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10 Most Popular Video Games Of All Time

10 Most Popular Video Games Of All Time

The 10 most popular video games that you should check

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4. Grand Theft Auto

most popular video games

A smash hit! GTA V has sold huge amounts of copies and has made giant amounts of money. GTA is the infamous franchise. Parents and anti-videogame-violence advocates everywhere shake in fear or rage at the GTA name. The campaign stories are interesting, the driving is fun, and all the extracurriculars are fun too.

5. Skyrim


What a game. A game and a half, really. The Elder Scrolls franchise was awesome even back when Morrowind came out, and really it just keeps getting cooler and cooler. We do need more loot, though. Since Morrowind there just haven’t been enough armor and weapon sets…Know what we’re saying?

6. Angry Birds


Will you forgive us if we just don’t say anything about this game that somehow crept into the number six spot? You will?! Oh great, thank you.

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