35 Best Chainsaw Man Characters You Should Know

best chainsaw man characters

Welcome to our detailed list about the best Chainsaw Man characters. In this article, we present a detailed breakdown of the most iconic and powerful characters in the Chainsaw Man anime and manga series, highlighting their strength, abilities, and roles.

So, if you’re a fan of Chainsaw Man, you know exactly what we’re talking about. But for newcomers to this chaotic universe, it’s important to know that this is a horror action series about Denji, burdened by his father’s debt, he leads a difficult life, fighting devils with his chainsaw pet, Pochita, to earn money for the yakuza.

His dreams of a simple, happy life are shattered when he is betrayed and killed. However, a contract allows Pochita to merge with Denji’s body, granting him devil powers.

Taken in by Makima, a devil hunter, Denji along with other interesting characters, starts his fight to fulfill his dreams and live a content life with an attractive woman.

Now, join us as we explore the top characters that possesses indelible mark on the Chainsaw Man anime and manga series.

35. Furuno

furuno public safety hunter

Furuno is a male character from the manga series Chainsaw Man. He is a devil hunter affiliated with the Tokyo 2nd Division.

Furuno is depicted as a tall man who typically dons the standard uniform of the Public Safety Devil Hunters.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Furuno’s personality or powers as of now. The series has not yet provided further details about these aspects of his character.

34. Tolka

tolka chainsaw man

Another fascinating character from the Chainsaw Man manga series is Tolka, a private devil hunter hailing from the Soviet Union.

Tolka’s unique upbringing and conditioning have shaped his perspective on taking lives, as he was exposed to hunting trips alongside his master. As a result, Tolka views the act of killing as a relatively trivial matter.

When confronted with the ethical dilemma of whether he could end the life of a sixteen-year-old boy, Tolka confidently asserts his capability to do so.

He possesses exceptional archery skills, demonstrating his proficiency with a bow and arrow by successfully eliminating a fox from a considerable distance

33. Aldo

aldo chainsaw man character

Aldo, a private devil hunter from the United States, is a character with his own set of flaws. However, he possesses a strong determination and intelligence that sets him apart.

Some fans speculate that Aldo may not actually be an infected doll, but rather pretending to be one in order to escape certain circumstances.

He demonstrates a tendency to carefully consider his actions, as evidenced by his thoughtful approach when attempting to attack Denji.

Motivated by the inspiring words of his admired brothers, Aldo pushes himself to excel.

He is regarded as one of the most powerful devil hunters in the Chainsaw Man series due to his superhuman speed, reflexes, and exceptional gunmanship, also he has formed a contract with the Skin Devil, enabling him to alter his appearance to mimic that of a deceased individual simply by touching their corpse.

32. Kusakabe

best chainsaw man characters

Kusakabe, a Devil Hunter character from Chainsaw Man, is known for being cautious and meticulous in his approach.

One incident that showcases his temperament is when he becomes furious with Denji for attempting to eat food that had fallen to the ground.

According to Makima, Kusakabe is considered one of the top bodyguards due to his dedication to his mission and his preparedness.

Kusakabe possesses a contract with the Stone Devil, granting him unique abilities. By standing within a special circle and blowing through a hole formed by his hand, Kusakabe can unleash a dangerous power.

His ability is capable of petrifying his opponents, turning them into stone. This power poses a significant threat to his adversaries and allies, making him a dangerous devil hunter to not mess with.

31. Tamaoki

all chainsaw man characters

Tamaoki, known for his exceptional strategic thinking and tactical brilliance, will become a key player in the Chainsaw Man anime series later .

When Denji becomes the target of assassins from various countries, Makima instructs her subordinates to enlist the help of several Public Safety Devil Hunters, including Tamaoki.

Tamaoki’s involvement in this mission highlights his role as a skilled and capable member of the team.

30. Hirofumi Yoshida

hirofumi chainsaw man

Hirofumi Yoshida from Chainsaw Man, a skilled Public Safety Devil Hunter, and previously a private Devil Hunter.

He is recognized as a top-tier bodyguard specialist by Makima, along with Kusakabe and Tamaoki. Yoshida is part of an organization that has entrusted him with the important task of ensuring Denji’s safety.

