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10 Best Comic Superhero Costume Blunders That you didn’t know

1o Best Comic Superhero Costume Blunders That You Didn’t know

Welcome to Bukabuzz today we’ll be counting down our top ten Comic superhero costume blunders.

For this list, we’ll be counting down the times that a Comic Superhero exchanges their iconic costume for an authentic fashion disaster.

Thankfully, none of these Comic superhero fashion stuck fast.


Here are 10 best Comic Superhero costume blunders that you didn’t know.


10. Azrael as Batman


Azrael is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe.

Furthermore, Azrael is a member of a group of assassins who were created by The Sacred Order of Saint Dumas.

So that, he might have mistakes against Batman.


9. Raven’s New 52 Costume


Raven battles the forces of evil alongside her adoptive family, the Teen Titans while trying to control her baser, antagonistic instincts she inherited from her demonic father.


8. 90s Thor


One of the best superhero Thor was all over the place in the ’90s. Fresh off his run as a super-powered frog called Thor (no joke), Thor became Thunderstrike in the ’90s, who wasn’t quite Thor, but kinda was and also had a ponytail and a little mace instead of a hammer.

Then later in the ’90s, Thor started wearing a lot of black latex and leather straps because we literally have no idea what we were doing with ourselves as a culture at that time.

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