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50 Best Tv Series on Amazon Prime to Watch

best amazon prime tv series

The Top 50 Best Tv series available on Amazon Prime to Binge Watch

Are you looking for the best Amazon Prime tv series to stream? There are a lot of good tv shows to watch on Amazon Prime these days, but it can be difficult to decide something that is good, given the large selection available on this popular streaming platform.

There are a lot of great TV series to choose from the large selection of tv shows on Amazon Prime. That’s why we want you to pick the best out of the best!

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find our compiled list of the 50 best tv series on amazon prime deals below.

From comedy to action, from supernatural horror to drama, you’ll find something that suit your tastes, genre or a show to calm your nerves.

Read on then for our top-rated amazon series picks.

50. Modern Family

modern family tv show

For fans of funny American movies, Modern Family is another tv shows to add to your Amazon Prime “watch” list. There are seven series currently in Amazon Prime that follow the life of a large extended family who live in a Los Angeles suburb.

There is Michelle and Cam, a gay couple with their adopted daughter Lily, the Dunphy family with their three children, and Jay with his young wife Gloria and her son.

Their family life is messy but fun because they get scratched in every episode, breaking the fourth wall multiple times along the way.

49. 30 Rock

30 rock

This is One of the best comedy tv series that has moved to Amazon Prime so you can relive the glory days of Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy as well as the rest of the gang at 30 Rockefeller Center.

Some of the humor is a bit outdated now, but most of it still works, and it’s hard to find a better comic group in recent memory.

48. Alias


Who would have guessed that ABC’s spy drama would have such an impact on the industry? it really fired not just Jennifer Garner but J.J. Abrams and a young supporting actor named Bradley Cooper.

The tv shows on amazon prime still up to now plays just as well as it did in the heart of the 2000s, revealing not only that it was ahead of its time but the number of protesters who inspired it in the following years.

47. The Americans

best amazon prime tv series

There is a great selection of tv shows on Amazon Prime, and this is arguably the best series in its esteemed history.

Keri Russell and Matthew Rees play Russian spies who live like regular 1980s suburbanites, but what first seemed like a straightforward spy movie has become a rich and subtle comment on family and trust.

When lists of the best shows of the 2000s are released on any broadcast network or service, it will be one of the best series out of them.

46. American Horror Story

best amazon prime tv series

The multiple seasons of this successful tv shows have been a rollercoaster in terms of quality but just prepare and enjoy the ride on Amazon Prime.

The Last Flight (Apocalypse) has not started here yet but has to be prior to the premiere of the latest iteration (1984) in September.

The other seven are all here. Start with Murder House, of course, which is still the best of the seven seasons, but almost all of them have interesting rhythms, especially the 2017 Picnic Cultures that have been dropped.

45. Bosch

amazon prime tv series

There aren’t nearly as many great Amazon Prime Originals Series on this list as there are great Netflix Originals on our list for this streaming giant.

However, we had to make room for the always trusted Bosch, an old-fashioned detective drama with a catchy lead performance from Titus Welliver, who goes beyond the old anti-hero setting to do something that seems firm and subtle.

44. The Boys

the boys tv show

One of the most interesting original shows on Amazon Prime for 2019 is a satire of superhero culture based on the graphic novel by Garth Innes and Darek Robertson.

The series stars Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, a person bent on shooting down one of the world’s most famous superheroes known as The Seven.

Black comedy begs the question: What if superheroes are sociopaths? Season 1 is a bit rocky, but satisfying in the end, has already been renewed for the second year.

43. Burn Notice

burn notice

This cool American series ran from 2007 to 2013, available on Amazon Prime, and tells the story of Michael Westin, played by Geoffrey Donovan.

As the narration makes clear in the opening credits, Westen has been cremated, which means he’s a former spy with no identity or support structure.

The series cleverly blends the cases of the week with a comprehensive storyline of who burned Michael and why.

It also features great supporting work from Gabrielle Anwar, Sharon Gliss, and Bruce Campbell.

42. Catastrophe

best amazon prime tv series

Created by and starring Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, this British series is one of the few  tv shows that seem real.

Horgan and Delaney are charming and can be believed as a couple who end up with parents after being ejaculated while on a business trip.

