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10 Most Popular Video Games Of All Time

10 Most Popular Video Games Of All Time

The 10 most popular video games that you should check

7. Call of Duty


It’s our duty to mention this one. You don’t crank games out on a release schedule like CoD’s, always getting those big sales numbers, with that giant online community unless you’re #popular. The Call of Duty franchise is a great addition to the FPS compendium.

8. Final Fantasy


Another one of those franchises where so much more people recognize the name than have actually played it. You could go ask five random people these two questions “have you heard of Final Fantasy? Have you ever played it?” and I bet 3 out of 5 will have heard of it, and 2 or less will have played it.

9. Halo


What a ruckus this big ol’ franchise caused! It’s an empty MJOLNIR suit of its former self, but when it first came out on the original Xbox, boy did it come out swinging! It’s a huge franchise, it has live-action spin-offs (a little bit better than Super Mario Bros movie), and it was a big deal for shooters when it came out. Popular.

10. Metal Gear Solid


This is a franchise that kind of doesn’t need to be on this list, but also kind of does. It bridged the console gap for a long time. Even if you never played it, you knew about it, you heard about it. Plus, Snake is in SSB.

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