A Hero headbutts Man hitting his Ex-Wife in a Street

Today we were shocked while seeing this breaking news from CCTV, which captures a man flies and headbutts a Guy to the ground after seeing him repeatedly hitting his ex-wife in the middle of a Turkish street.

watching the footage the man appears to continues beating the defenseless woman with no shame at all! she collapsed to her knees and asks for help. fortunately, a stranger hero appears from nowhere and headbutts the man to the ground and getting him away from his ex-wife.

Here is the video of That MAN who doves in like a rhinoceros and headbutted that thug! I bet he was crying in pain from just that hit alone. Good for the passerby!

According to the MailOnline, an eyewitness said:

The man was beating his wife. She was crying and screaming. Then a passer-by knocked him down.

While another said:

It was terrifying. The woman was yelling the place down. She was trying to protect herself. This kind of violence is unacceptable.

It is well known that in turkey Violence toward women is a real problem.

According to The 2013 Global Gender Gap, 40 percent of Turkish women have suffered wife beating at some stage in their lives.





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