Nominated for BAFTA, Peabody, and Emmy Awards, it is one of the most iconic tv series of the decade that you can stream on Amazon Prime Videos.

41. Chuck

chuck tv show

Magician Zachary Levy plays a middle man in Geek Squad who becomes a super spy when all of the country’s greatest espionage secrets and techniques are downloaded into his brain.

This spy drama on NBC mixed its intense humor with super spy stories and top-secret missions. Fans of this tv shows really love Chuck, You might be one of them just starts following his daily adventure on Amazon Prime.

40. City on a Hill

city on a hall

Very few people wrote about the show when it premiered on Showtime in June 2019, but maybe this tv shows on Amazon Prime will get more attention ahead of its second season premiere (delayed due to the pandemic).

Kevin Bacon is excellent in this crime drama that also stars in Aldis Hodge, Cathy Moriarty, Kevin Dunn and Jill Hennessy.

It’s a classic corruption tale set in Boston in the early 1990s.

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39. Counterpart

best amazon prime tv shows

J.k. Simmons stars in this science fiction drama about a man who discovers that there is an alternate world, right below our universe, and people in power have been reaching for it for years.

He discovers this when he meets his counterpart, an alternate version of himself who happens to be a trained agent. Imagine you realize how different you could have been.

Amazon Prime allows fans to watch such a smart TV Series, however, it was unfortunately canceled after only two seasons.

38. Dexter

best amazon prime tv series

At the height of anti-hero, Showtime has given us one for ages: Dexter Morgan, a serial killer with code.

Played by Michael C. Hall, Dexter is a Florida man who feeds his murderous desire by making sure whoever sends them deserves to die.

There is some rough ground throughout the entire show, but Hall is excellent from the unforgettable premiere to the split ending, which now appears to be getting a reboot in the works.

37. Escape at Dannemora

best amazon prime tv show

Ben Stiller produced this critically acclaimed mini-series about the 2015 escape of two prisoners from a correctional facility in New York.

Benicio del Toro and Paul Dano are excellent as convicts, but the tv series really belongs to Patricia Arquette as the woman they manipulate to help facilitate their escape.

36. The Expanse

the expanse tv show

Do you know how to cancel a show, and its fans are flocking to online petitions and angry tweets to save it?

Every now and then, it actually works! When SyFy canceled this adaptation of James S. A. Corey’s books after three seasons, Amazon picked it up, and season four premiered in December of last year.

Follow the smart sci-fi show that owes a lot to Battlestar Galactica, Blade Runner, and some of the best of the Star Trek universe.

35. The Fall

best amazon prime tv series

Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan star in this Irish criminal drama as a detective and a serial killer, respectively.

That’s all you really need to know because the brilliance of this series lies in how subtle and clever it appeared.

As of now, it’s only 17 episodes, so you can watch them all relatively quickly, then keep hoping creator Alan Cobbett fulfills his promise to eventually return to that story.

34. Fleabag

best amazon prime tv shows

The best original series so far produced by Amazon Prime, the Phoebe Waller-Bridge comedy has gone from good to great in its second season, and it’s one of the best things you can watch on any service or network.

PWB plays the main character, a modern woman looking to settle into a troubled life, but that makes Fleabag seem like just another public comedy when nothing else. Just see for yourself.

33. Forever

best amazon prime tv series

Arguably Maya Rudolph does the best work of her career in this fictional comedy as an of opposite her SNL colleague Fred Armisen.

It’s a show that works best for those who don’t have any idea of to spend your entire life with one person, and yeah this tv series will teach how to be able to spend the rest of eternity with the same person.

on amazon prime this a smart and influential american drama tv series that has been not allowed on so many tv stations. Unluckily, it was also canceled after one season.

32. Goliath


Billy Bob Thornton heads up an eccentric legal drama that has had a revolving door of popular guest stars over the course of three seasons, including William Hurt, Maria Bello, Mark Duplass, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dennis Quaid and Beau Bridges.

Some of the lines are meaningless, but it’s a great way for Thornton, who has done a constant act of entertainment for three seasons now.

31. Good Omens

good omens

It took nearly three decades for Neil Gaiman’s beloved fantasy novel and Terry Pratchett to be adapted for the big or small screen, after several unsuccessful attempts to do so, but maybe it was worth the wait just because Michael Sheen and David Tennant were in this magnificent tv series.

