21 Best Exorcists Anime You Must Watch

exorcists anime

Today, we’re set to make a countdown of the finest Exorcists anime that deserve a spot on your watchlist! Whether you’re new to this genre or simply curious about its essence, these supernatural anime showcase the world of exorcists – characters with abilities in banishing or cleansing malevolent entities from various realms, such as humans, animals, objects, and locations.

Exorcists often receive training from and are associated with religious institutions like the Catholic Church or Buddhist temples. Alternatively, they might roam independently, extending aid wherever it’s needed. Demons, ghosts, and youkai are the familiar adversaries exorcists confront in their endeavors.

With that said, let’s kicks of our list of the 21 top exorcism-themed anime series that undoubtedly merit your attention.

21. Haunted Junction

exorcits anime

Haunted Junction is a nostalgic anime from the 90s that falls within the exorcists genre. The story revolves around Haruto Hojo, the son of a priest, which might initially sound like an ordinary setup.

However, his school becomes a unique epicenter for all things related to ghosts, spirits, and the supernatural, all thanks to the school’s headmaster, who is not only obsessed with the paranormal but is also a ghost himself!

In an effort to maintain some semblance of normalcy, Hojo, who yearns for an ordinary life, teams up with Mutsuki, a skilled Japanese priestess, and Kazumi, a monk who frequently finds himself possessed.

Together, they embark on tasks that paradoxically seem to amplify the school’s eccentricities and chaos.

20. Kyoukai no Rinne

exorcism anime

Kyoukai no Rinne or RIN-NE is a comedy and supernatural anime that revolves around Rinne Rokudou, whose life is anything but ordinary.

His primary task is not attending school like most students; instead, he’s dedicated to aiding spirits in crossing over to the afterlife.

This unique responsibility often leaves him struggling financially, as he must balance the costs of necessities like food, clothing, and tools for exorcism.

Sakura Mamiya has had the ability to see ghosts from a young age, a trait that hasn’t faded as she enters high school.

She had hoped her gift would diminish with time, but her encounters with the supernatural continue. One day, her frequently absent classmate, Rinne, suddenly becomes visible to her.

Assuming him to be a ghost, Sakura is startled when he reappears at school the following day, seemingly like any other student.

Therefore, Sakura embarks on a journey of discovery, unraveling the mysteries behind Rinne’s true nature and the existence of an enigmatic supernatural realm. 

19. Tokyo Majin

tokyo majin

Tokyo Majin is an action horror anime with themes of demons and the supernatural. Set in downtown Tokyo, the once-safe streets have turned perilous after nightfall. Sinister creatures known as “Oni” roam the streets, preying upon unsuspecting citizens and leaving behind lifeless remains.

Among the chaos, two high school students, Kyouichi and Tatsuma, wield supernatural abilities that empower them to combat these Oni during the night.

Even with their relentless efforts in an ongoing battle, they remain unaware of the ultimate menace that threatens humanity—the enigmatic group orchestrating the Oni’s reign of terror from the shadows.

18. Ayakashi Triangle

ayakashi triangle anime

Ayakashi Triangle is an 2023 exorcism anime that seamlessly combines dynamic battles, humor, and, of course, fan service.

Matsuri, a teenage exorcist ninja, is tirelessly safeguarding his town from malevolent ayakashi. However, his continuous exorcism duties have gradually desensitized him to the playful and defenseless spirits.

This is where Suzu, Matsuri’s childhood friend with a crush on him, comes into play. Suzu shares a unique connection with ayakashi, considering them her companions.

Unexpectedly, Suzu becomes the target of a potent ayakashi assault. As a result, Matsuri undergoes a magical transformation, finding himself now inhabiting a female form permanently!

This change presents a dual challenge: confront the escalating ayakashi threats aimed at Suzu and adapt to life as a girl. Amidst these trials, Matsuri must grapple with his identity as he navigates his new reality.

17. Tactics 

tactics anime

With its youkai and exorcism themes, Tactics is a good anime recommendation that you will enjoy watching. The storyline revolves around Kantaro Ichinomiya, who has possessed the ability to perceive demons since childhood.

His fascination was piqued when he heard about a formidable goblin with the power to effortlessly defeat any adversary. This discovery ignited his quest.

In the present day, Kantaro utilizes his talents as an exorcist, freeing human bodies from demonic possession. However, his quest persists.

That is until a significant event occurs – Kantaro touches a mysterious seal, unleashing the legendary being himself! This enigmatic figure, named Haruka, possesses charm with the ladies and unparalleled demon-fighting skills.

Yet, amidst his prowess, a pressing question remains: Can Haruka aid Kantaro in securing enough funds for his rent?

16. Saiyuki 

anime exorcists

Premiered in 2000, Saiyuki is one of the greatest action adventure anime with exorcism, presenting a world where exorcist characters fighting dark forces.

