Fortnite Battle Royale Video Game Full Review and Tips

Fortnite Battle Royale Game

Fortnite battle royale game is a  phenomenon.

Pitting 100 players against each other on a single map.

It wows everyone, melds fun, cartoonish gameplay with a fierce competitive streak, and has attracted millions of players across the globe.

When starting up, you’re thrown onto an island with no weapons or armor and you must scavenge for supplies and fight for your life to be the last man or squad standing at the end of the game.

Furthermore, with the added pressure of a shrinking map that closes in as the match progresses, forcing players into tighter skirmishes.

The Fortnite battle royale game is available for free on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and iOS.

Also with in-game purchases limited to purely cosmetic options.

But with the updates of the game throughout the year, we’re keeping track of all the most important patches and changes to come to the Fortnite battle royale game.

read on for all the details:


Graduating from Potato Academy

I’ve packed in some solid hours of good ‘ol Fortnite last week.

with finally a bit more time on the weekends and more motivation from recent Summer Skirmish play.

I’ve been concentrating on my basics and regimenting my drops, and the results are definitely showing.

I’m coming out of games with consistent 3-kill games.

much better than my streaks of potato deaths and my last game hitting an ATH of 5 kills!

This might not sound immediately impressive, but with only a few days a week to squeeze in reps and starting less than a month ago, I’m pretty happy with my progress.

I choose to play as aggressively as possible even with chances to make top 2 or 3, focusing on engagements and smart play.

Here’s what I’ve been working on so far:


  • Consistent drops in Retail Row (around 70%), Pleasant Park, and Salt Springs.

I’ve got house layouts, fast looting, and spawn identification under my belt and have gotten very used to the house by house scouting and engagements.

I’m much better at taking rooftop high ground and building up and over from 2nd-floor interiors.

This is probably my biggest takeaway and point of development in the last week.


  • Better aim and mid-combat weapon switching.

I’ve grown quite fond of the double-barrel/TAC, SMG, AR, and hunting rifle loadout.

My aim and judgment at different distances have gotten much better and switching for immediate fire (i.e. rifle->AR, shotty->smg) has also improved and become more natural.

I’m also realizing I much prefer the feel of the hunting rifle and drum gun or unsilenced SMG over the alternatives and the pump shotgun just feels unusable with my play style.


  • Generally less fear.

This is probably just a result of grinding it out and getting used to pushing myself into battles, but I’m definitely less nervous when locating enemies and gunning for them.

This is absolutely a reason for my higher kill games and I’ve generally noticed that enemies tend to react more poorly when pressured.

As long as keep up a standardized routine for pushing and attacking.

I believe this will lead to better overall gameplay.

Things to Work on:


  • Pushing on high ground / 1v1s.

 I had a few situations where I was top 5 and in the final circles and very poorly challenged enemies on the high ground.

Peeking is terrible and I simply need to get better and pushing effectively from bottom to up and over.

I’m usually well-to-do with materials by these points so I need to get better at being more liberal with my mat use and disorienting the enemy rather than taking it slow.


A few tips on this topic:

  • Don’t play peek battles.

They know exactly where you are and the key to any engagement is having an upper hand whether in height or wild cards like explosives.

  • Push up. Always push up.

Focus on getting to or maintaining an advantageous spot before firing.

  • Scoping out new locations.

I’m feeling pretty comfortable with named neighborhoods but want to get at least 1 or 2 other places solidly under my belt for more outlier rotations.

Nickmercs has got me all hot and bothered for Tilted but I’m not feeling it when it comes to low-fat, frantic, high person engagements.

Maybe over the next few weeks.

Paradise Palms is another viable spot, but it feels a bit maze-like and less predictable.


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