12 Best Anime With Genius Mc, Smart Anime Characters

smart anime characters

Here are The Best Anime With Genius Mc

Welcome to this brand new article that covers a list of top anime where the mc is genius, intelligent and smart, so who says that anime is for dummies or BAKA!

Here we are to give the proof that there are some fictional smart anime characters who can teach us what being a genius and intelligent stands for.

So with no further ado, let’s Countdown our list of the top Anime with genius mc.

12. Classroom of the Elite


Behold the coldest, genius, and emotionless anime main characters of all time, so the story of this School Anime series revolves around Four classes, A through D, that are ranked in order of merit, and only the top smart characters receive favorable treatment.

This anime genius mc “Kiyotaka Ayanokouji” is a student of Class D, where the school dumps its worst. There he meets the unsociable Suzune Horikita, who believes she was placed in Class D by mistake and desires to climb all the way to Class A, and the seemingly amicable class idol Kikyou Kushida, whose aim is to make as many friends as possible.

While class membership is permanent, class rankings are not; students in lower ranked classes can rise in rankings if they score better than those in the top ones. Additionally, in Class D, there are no bars on what methods can be used to get ahead. In this cutthroat school, can they prevail against the odds and reach the top? So it is in our Top 15 Anime With Emotionless Main Character.

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11. Monster


Here is an old Japanese manga and anime series, which is animated by the popular studio “MadHouse“, and absolutely this animated series is one of the greatest psychological anime with genius mc and a smart antagonist.

During preparing a surgery, An event will change Dr. Kenzou Tenma’s life forever, as the hospital director orders him to switch patients and instead perform life-saving brain surgery on a famous performer.

His fellow doctors, fiancée, and the hospital director applaud his accomplishment; but because of what he did, a poor immigrant worker is dead, causing Dr. Tenma to have a crisis of conscience.

Later a similar situation arises, and Dr. Tenma chooses to save the life of a young boy Johan Liebert instead of the town’s mayor. Furthermore, Nine years later Dr. Tenma saves the life of a criminal, however, his past comes back to haunt him. Because, once again, he encounters the monster he operated on. and now He must embark on a quest of pursuit to make amends for the havoc spread by the one he saved.

10. The Promised Neverland


This Drama Dark Anime with genius mc is also full of other smart characters, it is such a masterpiece everything is based on the power of the mind, it really reminds me of the popular tv series “Prison Break”  except this Japanese anime and manga series takes place In a forest with a big gate entrance “the Grace Field House” orphans happily living as a family, with “Mama”.

Although they are required to take tests daily, the children are free to play as they want. Orphans are allowed to play outside, as long as they do not venture too far from the orphanage. They should follow the rules no matter what. However, all good times must end, as every few months, a child is adopted by their new family. Never to be heard from again.

However, the three oldest siblings have their suspicions about what is actually happening at the orphanage. So, they are about to discover the cruel fate that awaits the children living at Grace Field, including the twisted nature of their Mama.

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9. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Behold the most overpowered, Badass, and Genius anime Mc of all time “Tatsuya Shiba”, the story is set In the 21st century, magic, long thought to be folklore, became technological and is taught as a technical skill.

In First High School, the institution for magicians. Students are divided into two groups based on their entrance exam scores.

1.” Blooms,” those who receive high scores, are in the First Course.

2.”Weeds” are reserved students in the Second Course.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is an anime with genius mc “Tatsuya”, and his lovely sister Miyuki Shiba. The series follows their first year at High School. Upon taking the exam, Miyuki is in the First Course, while Tatsuya is in the Second Course. Though his practical test scores and status as a “Weed” show him to be magically inept.

He possesses extraordinary technical knowledge, physical combat capabilities, and unique magic techniques While making Tatsuya the irregular at a magical high school.

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8. Oregairu


Are you into Badass Genius, and Cold Anime Characters! well, Hachiman Hikigaya is the right sample, he is an apathetic high school student with narcissistic and semi-nihilistic tendencies. He firmly believes that joyful youth and everyone who says otherwise is just lying to themselves.

In a novel punishment, Hachiman’s teacher forces him to join the Volunteer Service Club. Is a club that helps students who seek their support in achieving their goals. The only other club member is the beautiful ice queen Yukino Yukinoshita.

Hachiman finds himself on the front line of other people’s problems—a place he never dreams he would be. Hachiman and Yukino use their wits to solve many students’ problems. So will Hachiman’s rotten view of society prove to be a hindrance or a tool he can use to his advantage?

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7. Detective Conan

detective conan

Who doesn’t know about this masterpiece “Detective Conan”? this is a great Police, Mystery Anime with genius Mc “Shinichi Kudou”, who is a high school student of astounding talent in detective work.

One day, when Shinichi spots two suspicious men, he follows them and becomes a witness to a disturbing illegal activity.

Unfortunately, he is caught in the act, so the men dose him with an experimental drug, leaving him to die. However, to his own astonishment, Shinichi lives to see another day, but now in the body of a seven-year-old child.

Perfectly preserving his intelligence. He hides his real identity from everyone, including Ran Mouri and her father, detective Kogorou Mouri. To this end, he takes on the alias of Conan Edogawa.

Detective Conan follows the tale of Shinichi, who starts secretly solving the senior Mouri’s cases. While covertly investigating the organization responsible for his state, hoping to reverse the drug’s effects someday.

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