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The Best 90s Tv Shows that You Should be Watching

best 90s tv shows to watch

The list of the best classic Tv Shows and Sitcoms from the 90s you must see before you die

Most people feel very nostalgic when it comes to their entertainment preferences, and the ’90s tv shows provided bursts of creativity across all media.

We’re still watching tv series from that decade, we’re still listening to music from that decade, and our personalities and philosophy is still marked by epic TV show stories from that decade.

Below in this article, we bring you the best TV shows from the 90s, that have been searched the most on Google since 2004, according to research by ItsGr9. There’s a good chance you’ve researched several series here, maybe before you decided to read this story (and thank you for that), Anyway, you can still expect some double surprises.

With no further delay let the countdown of the greatest 90s Classic tv shows Start!

12. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

90s tv shows to watch

Let’s kick off our 90s classic list with Sunnydale with is the fictional setting for one the best tv shows called “Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A rare release that overshadows its successor to an unrelated degree, Buffy the Vampire Slayer remains a hallmark of teen-based fiction, with legends spanning many seasons and beyond to the spinoff Angel.

(And even more so if you keep up with interconnected novels and comics).

The subsequent careers of the cast are another reason why 90s tv shows “Buffy” is still popular, and new generations of viewers are likely to always keep an eye on this series online. Plus, there are tons of people who will never stop hoping for a reunion, no matter what anyone says.

11. Star Trek: The Next Generation

90s tv shows to watch

Although the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation began in 1987, and four of the tv shows seven seasons took place in the 90s, it continued to muster a large crowd of fans years after Paramount pulled ingredients on the show and moved the cast to Large Screen.

Patrick Stewart has been an internet darling for years, and everyone else on the cast continues to gain attention for Star Trek-related and unrelated projects.

It remains one of the hottest science fiction series in television history, and it clearly still controls the minds and fingertips of fans.

10. Frasier


As part of the Cheers game, Frasier had the impossible task of trying to be anywhere near as popular as a sitcom familiar to the audience.

Thanks to the power of Kelsey Grammar, David Hyde Pierce, and the rest of the sexy cast, Frasier’s smarter and more high-end is one of the reasons NBC made this tv shows such a strong comic powerhouse of the 90s.

Admittedly, I wasn’t expecting this particular show to remain a mainstay of Google searches, given there are no plotlines, mysteries, or reunion talk.

But if everyone took a second of the day to search for a Fraser quote, our collective blood pressure might drop.

9. Boy meets World

 90s tv shows

Boy Meets World, a stipple of the ABC TGIF lineup in the 90s, is a tv show that won over audiences by showing the progressive maturity of a group of schoolchildren and adults who guide them into maturity.

Not to mention all the ready-to-quote advice from Mr. Fine.

It’s possible that Boy Meets World’s research success in recent years is partly due to Disney’s next-generation Girl Meets World, which has brought back most of the original series’ actors for ridiculous appearances.

If the last show continues as long as the previous one does, Google will be centered around the lega of Curie and Tupang Matthews for many more decades.

8. The X-Files

best 90s tv series to watch

The truth is there, even though the internet has a lot of unreal things that spoil things.

So it aligns with the plot-driven drama The X-Files, which left the small screen on something low-note in 2002 but was allowed to remain on everyone’s minds due to creator Chris Carter who constantly kept hope for more of the franchise in one way or another.

This led to a disappointing return to the big screen in 2008 and then a more positive comeback to the small screen lately.

Therefore, Even if we don’t get more in the future, that will still be a key component of our Google-compatible curiosity.

7. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

best 90s tv shows to watch

I’m willing to put some money behind the theory that 95% of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air searches over the past decade have been linked to Alfonso Ribeiro performing the Carlton dance.

Hence the other 4% may have included seeing Will Smith sing the lead song, while another 1% is dedicated to finding a fatal parody of that very topic.

Maybe I’m just talking about myself here. Either way, this classic sitcom has remained a staple of engagement over the years and continues to attract internet-savvy viewers who want to know why Aunt Viv has changed.

6. Full House

full house series

In a battle for the supremacy of saccharin sweetness, high-fructose corn syrup stands no chance against untamed Schemtz at Full House.

It’s this very honest approach to family comedy that’s exactly what gave Full House its lasting power, along with John Stamos’ hair, Kimmy Gibbler’s outfits, and Olsen’s twin lives after Michelle.

Everyone waited for many years for the reunion to happen in good faith, which helped keep frequent searches going, and although it’s still a long way off, Netflix‘s Fuller House has caught our attention both online and offline since its announcement.

5. Seinfeld

1990 series

During his nine-season career, The Show About Nothing has provided enough memorable things to ensure his eternal stamina of pop culture, and Seinfeld continues to inform and influence society today.

The show gets annual search boosts from revelers in Festivus, and has lived through the years through events such as the Curb Your Enthusiasm reunion, the Super Bowl commercial, Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and random news from the cast and crew often leaving.

It is also assumed that there are millions of people looking for videos of Jerry and George performing navel vocalization.

4. Friends

90s tv shows

By a large margin, Friends is a must-see TV show. Through romances with questionable endings and characters with obvious personal quirks, Friends became the blueprint for the then-modern sitcom and remains a favorite to many.

And if people aren’t looking for him to see if this is really Baguette Brewster and Soleil Moon Frye in those episodes, chances are they are looking to see if the cast will get together in search of anything new. That hunt has ended most recently, with the majority of the cast getting together for an upcoming NBC special.

3. Dragon Ball Z

classic anime series

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most unpredictable on this list – even if you’re not sitting outside the fanbase like me – Dragon Ball Z is an exception for many reasons.

It is the only non-American series, the only Japanese anime series, the only series based on written works (Manga), and the only series that was not based on prime-time viewing on the broadcast network.

What mitigates the surprise is the fact that the anime show has always had a huge presence on the internet, with the help of the franchise moving into following the manga, a slew of video games, movies, and more.

Like some of the other 90s tv shows on this list, it’s a brand that will likely never fade away, and there will be a frenzied fanbase from the original series to fight over who sees each new project first.

2. The Simpsons

best 90s tv shows to watch

Coming at number 2 among the best 90s tv shows, we have “The Simpsons”. a world popular tv shows that is still well-welcomed up to now, first released in 1989 and is an ongoing series up to now, with a total of 32 seasons.

this animated comedy series highlights the story of a Working-class father, named Homer Simpson along with his abnormal family, who are dealing with the funniest situations, and the ups and downs of life in the town of Springfield.

1. The Sopranos

the sopranos

Finally, at number 1 on the list of the best tv shows from the 90s, we have “The Sopranos”. Released in 1997 and ended in 2009. This is an amazing story to enjoy, and the series got a good rank of 9,2/10 on IMDb.

overall The Sopranos chronicles the story of a New Jersey mafia boss Tony Soprano, an Italian-American badass man, who does his best to simultaneously run his family and criminal life. meanwhile, all of his secrets and affairs are in the hands of his psychiatrist, Jennifer Melfi.

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