Yoshida has a playful and mischievous nature, often engaging in light-hearted banter with his adversaries during battles.

Aside from his cheerful demeanor, he possesses a ruthless side. With a diverse range of abilities, including hand-to-hand combat and tactical prowess, Yoshida’s skill set is extensive.

He has formed a contract with the Octopus Devil, granting him remarkable powers. By crossing his middle and index fingers, he can summon tentacles from ink clouds, courtesy of the Octopus Devil.

29. Subaru


In the manga Chainsaw Man, Subaru is introduced as a minor character in the International Assassins arc. He serves as a Public Safety Devil Hunter and proves to be a valuable asset to the team. Subaru is described as a tall man with disheveled black hair and a short beard.

When Makima becomes aware that Denji’s existence has been exposed in the media and that assassins from different countries are targeting him, she instructs her subordinates to bring in a group of Public Safety Devil Hunters, including Subaru.

This decision highlights Subaru’s significance in protecting Denji. It signifies the recognition of his strength and reveals the power he holds within himself.

28. Kato

kato from chainsaw man

Kato serves as a Public Safety Devil Hunter in the world of Chainsaw Man. He appears as an average-looking individual, often seen wearing the standard Public Safety uniform. One distinguishing feature is the absence of his left eye.

One of Kato’s unique abilities stems from his contract with the Mold Devil. By biting his hand, drawing blood, and pointing at a target, Kato can initiate the growth of mold within their organs, resulting in internal bleeding.

27. Nomo

nomo from chainsaw man

Next uo we have Nomo, a Public Safety Devil Hunter and a minor character during the Bomb Girl arc in Chainsaw Man. Despite his limited appearance, Nomo showcased interesting qualities.

One notable attribute was his enhanced durability. Nomo survived an explosion at close range caused by Reze, although he suffered the loss of an arm and facial burns as a result.

Nomo held a contract with the Fox Devil, allowing him to summon the Fox Devil’s arm by pointing his hand forward and saying “Kon,” enabling him to launch attacks against his opponents.

26. Masaki Ando

masaki ando chainsawman

Now we have  Masaki Ando, a Public Safety Devil Hunter in the chainsaw man manga series. Masaki is a simple and unassuming individual, characterized by his short dark hair.

In terms of his personality, Masaki exemplifies a strong adherence to the law, even in the most intense situations. He demonstrates this by requesting permission to use his handgun before defending himself, showcasing his respect for protocol and due process.

As for his abilities, Masaki’s skillset primarily revolves around marksmanship. He carries a handgun, although the extent of his proficiency with the weapon remains unkown. 

25. Beam

beam character

At the starts of our list is Beam, a Chainsaw Man character who was a member of Tokyo Special Division 4, and worked as a Public Safety Devil Hunter.

Originally a Shark Fiend, he possessed the ability to transform into a devil. When partially transformed, his head took on the appearance of a gigantic shark head with three pairs of eyes. In his complete transformation, his entire body resembled that of a shark.

As a fiend, Beam lacked the ability to form contracts, and his powers were noticeably inferior compared to his devil form. Nonetheless, he retained all the other typical abilities associated with devils.

24. Princi

chainsaw man princi

Princi, also known as the Spider Devil, is a devil female character in the Chainsaw Man series. She represents the fear of spiders and serves as a Public Safety Devil Hunter in Tokyo Special Division 4.

Princi typically assumes a human form, allowing her to interact more easily with humans and pursue her devil hunting duties.

Even with her friendly appearance, she possesses a polite yet unpredictable personality, capable of killing individuals for minor offenses.

As the embodiment of the spider fear, Princi exhibits spider-like abilities such as crawling on walls and utilizing her spider limbs to attack enemies. Her strength is notable, as she can eliminate zombies with a single strike, showcasing her enhanced physical prowess.

23. Fushi


Fushi, a young man in the Chainsaw Man series, serves as a Public Safety Devil Hunter. He displays consideration by choosing not to bring his fiend partner to a public party, recognizing their intimidating nature.