Playing the Roles of Aziraphale’s angelic shoe and the demonic Crowley shoe. They are the main reason to  use amazon prime videos in order to witness an epic tv series that depicts A story of the bungling of Armageddon including an angel, a demon, an eleven-year-old Antichrist, and a doom-saying witch.

30. Hannibal

best amazon prime tv series

It will never be easy to explain how something bold, violent, and utterly bizarre like Brian Fuller’s adaptation of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter turns into a television series.

For three seasons, NBC aired one of the most ambitious dramas in television history. Mads Mikkelsen brilliantly slipped into the giant shoes of Anthony Hopkins and made this character completely his own, but that was Fuller’s show more than anything.

We hopes that one day the shows will get a chance to revisit this world via a Season 4, as they plan to offer their perspective on Clarisse Starling.

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29. Homecoming


Julia Roberts and Stephan James head one of the boldest original tv shows on Amazon Prime, behold, an exciting drama series about memory, intrigue and connection.

Sam Ismail (Mr. Robot) directs this adaptation of a successful podcast about a social worker that Julia Roberts has brilliantly played.

She’s the chair of a project designed to help soldiers adjust to civilian life, but something fishy is happening.

Also, Bobby Cannaval and Chia Wiggam make great supportive performances.while, Janelle Mooney, Hong Chau and Chris Cooper star in the second season.

28. House

house tv show

There was no insult to this fox strike group, which was so powerful, but this is one of the tv series in amazon prime that lived and died by the strength of its charismatic leading man.

In this case, Hugh Laurie was, like Doctor House, the smartest man in any room and someone who was not afraid to use his intelligence as a weapon. At a time when it felt like there were no new stories to tell in the medical drama, House proved that this theory was wrong.

27. Hunters

amazon prime tv shows

The Greatest Al Pacino stars in one of the most daring tv shows on  Amzon Prime and on any other streaming service, an essay on the period of Nazi Hunters they owe more to Quentin Tarantino than to actual history.

Controversially violent, this is a mill slice of Americana, an action drama series about men and women stalking some of the worst people who have ever lived and giving them what they deserve.

26. Jack Ryan

best amazon prime tv series

What is the common denominator between Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck, and John Krasinski? They have all played the famous Tom Clancy character.

In fact, the former star of The Office is the current JR, who has been reimagined as more of an intellectual hero than a pure heroine.

Created by Carlton Cuse of Lost fame, it’s a smart adult spy TV series including great production values ​​that is enjoyable to binge.

25. Lorena

lorena tv show

Amazon Prime lags a little behind Netflix when it comes to true crime documentaries series, as its main competition appears to be releasing another one every two weeks.

But Amazon Prime is arguably the best for this blazing series, lets take a hot look at the story of Lorena Bobbitt, the woman who rose to international fame after cutting her husband’s penis. You might think you know this story. You really don’t.

24. Mad About You

mad about you

One of the most beloved tv shows of the ’90s, NBC’s Mad About You won dozens of Emmys over the course of its original career (ignoring the lame reboot in 2019).

Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt are great in this very traditional sitcom about a couple in New York City. It might not be a flagship in amazon prime, but it’s a cozy old-fashioned comedy TV series. Well, Sometimes that’s all you want.

23. The Man in the High Castle

best amazon prime tv series

Now that this loose adaptation of Philip Kaye.Deek’s short story, which lasted for four seasons, is complete, you can kind of watch it like a 40-hour movie.

Many shows entice you without any promise of resolution, but Man in the High Castle legitimately wraps up many of his loose ends while ending mysteriously enough to please Dick fans.

Rufus Sewell is arguably got one of the best performance on television of the 2000s.

22. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

best tv shows on amazon prime

The Amazon Prime Emmy Award winner for Best Original Comedy Series has become a beloved royal in a very short period of time.

Rachel Brosnahan gives an amazing, glamorous performance as the main character, and an unexpectedly great comedian, but it’s the group that really raises the bar for this show, including Alex Burstyn, Tony Chalhoub, and Marine Henckel – all of whom deserve an Amy in their own right.

21. The Missing

the missing

The first season of the BBC / Starz anthology series is phenomenal, and it is one of the most captivating and mystery seasons of the 2000s.