Within the mystical realm of Shangri-la, a delicate balance exists between demons and humans, all overseen by an assembly of ancient Chinese deities.

However, when demons that were once peaceful begin succumbing to berserk tendencies, the gods find themselves in need of a certain figure – Genjou Sanzo, a Buddhist priest wielding a mystical firearm, a scripture to banish evil, and an unwavering resolve.

Teaming up with a cast of diverse companions, including the ancient monkey deity Son Goku, the half-demon Sha Gojyo, and the skilled demon exterminator Cho Hakkai, Genjou Sanzo embarks on a perilous expedition to the west.

Along their journey, they face formidable opposition – hordes of demons, malevolent sorcerers, and wrathful gods all stand in their path, eager to thwart their progress and test their mettle.

15. Tokyo Ravens 

anime with spirits and ghosts

Tokyo Ravens is a good supernatural anime to watch that highlights the world of exorcists and magical abilities. Harutora, a descendant of the renowned Tsuchimikado shaman clan, is unfortunately considered a failure due to his lack of talent in grasping magical theory and inability to perceive spirits.

In contrast, his cousin Natsume is the designated heir to the family lineage, making her a target for vengeful shamans and those seeking to exploit her potent powers.

In a bid to safeguard Natsume from the perilous realm of the supernatural, Harutora willingly takes on the role of her familiar and guardian.

Together, they navigate the complexities of magical techniques, spirit banishment, and collaborative combat, all while striving to ensure Natsume’s safety from harm.

Through their joint efforts, they not only learn the art of teamwork but also uncover the secrets of their mystical world.

14. The Reincarnation of the Strongest Exorcist in Another World

exorcists anime 2023

The Reincarnation of the Strongest Exorcist in Another World is one of the latest isekai exorcism anime from 2013 that deserves your immediate attention.

At its core, it features Haruyoshi, who holds the esteemed title of being the mightiest onmyouji in his native realm. His life takes a dark turn when he’s betrayed by those he once considered friends.

Faced with the brink of death, he yearns for happiness in his next life. Taking a bold step, he delves into a secret reincarnation spell, and astonishingly, it proves successful. He finds himself reborn, yet the twist lies in the fact that it’s a completely different world he now inhabits.

Now, he assumes a fresh identity as part of a prestigious family of wizards. However, harsh judgment awaits him as he’s branded devoid of any magical prowess.

Regardless this, it doesn’t take him long to discern the inadequacy of the magic in this realm, especially when compared to the potent onmyou arts he had mastered in his previous existence.

With unwavering conviction, he renounces the reliance on magic, boldly proclaiming his ability to thrive without it.

Thus commences his newfound life in this alternative realm, where he navigates with ease thanks to his mastery of onmyou arts. Alongside him are a multitude of youkai creatures, loyal companions who accompany him on his journey.

13. Epic of Divinity Light

chinese anime

Epic of Divinity Light stands as one of the greatest exorcism anime, a Chinese web series that made its debut in 2021. The plot unfolds centuries ago in the mystical lands of China, where spirits roamed freely.

Those who harnessed the spirits’ power were hailed as Exorcists, entrusted with the mission of thwarting the Great Diablo, a malevolent demon that emerged once every millennium, threatening the world.

However, in the Han Dynasty, a catastrophic event dubbed The Oblivion eradicated all magical spirits overnight. Stripped of their abilities, Exorcists faded into history.

Fast forward to the unending conflict between the Qin and Jin kingdoms. The resentful spirits of those who perished in vain became the catalysts for the revival of the dreaded Great Diablo.

To counter this impending doom, Chen Xing, the sole surviving Exorcist, embarks on a profound journey accompanied by the “Lamp of the Heart,” a mystical artifact dwelling within his soul.

His quest leads him to Xiangyang City to seek out Xiangshu, whose destiny intertwines with his own to vanquish the looming threat of the demon.

12. Kekkaishi

best suernatural anime

Kekkaishi, created by Sunrise Studio, is a captivating action superpower anime that highlights the world of exorcists and demons.

The series revolves around Sumimura Yoshimori, who bears the honorable title of a Kekkaishi. This prestigious role grants him the unique ability to combat demons through the use of protective barriers known as kekkai.

Entrusted with a sacred duty, his family’s responsibility lies in safeguarding the grounds of Karasumori High School—an establishment that unwittingly amplifies the strength of any demons that dare to breach its premises.

Assisting Yoshimori in his mission are his loyal spirit-wolf companion, Madarao, and his next-door neighbor, Yukimura Tokine. Tokine hails from a rival clan and carries her own lineage of exorcists.

Her past is marred by an injury she sustained while protecting Yoshimori, igniting his fervent determination to grow stronger and shield her from harm in return.

