The 28 Best Cutest Anime Girls that will Melt your Heart

The Best Anime Girls that are so Damn Cute!

Anime Girls beauty is a thing which captures our hearts and keeps us wondering why we dont have such beautiful being in our real life!

Welcome to this post that highlights The Best 28 of the cutest, and prettiest anime girls ever.

So, with no further ado, Let’s Start our Countdown of our Pretty Anime Girls Best Collection!

28. Chiho Sasaki | Hataraku Maou-sama!


Chiho is a cute and pretty girl she is in love with Maou.

She is a damn gorgeous work colleague of Maou sama at MgRonald.

moreover, She is usually cheerful and quite outgoing, but sometimes she became a little clumsy.

Chiho also greatly admires and loves Maou, to the point where she easily becomes shaken and frantic at the thought of Maou even getting close to any other girl.

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27. Balsa Yonsa | Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit


Balsa Yonsa is a wandering spear-wielder and one of the main characters of the Moribito series. She is a woman in her early thirties.

She is a very attractive, and a beautiful serious woman. although, sometimes seems cold to others though not without reason.

Balsa is a Headstrong, wise, and adept at resolving situations where her life may be at risk.

26. Violet Evergarden | Violet Evergarden


Violet is a very gorgeous and charming young woman, she  almost looks like a doll.

In reality she is a new Auto Memory Doll at the CH postal company.

She got a pretty golden hair and beautiful light-blue eyes.

Hence, in the Anime She just want to know the meaning of “certain words” she received from Gilbert when she was a soldier.

25. Kuronuma Sawako |  Kimi ni Todoke


Sawako is a petit, slender, pretty, beautiful, and shy yet honest girl who is in search of friendship.

She possess thin lips, big brown eyes, and long straight jet-black hair, making her look like a porcelain doll.

However, sawako looks like a horror film character Sadako.

Furthermore, Sawako is a modest girl, and her tendency to shy away from correcting classmate’s misunderstood prevent her from saying that she is not in fact Sadako.

Thanks to Kazehaya’s kind and open nature, she is able to gradually open up to her classmates, and talk to different people.

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24. Nami | One Piece


She is known to be a thief and pickpocket who possesses cartographic, meteorologic and navigationa skills.

Nami is a slim young woman of average height with orange hair and brown eyes. Most people consider her to be very charming and pretty.

Moreover, She is greedy and will do anything, aside from abandoning or killing her friends, for money.

Undoubtedly, Nami is one of the Best cutest girls, that one piece anime has showed as so far.

23. Kaname Chidori | Full Metal Panic


Kaname is the main female protagonist of the story, and often seen as The kind of girl everyone looks up to.

She is a tsundere, with beautiful blue hair and brown eyes. short tempered, quick to lash, an tries to hide her feelings of Loneliness and insecurity.

what I like about her are the affections she shows to Sousuke, although it is in a tsundere way and in a sort of violent reactions it often involves “corrections”.

22. Saeko Busujima | Highschool of the Dead


Saeko is an attractive, and a gorgeous high school senior and president of the school’s kendo club.

She have a long, straight and shiny purple hair, and pretty blue eyes and sizable breasts.

Also, Saeko is tall for a Japanese girl and her shiny pink lips are so beautiful.

Furthermore, This hot anime girl is extremely skilled with a bookend and close combat.

Also, She is so Calm and collected with a firm sense of pride in her skills.


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