James Nesbitt and Francis O’Connor play the parents of a missing child in a case that remembers Madeleine McCann’s disappearance in her frustrating contradictions.

The detective played by Czech Carrillo bridges both seasons.

20. Monk

monk tv shows on amazon prime

It doesn’t get the attention of the prestigious Highbrow TV, but USA tv show’s Monk is one of the most important series of its era.

This is a show that completely redefined the network it was broadcast on. No suits, white collar, burn notice, etc. could  rival Adrian Monk’s adventure, that is unforgettably played by Emmy Award winner Tony Chalhoub.

It’s just a fun spin-off of Mystery of the Week, anchored by one of the best actors of that time as it speaks to classic crime fans like Colombo.

19. Mr. Robot

mr robot

It has lost some of its spark over the years, but there was something worth seeing in all four seasons of the USA hit tv series, and the first three are now available on Amazon Prime (you can buy the fourth, as of this writing).

Rami Malek plays a hacker named Elliott, who is recruited to join an elite tech revolutionary, well … things get complicated and weird.

to know more! You should definitely check out Season 1 at least, of this award winner who really stands alone.

18. The Night Manager

best amazon prime tv series

AMC provided this adaptation of the successful novel by John le Carré, which was nominated and won awards worldwide, including two Emmys and three Golden Globe Awards.

It is a tale of international intrigue and betrayal, starring Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Coleman, Tom Hollander, and Elizabeth Debicki.

And it’s a stand-alone story, and the perfect series to enjoy a weekend getaway on Amazon Prime.

17. The Office (U.K.)

the office uk tv series

It might not be the beloved remake series of NBC, but the original Ricky Gervais song that spawned this show is on Amazon Prime for you to know where it all began.

Gervais and Stephen Merchant redefine embarrassing comedy with this global success, a show that not only led to the beloved remake but also inspired nearly every workplace comedy to follow.

16. Orphan Black

orphan black

There are two types of people: those who think Tatiana Maslani is a great actress and those who have never seen her acting in Orphan Black.

It’s impossible not to be impressed by what Maslany has accomplished over the course of the five seasons of this show, as he actually put on several shows instead of just one.

It’s a classic science fiction game tv shows that feels only going to get more popular when new viewers find it in streaming services like Amazon Prime.

15. Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

best amazon prime tv shows

Imagine an anthology series like The Twilight Zone made exclusively from science fiction professor Philip K. rooster.

Like all of the anthology series, the results are successful and lightning-fast, but the results are powerful, particularly an impressive work called “The Commuter” starring Timothy Spall.

directed by Tom Harper (Wild Rose, The Aeronauts), this is one of the best tv shows to watch on any streaming service including Netflix, and Amazon Prime and so on.

14. Psych

best amazon prime tv shows

James Ruddy and Doll Hill had this massive USA series starring in nine seasons prior to an episodic movie (and another movie that will go live on Peacock’s streaming service in July).

Rudi plays a guy with such a good memory that he can basically convince people that he has psychic powers.

Smart and funny, he twists the week’s puzzle formula away from the horrific trend of shows like CSI into something fun again.

13. Red Oaks

best amazon prime tv series

This original Amazon Prime release was produced by Steven Soderberg and David Gordon Greene, A series that ran for three seasons from 2015 to 2017.

It’s a simple comedy about a girl who grew up in New Jersey in the mid-1980s, but is smarter than describing it.

It might lead you to believe. Predominantly located in Red Oaks Country Club, it teaches’ 80s teenage in a way that goes beyond pure nostalgia and feels authentic instead.

12. The Returned

best amazon prime tv series

A French TV Series! Also known as Les Revenants, it’s one of the decade’s best TV shows in the world.

Based on a French movie made in 2004, this show set in 2012 has an irresistible effect: People who died years before suddenly return to the small French mountain town they used to live in.

Why did they come back? what does that mean? Tightly written and beautifully oriented, On Amazon prime this is a series that you’ll happily meet in every single weekend.

11. Small Axe

small axe

Well the entire anthology of this franchise deserves a place here too, especially as Amazon Prime strives for Emmy recognition for its 5 movie series.

Whatever one calls Small Ax, Steve McQueen’s achievement here is one of the broadcast highlights anywhere.

It consists of five geographically connected yet distinct films starring John Boyega, Letitia Wright, and many more.