Even with his inclination for crafting exquisite cakes, Yoshimori’s fate takes a different course. As shadowy forces of darkness emerge, intent on harnessing Karasumori’s power, Yoshimori must confront a horde of demons, an age-old family feud, and even a grandfather who struggles to comprehend his devotion to baking.

11. Ushio To Tora

ushio to tora

Ushio to Tora is a supernatural series that centers on Ushio Aotsuki, a spirited middle school student and son of an unorthodox temple priest.

Initially skeptical of his father’s tales about youkai, Ushio’s outlook changes dramatically when he uncovers a startling secret in the temple’s depths—a powerful youkai impaled by the legendary Beast Spear.

This discovery leads to an unexpected partnership with Tora, the captive youkai, as they navigate the intricate and perilous world of the supernatural, armed with the mighty Beast Spear.

The anime is also featuring a character named Hyou, a skilled exorcist from China who journeys to Japan driven by a personal mission—to avenge the tragic loss of his wife and daughter at the hands of a youkai.

Proficient in geomancy, seals, and agile spear combat, Hyou brings a rich array of talents to his pursuit of youkai vengeance.

10. The Morose Mononokean

The Morose Mononokean

Airing in 2016, “The Morose Mononokean” is an underrated anime that encompasses the genres of fantasy, exorcists, and iyashikei, offering a soothing and feel good experience. This recommendation is sure to leave you grateful in the long run. 

The story revolves around Ashiya, who finds himself confined to the infirmary during his initial seven days of high school due to a relentless youkai clinging to him. Seeking aid, he turns to the proprietor of a quaint tea room known as the “Mononokean.”

What ensues are enigmatic tales involving the melancholic Mononokean owner, skillfully guiding the youkai that inadvertently traverses into our world to find its path to the next realm.

9. Chrono Crusade

anime about curses

Now we have Chrono Crusade, a series that stands out as one of the top exorcist-themed animes, featuring a formidable female protagonist.

If you’re into stories with powerful girls striving to rid the world of malevolent spirits, demons, and ghosts, this series is a must-watch.

Set in the early 1920s, the story unfolds in New York City, where a sinister dilemma looms large – the emergence of demons.

Amidst a surge in devil worship, these malevolent entities and monsters begin to surface, leaving a trail of fear and chaos in their wake.

In response to this escalating threat, the Magdalene Order steps in – a dedicated assembly of religious officials tasked with purging the city of the spreading evil.

At the forefront of this battle is Rosette Christopher, a spirited young nun who embarks on missions alongside her contracted partner, an unusual demon named Chrono.

Together, they wield the power bestowed by God, armed with an arsenal of holy bullets. Their mission is clear: eradicate the looming menace and confront the shadows of their own past. 

8. Spirit Pact


SpiritPact, a 2017 Chinese supernatural anime series, stands as one of the best in its genre, revolving around ghosts and exorcists.

The story introduces Tanmoku Ki, an exorcist tasked with the critical duty of purifying the spirits that inhabit the world.

In fulfilling his role, he assumes the mantle of a priest, safeguarding the delicate equilibrium between heaven and earth, even at the cost of his own lifespan.

Yet, his path is one of perpetual struggle, not only against malevolent spirits relentlessly pursuing his life and spiritual prowess, but also against those who seek to seize his authority and influence.

In this ceaseless battle, Tanmoku Ki finds himself confronting not only external adversaries but also an internal counterpart – You Keika, his spirit shadow.

Amidst the turmoil, their connection runs deep, mirroring each other’s essence. Are they merely “exorcist” and “spirit shadow,” or does their bond transcend these labels?

What twists of destiny have united them in this journey? With a new chapter unfolding, the veil is lifted on Tanmoku Ki’s untold past, a story left unexplored in the anime’s initial season.

As the series progresses, the enigmatic figure known as “Shouken” stirs within Tanmoku Ki’s memories, leaving questions waiting to be unraveled.

7. Twin Star Exorcists

twin star exorcists anime

Twin Star Exorcists” unfolds as a good action and romance anime from 2016, crafted by Studio Pierrot.

The show is set in a world where malevolent entities, known as Impurities, inhabit Magano – a parallel realm adjacent to the present day.

Exorcists stand as the protectors, striving to cleanse these sinister apparitions and ensure the safety of humanity.

Rokuro Enmadou, who possesses the potential to become a formidable exorcist. Despite his natural aptitude, Rokuro resists the path of an exorcist.

However, destiny takes a turn when an oracle designates him as the “Twin Star Exorcist” – a title bestowed upon partnered exorcists.

Benio Adashino, a determined young girl, receives the same title alongside Rokuro. With a collected personality, Benio sets out to eliminate all Kegare, the Impurities plaguing the world.

