was a wise idea to change the original story’s classist undertones to overtly racist ones, transforming it into a subversive meditation on race.

The disturbing legend of the hook-handed horror revolves around a cynical white doctoral candidate working on a study on urban legends who hears about the Cabrini-Green Candyman legend and goes to investigate.

11. Color Out of Space

colour out of space

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a decent Lovecraft adaptation, and this New one will make director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, From Beyond) proud; it’s about a seemingly innocent American family that becomes corrupted by a strange meteorite.

Director Richard Stanley and his collaborators continue to draw on the best qualities of Lovecraft’s dark horror fiction films while also introducing some outstanding new elements of their own.

10. Hereditary


It’s fair to say that Hereditary never feels secure. Nowhere in this scary two-hour runtime do you feel like you should take a breather or even predict what’s going to happen next.

Is this a paranormal film? Is this a bereavement exercise, a la The Babadook? Is there even a distinction between these two concepts?

Every shot of Collette’s artist painstakingly making miniature dioramas feels like a threat, and every tense interaction between the family’s two teenagers makes you sick to your stomach.

Why is this so?

It’s impossible to pinpoint the precise cause. The 2017 Hereditary may have divided readers, but it is a masterwork of modern horror films.

9. A Ghost Story

the best horror movies in 2021

With a title like A Ghost Story, it’s no joke that David Lowery’s film isn’t your usual paranormal tale—but even that won’t brace you for the film’s wild, an intense odyssey through passion, death, longing, and time.

It’s also possible to say that even in 2021, this is one of the most epic sub-90-minute horror films ever made.

Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara star as a couple, perhaps dating, known as C and M in the credits. They live in an old, simple home. He’s attached to it, and she has to get away from it.

Because of the tension, we get a sense of friction, but we also get real love, particularly when the two cuddles after a shocking knock on C’s piano wakes them up in the middle of the night.

8. Personal Shopper

the best horror movies

“Personal Shopper,” which is bracingly straightforward one moment and elliptical the next, isn’t just a tale of a young woman attempting to communicate with her brother in the great beyond; it’s also a knowing portrait of how technology affects how people remember the dead and process their absence.

Stewart shines as Maureen, a celebrity assistant who moonlights as a proxy in the hopes of communicating with her deceased twin.

And, because spiritualists have always been drawn to spectacle, it’s only logical that Maureen is constantly looking at her iPhone, searching for paintings by Swedish mystic.

7. Swallow

the best horror films as of 2021

A disturbing empowerment parable rooted in a domestic thriller horror film (or is it the other way around? ), writer-director Carlo Mirabella-Davis’ surreal portrait of an unraveling introduces us to Hunter Conrad, the “picture-perfect” housewife (Haley Bennett).

She’s calm, looks like a 1950s sitcom wife, and seems to be one casserole away from going full Stepford. Then she started eating marbles, pushpins, chess sticks, and so on. Hunter suddenly appears as though she has a semblance of control over her life. This is straight-out-of-the-DSM body horror films that hits a nerve — and gives audiences a lot to think about. It’s led by a truly fearless score.

6. The Shining

the shining scary film

There’s an explanation this is at the top of this veritable scream pile. The Shining has an evil vibe to it.

From Jack Nicholson’s deranged appearance as a man spiraling into murderous psychosis to Kubrick’s unwavering guidance as we hypnotically watch Danny navigating the hotel corridors on his trike, this is a scary horror film that never lets you feel safe.

The Shining, like Hereditary earlier on this page, is like being pushed by a drunken lunatic.

What will happen next? Blood swells? Little girls, who have been mutilated? The horror that lurks in Room 237’s bath?

This is not among the horror films that are based on jump scares or cheap tricks; instead Kubrick’s movie is a lurking, deadly beast that haunts you long after your television is turned off.

5. La Llorona

la liorona

La LIorona is among the best horror films of all time, and still getting good critics even in 2021. The well-known Latin American legend is retold in an 2019 tale of a dying emperor who is imprisoned in his home with his workers and family as demonstrators yell outside.

When the family is at its most desperate, a strange new maid comes to help. This is an outstanding, strong, and sobering horror film from Guatemala, and it is definitely one of the 2021’s best recommendation to watch.

4. We Are Still Here

we are still here

We Are Still Here is never short on scares. It might be the scariest film of 2015, even more so than David Robert Mitchell’s acclaimed and disturbing It Follows.

However, Geoghegan approaches the move from the tale of fleeing disaster with ease.

We Are All Here starts as a bloodbath and progresses to becoming one. There is no sense of baiting or switching; the director confidently flirts with risk throughout.

There’s even the New England winter to add to the misery. In equal measure, the elements forebode and prohibit.

The atmosphere outside is terrifying… and the carbonized wraiths in the cellar are much scarier. Finally, there is one haunted house that can not be dismissed.

3. The Descent

the best horror movies as of 2021

The Descent’s claustrophobia is terrifyingly true. This is among the best horror movies that will scare the $hit out of you before you ever know what’s lurking down there – with a night vision revelation so amazing that it goes down in jump scare history.

The women are seasoned adventurers, but every shot of them squeezed through tiny gaps as debris gently falls, every vast cavern only illuminated in one tiny corner by their flares, and every step deeper into the abyss is heart-pounding stuff.

And this isn’t a group of unlikable American teenagers, pun intended; these characters and their complicated relationships are important. This 2005 horror movie is a brilliantly arduous, not to mention empowering, and a piece of films that still ranks well even in 2021.

2. The Witch

the best horror films as of 2021

It’s either love or hate time within this one of the best controversial horror movies ever, but lose yourself in The Witch and suddenly something is frightening and you can’t put your trembling finger on why.

With a continually shocking hellish score of strings and vocals, every carefully crafted shot of the family trying to live in the desert is cranked into fear-Ville.

This means that when real horror finally arrives after a torturous slow burn of suspense, it’s as if Eggers has expertly wired you in for shocks and you didn’t care.

From the young twins’ unsettling hop and shrill voices to the monstrous goat known only as Black Phillip, there is a distinct horror lurking in The Witch who refuses to leave.

1. Haloween

the best horror movies

By calling his slasher Halloween, John Carpenter set a high standard. Fortunately, it’s among the best horror movies that millions of viewers love to see every October.

This straightforward and aggressively suspenseful story about a plucky babysitter and a masked killer has been ripped off and remade several times, but few scary thriller films come close to touching its devious yet classy level of scariness.

The mystery of resident boogeyman Michael Myers is part of what makes the original Halloween so terrifying, and Carpenter’s tense musical score amplifies the excitement to almost intolerable heights.

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