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10 Weirdest Places where Pokemon Show up In “Pokemon Go”

“Pokemon Go” Weirdest Places where Pokemon Show up

A list of Weird Places where Pokemon Locations Spawns in Pokemon Go on both iPhone and Android.
Catch Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO! is what everyone  knows about this Game, but sometimes some people and while playing they came across their Pokemons in some weird places that beyond imagination, so keep it in your mind that when you are playing Pokémon Go you will not only interact with peoples and know some new places. but also you will see yourself in some creepy, weird  and awkward situations.

here we go:
1. But to Funerals No!!! please some respect Squirtle 

Source Image: TheColtRising


2. Now It’s Time for Some Baseball Games 
Seriously i think they love baseball
image source: linkingday
3. Wait Officer can i catch that PoKémon

Source: LoopyLumi

4. with pokemon game no one no place is safe anymore, even pets!!

Source Image: kjazetti

5. Abra shows up in a bathroom, seems there something in bathrooms that pokemons likes.
10 Weirdest Places where Pokemon Show up In "Pokemon Go"
6. Seems he need some privacy in here, Squirtle Next time close the Bathroom’s door so that you won’t be disturbed

Source Image: BeastMode1120


7.Pidgey pop out at the hospital he is ready to help this woman give birth to another Pokemon Catcher

Source Image: Bringther1ot


8. Now he is on A plane wing !!!! Squirtle is used to show up in some weird places that you can’t even imagine!! 
source image:Luschiss17 
9. People are celebrating their Marriage and some Guests are trying to catch their Pokemon in there. 
10 Weirdest Places where Pokemon Show up In "Pokemon Go"



10. Not even birds!! But wait this Pokemon is Also a bird so it’s normal
10 Weirdest Places where Pokemon Show up In "Pokemon Go"

Source Image: RAIDY

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