Unfortunately, Fushi’s abilities remain unknown due to the events that unfolded during the Gun Devil’s plot to assassinate the Special Divisions of Public Safety.

Tragically, Fushi and his partner were targeted by gunmen and fatally shot in broad daylight. There is a hint of pride in Fushi’s character, as he remembers his impressive IQ score of 134, indicating his intelligence.

22. Hirokazu Arai

hirokazu arai

In the manga and anime series Chainsaw Man, there’s a character named Hirokazu Arai. He works as a Public Safety Devil Hunter and is a new member of Makima’s special squad.

Hirokazu is partnered with Kobeni Higashiyama and deeply cares about his teammates. According to Himeno, one of his teammates, Hirokazu may not possess exceptional abilities, but he more than compensates for it with his determination and motivation.

In terms of his powers, Hirokazu has a contract with the Fox Devil. This contract enables him to summon a specific body part of the Fox Devil during battles.

However, this ability comes at a cost. Hirokazu must provide the Fox Devil with parts of his own body as sustenance in exchange for utilizing its power.

 21. Galgali 

galgali the violence fiend

In Chainsaw Man, Galgali is known as the Violence Fiend and works as a Public Safety Devil Hunter in Tokyo Special Division 4.

He inhabits the body of a rather thin man and dresses in a suit with a hood. To conceal his identity, he wears a plague doctor gas mask that covers his face, adding an air of mystery to his appearance.

Despite being known as the Violence Fiend, Galgali is surprisingly polite and straightforward in his interactions.  Galgali’s primary expertise lies in hand-to-hand combat, making him a formidable opponent.

In addition, he possesses various supernatural powers bestowed upon him by the devils with whom he has made contracts.

It is noteworthy that Galgali possesses exceptional strength for a fiend, despite fiends typically being considered weaker than devils in terms of their abilities.

20. Reze

chansaw man manga characters

Reze is one of the most iconic female characters in chainsaw man, she hails from the Soviet Union and is a hybrid of the Bomb Devil.

Her primary mission was to steal the heart of Denji. Reze is depicted as a slender young woman who often blushes intensely.

Initially, she presents herself as kind and gentle, showing romantic interest in Denji shortly after their encounter. However, it is later revealed that this demeanor is a facade designed to manipulate Denji.

Even her genuine-seeming reactions, such as blushing, are a result of intense military training she underwent from a young age.

In her hybrid form, Reze transforms into an atomic bomb, granting her abilities such as explosive attacks and self-detonation. Furthermore, even in her human form, Reze possesses significant physical strength.

She effortlessly broke an assassin’s arm and was able to choke him to death. Additionally, with a swift knife strike, she was capable of cleanly severing Denji’s wrist.

19. Madoka

chainsaw man characters

Madoka is an intriguing character in Chainsaw Man and a former member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters.

Following the assault on the devil hunters by associates of the Gun Devil, Madoka made the decision to leave his role as a Devil Hunter.

He adopts a cautious approach, choosing to resign from the Public Safety’s Special Division when the situation becomes too perilous, even though he is one of the few survivors.

While the specifics of Madoka’s abilities remain largely unknown, his survival during the mass assassination attempt on the Special Divisions sets him apart from his fallen comrades, showcasing his resilience and resourcefulness.

18. Quanxi

chainsaw man female characters

Quanxi, the First Devil Hunter from China, is a hybrid of the Crossbow Devil. She plays a significant role as a major antagonist during the International Assassins arc and a minor antagonist in the Control Devil arc.

Quanxi stands tall and sports white hair, often wearing an eye patch. Regardless of her appearance, she exudes a calm and stoic demeanor, even when engaging in business discussions while in bed surrounded by her harem of fiends. She displays little emotion, even when her girlfriends shower her with affection.

In spite of her seemingly detached demeanor, Quanxi genuinely cares for her fiends. She advocates for their rights, requesting that they be granted human rights and receive a basic education as her reward.

Remarkably, she refrains from attacking them, even when they have been transformed into dolls, even if it puts her own safety at risk.

Quanxi possesses superhuman speed, reflexes, and strength, surpassing what is considered humanly possible. According to Hirofumi Yoshida, her strength is described as extraordinary.

