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Here are The Best Android Games Available on Google Play Store So Far!

Best Android Games Available on Google Play Store So Far


Wanna play some games that will make you forget about the whole stress and fatigue of the day, here are 15 of the greatest android games that are so enjoyable!

In this list That Contains Classics and New Releases from 2019 So Far! We promise you to find your next favorite game that you won’t get enough of!

be it Adventure, Racing, Strategy, or Action we have a mingled picks for everyone.


best android games


So here We go!


1. Hitman Go (‎$0.99)

best android games

This one is diffinetly to check out! Hitman GO is n amazing puzzle game, which is set in a stunning interpretation of the Hitman universe.

This Strategy game will allow you to move fixed spaces on a grid, while trying to avoid enemies and take out your target or infiltrate well-guarded locations.

Furthermore, in Hitman Go its compulsory to be aware of each move.

Also, Keep in mind that all the Hitman tools of the trade you would expect are available; disguises, distractions, sniper rifles and even 47’s iconic Silverballers.


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2. The Room: Old Sins ($4.99)

best android games

The Room: Old Sins is another one of the best puzzle video games available on android devices.

It is developed by Fireproof Games, and the fourth game in their series, The Room.

So, let’s Enter The Room: Old Sins and transports into a place where tactile exploration meets challenging puzzles and a captivating story.

Explore a deviously complex dollhouse which transforms at your fingertips in ‘The Room: Old Sins’, the 4th entry in the critically acclaimed game series.


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3. Need for Speed: Most Wanted ($4.99)

best android games

Hey Speed’s lovers, Let’s race inside the world of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, which an awesome android game developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts.

The first thing that captivate our eyes its the graphics of this game which something absouletly awesome.

So, be ready to run away from police force while you clash with street racers.

Race against the most wanted cars like the SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and many more.

Furthermore, This Game allows its players to Feel the intensity of no-brakes-allowed street racing with realistic full-car damage..

Keep in mind that you can also login in and race against the Most Wanted across platforms and among your friends.


Get it on Google Play Store

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