As their paths intertwine, the two fated lovers Rokuro and Benio are drawn into an ever-escalating series of battles, united as the Twin Star Exorcists.

6. D Gray Man

dgrayman anime

D.Gray-Man follows the standard formula of action-packed exorcist anime, delving into the timeless battle between good and evil.

The malevolent force takes shape in the figure of the Millennium Earl, whose ambitions involve using his legion of ‘Akuma’ – demons – alongside the formidable Noah Clan to cast a shadow of darkness across the world.

Standing in opposition to him are the Exorcists of the Black Order, imbued with fragments of the ‘Innocence’ – humanity’s sole weapon capable of vanquishing the akuma.

Initially, the series unfolds at a measured pace, focusing on the journey of its central character, fifteen-year-old Allen Walker, as he enters the ranks of the Black Order and embarks on various missions.

Initially, the narrative revolves around battling akuma and probing into supernatural occurrences intertwined with missing fragments of Innocence.

While the series captivates with its outset, it’s only when the main storyline takes center stage that D.Gray-Man truly shines.

5. Mononoke

mononoke anime

Released in 2007, “Mononoke” graces us with its presence as an exquisite exorcists anime, distinguished with a unique animation style that is sure to get you hooked.

Transporting us to feudal Japan, the story unfolds in a realm haunted by malevolent spirits known as mononoke. These spirits sow fear across households and the countryside, leaving a lingering sense of dread.

Amidst this eerie backdrop emerges a mysterious figure with the ability to vanquish these mononoke on sight. Known only as the Medicine Seller, he wields his Exorcism Sword to put an end to their menace.

However, his power comes with a condition—he must comprehend the Form, Truth, and Reason of each mononoke before drawing his sword.

Armed not only with his blade but also a sharp wit and astute intellect, the Medicine Seller embarks on a journey, crisscrossing locations to confront and eliminate these supernatural threats.

4. Blue Exorcist

blue exorcist anime

Crafted by A-1 Pictures, Blue Exorcist or Ao No Exorcist stands as a famous exorcism anime of 2011 that still captures the hearts of fans till now.

The plot revolves around Rin Okumura, who leads a seemingly ordinary life within the confines of the Southern Cross Boys’ Monastery. However, a chance encounter with a demon-possessed boy sets off a chain of events that shatters the facade of normalcy.

In the heat of this struggle, Rin’s dormant powers surge to life, unveiling a startling truth—he is the son of none other than Satan himself.

With the very essence of his being straddling the boundary between human and demon, Rin’s refuge within the church becomes untenable.

Determined to confront his lineage, he takes up arms and joins the ranks of the True Cross Order as an exorcist. This decision propels him into the realm of the True Cross Academy, where he embarks on an arduous journey of exorcist training alongside newfound companions.

As Rin grapples with his uncommon identity, he must conceal his true nature. Amidst the shadows of secrecy, the question is: can the progeny of Satan truly forge a path as a genuine exorcist?

3. Demon Slayer

demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba

With intense clashes pitting exorcists (known as demon slayers) against malevolent dark forces, “Demon Slayer” is an absolute must-watch for those who enjoy this type of captivating setting.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba depicts the bloodthirsty demons who haunt the woods, rendering the night a realm of terror that most avoid. However, a legendary demon slayer braves these dangers to confront them.

In this unforgiving world, young Tanjirou assumes the role of protector for his family, until a brutal massacre robs him of everything he holds dear.

Now, he’s left with just his sister, who herself has undergone a transformation beyond humanity. So he embarks on a journey to slay and save humans from the lurking bloody evils, while also seeking a way to restore his sister’s humanity.

2. Jujutsu Kaisen 

anime about exorcism

Featuring themes of Curse, Exorcists, Monsters, and Supernatural elements, along with body sharing,”Jujutsu Kaisen” is an incredible anime from 2020 created by Studio MAPPA that has gained immense popularity across the whole world.

The story revolves around Yuji Itadori, who, despite his ordinary appearance, possesses an extraordinary level of physical prowess. His remarkable strength draws the attention of various sports clubs vying for his membership.

However, Itadori’s preference lies in spending time with the school’s unconventional individuals within the Occult Research Club.

A fateful turn of events leads the club to acquire a sealed cursed artifact. Unbeknownst to them, the true horror that awaits is unleashed when they ultimately break the seal…

1. Mob Pyscho 100

best exorcists anime

Ending our list with Mob Psycho 100, which stands among the greatest anime of all time, offering a blend of paranormal things, malevolent spirits, dark forces, powerful espers, and exorcism.

The story revolves around the protagonist, Kageyama Shigeo, also known as “Mob,” a boy with tremendous psychic abilities.

Well, regardless of his struggles to express himself, Mob strives for a normal life, suppressing his extraordinary powers. However, when his emotions surge to 100%, chaos ensues.

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