When wielding swords, she effortlessly cuts through numerous humans and dolls without any signs of slowing down.

17. Katana Man


Katana Man, also known officially as Samurai Sword, is a powerful character in Chainsaw Man seires. He is a hybrid of a Devil and a human, specifically having merged with the Katana Devil.

In his backstory, it is revealed that his grandfather was a Mob Boss who was killed by Denji. This event motivated Katana Man to seek revenge on Denji and take his heart as a form of punishment.

He is portrayed as a selfish and cruel individual who is solely focused on killing Denji and forcing him to apologize for his grandfather’s death.

Katana Man’s ruthless nature is evident in his willingness to sacrifice innocent people and even his own comrades in order to achieve his revenge.

He shows no hesitation in cutting through anyone who stands in his way to reach Denji. His hybrid transformation grants him exceptional durability and speed, making him nearly invincible and immortal.

In his transformed state, Katana Man’s strength is greatly augmented, allowing him to effortlessly slice through solid walls with his powerful slashes.

16. Gun Devil

gun devil

Feared by all, the Gun Devil stands as one of the most powerful and terrifying villains in Chainsaw Man. This fearsome character is a devil that represents the fear associated with guns and firearms.

It plays a significant role as the secondary antagonist in the Public Safety saga, particularly serving as the main antagonist during the Gun Devil arc.

Limited information is available regarding the Gun Devil’s overall personality, but as a devil, it can be characterized as a despicable and malevolent entity that prioritizes its own interests above all else.

In addition to its sinister nature, the Gun Devil possesses all the standard abilities commonly associated with devils.

These abilities include the capacity to form contracts with humans, albeit at a price, and the ability to possess the body and consciousness of a deceased human, transforming into a fiend.

15. Angel Devil


The Angel Devil emerges as a character of immense strength, who represents the fear associated with angels and works as a Public Safety Devil Hunter within Tokyo Special Division 4.

In appearance, Angel takes the form of a young male and is consistently seen donning the attire of the Public Safety uniform. Unlike most devils, Angel displays an unusual lack of hostility towards humans.

However, he holds a strong aversion to following orders and considers himself a devil above all else. He openly expresses a belief that humans should meet painful ends.

As a devil, Angel possesses all the standard abilities attributed to Chainsaw Man devil characters. In addition, he possesses a unique power that allows him to absorb life-spans simply by touching others, making him exceptionally overpowered.

 14. Yutaro Kurose

yutaro chainsaw man

Yutaro Kurose, a character in Chainsaw Man, is regarded as one of the most intelligent characters in the series. He is a Public Safety Devil Hunter hailing from Kyoto.

In spite of having a scar on his face, Yutaro possesses a captivating appearance with short black hair, giving off a badass vibe.

Similar to Tendo, he becomes anxious in the presence of Makima and repeatedly expresses his reluctance to join the special division.

Interestingly, Yutaro had formed a contract with the Punishment Devil, although the specific terms and price of the contract remain undisclosed.

13. Michiko Tendo

michiko tendo

Michiko Tendo, a girl character in Chainsaw Man, is a Public Safety Devil Hunter from Kyoto. She is depicted as a tall woman with dark hair and a noticeable scar across her face, a physical trait she shares with her companion Yutaro Kurose.

Similar to Yutaro, Michiko feels nervous in the presence of Makima and repeatedly expresses her reluctance to join the special division.

The Gun Devil played a significant role in ruining Michiko’s life, which became her motivation for joining the Public Safety organization.

However, she never attempted to personally eliminate the Gun Devil, believing it to be an impossible task.

Aside from her reservations, Michiko is a powerful and intelligent investigator, exuding a sense of power and wisdom. It is revealed that she had formed a contract with the Punishment Devil.

12. Akane Sawatari

sawatari akane

Akane Sawatari is a collected female character in the Chainsaw Man manga and anime series. She holds considerable power as a former civilian devil hunter who was affiliated with the Gun Devil.

Additionally, Akane possesses a contract with the Snake Devil, further enhancing her abilities.

In the Katana Man arc, Akane takes on the role of the secondary antagonist. In spite of her appearance as a calm and composed blonde-haired girl, she exhibits tremendous skill and power.