10. Sneaky Pete

best amazon prime tv series

Giovanni Ribisi is making original headlines for this three-season Amazon-Prime series as a man who decides to snatch the identity of his cellmate after his release from prison.

He kind of learns the hard way that he chose the wrong man to pretend. The supporting cast includes exceptional actors such as Peter Gerety, Jane Adams, Margo Martindale and Bryan Cranston, who co-created this dark comedy / thriller.

9. Star Trek

star trek

Don’t start screaming at us – we’re not stupid enough to pick a favorite, so we’re rounding up all of the current Star Trek offers on Amazon in this one entry.

The truth is, you can only spend days watching Star Trek episodes on Amazon Prime. it has the original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise.

Why not see them all and choose your favorite? We are very afraid to pick one!

8. Suits


Another USA hit! There is a bunch of so much series on Amazon Prime. But this is another thing that ranked higher like forever.

Well, not forever, but nine seasons and pretty much the entirety of the 2000s. It’s the story of a college dropout named Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) who basically made his way into a law firm, partnering with Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) who climbs the ladder.

The two cases work from two very different angles, while trying to hide Mike’s secret. She also has a princess in the cast!

7. Tales from the Loop

tales from the loop

It is almost impossible to describe this symptom in a blurb. It’s a science fiction show that looks a lot like a drama, and it focuses on people who live in a small town in Ohio and also happens to house a mysterious underground facility.

Rebecca Hall is exceptional, but let’s take a minute to list some of the talent behind the scenes, including directors Mark Romanic, Andrew Stanton, T West and Jodi Foster. Oh, there’s also an all-new cool score from Philip Glass.

Yeah, you need to watch this series right now. as It is one of the best tv shows of 2020 on Amazon Prime.

6. Teen Wolf

teen wolf

Who would have thought MTV could turn Michael J Fox’s beloved teen comedy into a good dark series in 2010? And it will go on for 100 episodes?

Based on the original movie, this is the story of a young man bitten by a wolf, and how he then has to keep his supernatural secret while also living the life of a normal teenager.

Listen, this might have only existed due to Twilight’s success, but he has gone from that shade to developing a loyal fan base of his own.

Well, Check out this werewolf amazing tv series on amazon prime and find out why it is such a successful hit.

5. Undone

best amazon prime tv series

There are not enough formal experiences with streaming services, which should be free to take more risks than they do.

That’s one of the reasons this animated drama never left this list – because nothing else like it.

The story of a woman investigating her past and mental illness is an imperfect animation (like Waking Life) and the format allows for visual prowess that fuels emotion in the plot.

Be patient with it. It starts out slowly, but it really develops into something so good as things comes together.

4. Unsolved Mysteries

best amazon prime tv shows

Netflix is ​​close to bringing back that iconic entry in the true crime TV genre, but the original is still on Amazon Prime so you can relive all those crazy stories.

These stories are about lost spouses, haunted buildings, and strange encounters. Ready to tackle any kind of add on story, Robert Stack’s car really changed this game.

3. A very English scandal

best amazon prime tv series

Amazon Prime doesn’t have as many high-profile short tv series as some of the other broadcast giants, but it does have one of the best dark tv shows about one of London’s most notorious political scandals.

BBC One’s co-production details the Jeremy Thorpe saga, memorably played by Hugh Grant, and how he tried to kill his lover.

Ben Whishaw matches Grant in the acting department, and Stephen Frears directing and writing Russell T. Davies both deserve awards.

2.The Widow

the widow

Yes, the plotting on this British series can be a little clunky and ridiculous, but the great Kate Beckinsale keeps it grounded and interesting.

Watch it for her turn as Georgia Wells, a woman who sees a news story about a riot in the Congo and spots what she thinks is her husband in the footage.

The small problem is that her husband died in a plane crash three years ago. She travels to the war-torn area to find the truth.

1.The Wilds

the wilds

The elevator speech is simple: “Get lost with teenage girls.” But this tv shows on amazon prime goes beyond that simplicity, with sharp, meticulous writing and great performances from a cast of future stars.

It’s the story of a plane full of teenage girls heading to a crash sanctuary on a deserted island.

As the girls discover how to survive, they discover that they may not have ended up there by accident.

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