Through her contract with the Snake Devil, Akane can summon it at her command, employing various techniques that are both awe-inspiring and incredibly potent.

Her mastery over these abilities makes her a powerful girl to be reckoned with in the series.

11. Santa Claus

santa claus

The character known as Santa Claus in the Chainsaw Man series is actually a global network of doll assassins, controlled by a single individual through the assistance of the Doll Devil.

These doll assassins are designed to be indistinguishable from ordinary humans. In the International Assassins arc, Santa Claus takes on the role of the primary antagonist.

Santa Claus is depicted as a highly tactical and strategic being. This character remains hidden in a remote location, employing a perfect doll as a means of conducting negotiations and making deals.

Amongst the world’s assassins and devil hunters, Santa Claus is a figure widely recognized as the most dangerous threat to Denji.

10. Pochita

pochita chainsaw man devils

Pochita, also known as the Chainsaw Devil, is a lovely and cute devil that represents the fear associated with chainsaws.

Initially, Pochita served as the original Chainsaw Man, before merging with Denji and becoming a vital part of his existence as his heart.

Pochita plays a central role in the series as the companion of the protagonist, driving the story forward.

Pochita’s bond with the main character create touching and emotional moments throughout the series, solidifying his place as one of the most memorable and kawaii Chainsaw Man characters.

9. Kobeni Higashiyama

kobeni chainsaw man

Kobeni Higashiyama is a female character in Chainsaw Man and works as a Public Safety Devil Hunter under Makima’s Special Squad.

Initially, she appears weak and insecure, often displaying cowardly behavior and moments of fear when confronted by devils.

Kobeni easily becomes paralyzed with fright and struggles to maintain composure, often breaking down in tears under pressure.

However, when she takes action, Kobeni proves to be cool-headed, powerful, and efficient in dealing with enemies.

Even with her timidness, Kobeni possesses remarkable fighting skills, physical prowess, and a devil contract. As the story progresses, Kobeni demonstrates her true talent by single-handedly defeating even the most powerful devils.

8. Himeno

top characters in chainsaw man

Himeno is a beautiful girl character in the Chainsaw Man series and serves as Aki’s former Devil Hunter partner in the 4th Special Division of the Public Safety Devil Hunters.

She possesses impressive hand-to-hand combat skills and has formed a contract with the Ghost Devil. Himeno is portrayed as mature and experienced, taking on a superior role in guiding the new recruits.

Regardless of facing highly stressful situations, she maintains a positive and composed demeanor. Over time, Himeno develops romantic feelings for Aki, admiring his coolness and appreciating the fact that he is a regular person amidst the chaotic world they inhabit.

7. Yoru

yoru chainsaw man characters

Let’s move on to Yoru, the villain character in the Academy Saga of Chainsaw Man. She assumes the role of the War Devil, representing the embodiment of fear surrounding war and conflict.

From her first appearance, Yoru exudes confidence and pride, regarding her opponents as mere warm-ups. She boldly declares her intent to reclaim nuclear weapons from Chainsaw Man.

Yoru possesses an array of formidable abilities, including physical prowess, supernatural powers, and the ability to create weapons.

In addition, she possesses typical Devil abilities, such as the power to revive in Hell after being killed, heal herself by consuming blood, draw strength from fear, and exhibit enhanced physical capabilities.

6. Kishibe

strongest chainsaw man characters

Kishibe is a badass and strong male character in the Chainsaw Man series, serving as a highly skilled Public Safety Devil Hunter.

Originally a member of Tokyo Special Division 1, he later assumes the role of a strict mentor to Denji and Power, and a captain in Tokyo Special Division 4 after the divisional assault. Kishibe possesses a stoic and no-nonsense demeanor.

His exceptional strength and expertise enable him to approach his duties with composed efficiency, rarely displaying outward emotions.

Renowned for his power, Makima acknowledges him as the strongest member of Tokyo Special Division 4, with the Angel Devil ranking second.

Kishibe himself claims to be the strongest devil hunter, and he openly admits to enjoying indulgences such as alcohol, women, and eliminating devils.

5. Nayuta


In the manga Chainsaw Man, Nayuta is introduced as a young child who is believed to be the reincarnation of the Control Devil, due to certain events that unfold in the series.

In order to prevent Nayuta from developing similar traits to her previous incarnation, Kishibe takes her under his care and assigns her to be raised by Denji as his younger sister. Nayuta becomes a recurring character in the Academy Saga.

Nayuta is described as a problematic child with an intense and extreme personality. Being a humanoid Devil, she naturally exhibits a strong affinity towards humans.

In her role as the Control Devil, Nayuta possesses the same powers as Makima, enabling her to manipulate perception and alter memories. Additionally, she retains all the standard abilities commonly associated with Devils.

4. Power

power from chainsaw man

In Chainsaw Man, Power, play the role of the Blood Fiend and a member of Makima’s special squad of Public Safety Devil Hunters. Personally, I have a strong love for her character, as Power exhibits a childish and greedy nature, primarily driven by self-interest.

She approaches fights with the mindset of having something to gain and harbors unwavering confidence in her victory. If faced with a formidable opponent, she has no qualms about retreating.

Power’s formidable strength is undeniable. In her original Devil form, she claims to instill such fear in other Devils that they flee at the mere scent of her presence, although this could be viewed as mere boasting.

As a Devil, Power possesses all the standard Devil abilities, including the power to form contracts with humans in exchange for a price, restore her health by consuming blood, take control of a deceased human body along with their consciousness, transform into a Fiend, and even revive in Hell after being killed.

3. Aki Hayakawa

aki hayakawa chainsaw man

Aki Hayakawa stands as one of the most badass and coolest characters in the Chainsaw Man series.

As the deuteragonist of the Public Safety Saga, Aki serves as a dedicated Public Safety Devil Hunter, operating under the supervision of Makima’s special squad. He holds contracts with the Curse Devil and Future Devil, in addition to his previous contract with the Fox Devil.

At first glance, Aki semms like as a stoic individual, exuding maturity and sometimes coming across as blunt, even to the point of rudeness, when interacting with his fellow Devil Hunters.

However, beneath this facade lies a rather softhearted nature. Aki has a tendency to form quick attachments to others, and he despises witnessing harm inflicted upon people, particularly those close to him. 

With his impressive array of devil contracts, Aki possesses significant raw strength, accompanied by enhanced speed and reflexes.

Additionally, he excels as a skilled swordsman, making use of a sword as his primary weapon when engaging in battles against Devils

2. Makima


Here is Makima, one of the most beautiful female characters in the Chainsaw Man series. As a high-ranking Public Safety Devil Hunter, she becomes Denji’s caretaker.

At first glance, Makima presents herself as an amiable, sociable woman, often wearing a constant smile and maintaining a relaxed and confident demeanor, even in the face of adversity. She communicates with her colleagues in a professional tone.

However, beneath her pleasant facade lies a Machiavellian and calculating nature. Makima views those around her as mere pawns to be manipulated, referring to them as “dogs” who must unquestioningly obey her every command.

Makima’s physical and supernatural abilities as a Devil, combined with her cunning and manipulative personality, make her one of the most formidable individuals in the world of Chainsaw Man.

Her immense power is feared by humans, Fiends, and Devils alike, further bolstering her status as a dominant force in the series.

1. Denji

chainsaw man protagonist

To conclude our list, we have Denji, the central protagonist in both the Chainsaw Man manga and anime series. Due to a life of extreme poverty, Denji lacks a formal education and socialization, resulting in a brash and naïve demeanor.

His behavior often appears rude and harsh, almost childlike in nature. However, beneath his rough exterior, Denji possesses a strong sense of empathy, always ready to help and save those in need. Even with his shortcomings, he proves to be a kind-hearted individual.

After merging with Pochita, Denji gains superhuman physical strength. In his hybrid form, he becomes even more overpowered. By pulling on the cord protruding from his chest, Denji can transform into the bloodthirsty Chainsaw Devil.

Without spoiling too much, it’s worth noting that Denji’s journey leads him to become one of the most powerful characters in the Chainsaw Man universe, showcasing significant growth and development throughout the series.

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