8 Best Isekai Villainess Anime To Watch Now

isekai villainess anime

Today, we’re excited to present a handpicked list of the best isekai villainess anime that are perfect for those who adore captivating stories with a bad girl lead. But first, let’s dive into what makes a villainess anime so intriguing.

In these anime, we follow the journey of a woman who finds herself labeled as the antagonist in an Otome Game or a novel, leading her down a path of ruin.

Typically, these story unfolds in another world, where main characters are either reincarnated or transformed into the role of the villainess or someone closely related, like a mob character or even the heroine herself.

So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the greatest isekai villainess anime series and discover the magic of these unconventional heroines!

8. Love After World Domination 

villainess anime

Well, although this is not labeled as an isekai villainess anime, but it features a female co-lead named Desumi, who radiates lovable villain girl vibes that have truly captured the hearts of many anime fans.

In every tale, there exists a duality of perspectives: light vs. dark, good vs. evil, love vs. hate. And sometimes, the line that separates these opposites becomes so faint that it’s easy to blur.

Thus, it comes as no surprise when Fudo Aikawa, also known as Red Gelato, a hero admired by all, finds himself drawn to Desumi Magahara, the enigmatic villainess and a member of the shadowy organization Gekko.

Their attraction may seem unlikely, but when opposites attract, numerous challenges lie ahead for their love. With obstacles in their path, what will this extraordinary couple do to be together?

7. I’m in Love with the Villainess

im in love with the villainess anime

I’m in Love with the Villainess is an 2023 comedy drama magic anime, where we follow the tale of Oohashi Rei, an ordinary office worker who finds herself waking up in the body of the protagonist from her beloved otome game, Revolution.

To her surprise and joy, the first person she encounters is none other than Claire Francois, the main antagonist in the game and also Rei’s favorite character!

Filled with excitement and determination, Rei sets out on a new adventure to romance Claire instead of pursuing the game’s male leads as originally intended.

This unexpected twist in the story leads to hilarious and heartwarming moments as Rei attempts to win over her villainous lady love.

6. Villainess Level 99: I May Be the Hidden Boss but I’m Not the Demon Lord

isekai villainess anime

The next anime recommendation is “Villainess Level 99: I May Be the Hidden Boss but I’m Not the Demon Lord.” The story revolves around a protagonist who reincarnates into the character Eumiella from an RPG Otome game.

In the game’s main story, Eumiella is a minor character, but after the game’s ending, she returns as the powerful Hidden Boss, equal to the Heroes in strength due to her high stats!

With a burning passion for gaming, she seizes the opportunity of being left alone in her parent’s territory to undergo rigorous training.

Through her determination, she reaches an incredible level 99 by the time she enters the academy. Her intention was to live a quiet and peaceful life, but things take a dramatic turn after she enrolls in school. The Heroine and Love Interests suspect her of being the ominous “Demon Lord” of the game’s world.

5. Game World Reincarnation

otome games anime

Game World Reincarnation is a smut villainess anime consisting of short episodes that aired in 2022. The story centers around an office lady who is reincarnated into her beloved otome game, “Hoshifuru Koi no Astrolabe,” as the villainess Diana.

In the game’s storyline, Prince Sirius is meant to be in love with the game’s heroine. However, things take an unexpected turn as Prince Sirius becomes close to Diana instead.

Fearing the bad ending that would lead to the world’s destruction, Diana takes action and seduces the prince in an attempt to change the course of events.

But to her surprise, her efforts backfire as the prince ends up developing genuine feelings for her.

4. Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte

tsundere villainess anime

Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte is another fantastic fantasy romance anime of 2023 that you should be watching.

The story follows Crown Prince Sieg, who one day unexpectedly hears the Voices of the Gods. To his surprise, he learns that his fiancée, Lieselotte, is destined to become a “tsun de rais” villainess and is fated to meet a tragic end.

However, the prince soon discovers that Lieselotte’s sharp tongue is merely a cover for her true feelings of embarrassment and shyness.

Upon finding this adorable hidden side of Lieselotte, the prince is overjoyed. What he doesn’t realize is that the heavenly beings who conveyed this prophecy to him are actually high schoolers!

Now, armed with this divine knowledge and the humorous commentary from the high schoolers, the prince sets out to save his beloved Lieselotte from her grim fate and avoid a Bad End.

3. The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior

from villainess to savior anime

Currently airing in 2023, The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior is one of the newest and must-watch isekai villainess anime.

The story follows eight-year-old Pride Royal Ivy, who realizes that she has been reincarnated and is destined to become the future wicked queen and final boss of an otome game.

In her new life, she possesses razor-sharp wit, powerful abilities, and wields influence as the crown princess. However, upon learning about her dark future, she is determined to change her path.

Instead of embracing her villainous role, Princess Pride decides to protect the male love interests in the game, using clever tactics to save everyone she can.

With this change of heart, will this final boss earn the adoration and love of her kingdom?

2. I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss

another world villainess anime

I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss is an excellent isekai anime from 2022, where the main character finds herself reincarnated or transmigrated into the role of the villainess.

Aileen, a young noblewoman, experiences the abrupt end of her engagement to the prince, triggering memories from her past life.

She realizes that she is now living inside the world of one of her favorite otome games, but as the greatest rival to the game’s heroine.

As her memories resurface, Aileen becomes aware that her past life knowledge comes with some plot holes. She quickly realizes that her life is at risk, and if she doesn’t take action, her death is almost certain.

With the hero or main love interest proving unreliable, Aileen decides to turn to the last boss of the game for guidance and support

1. My Next Life as a Villainess

best villainess anime

Airing in 2020 and produced by Silver Link, “My Next Life as a Villainess” is a comedy reincarnation anime that follows the story of wealthy heiress Catarina Claes. After getting hit on the head with a rock, she recovers the memories of her past life.

To her surprise, she realizes that she is now living in the world of the otome game “Fortune Lover,” a game she was obsessed with in her previous life.

However, this time, she has been reincarnated as the villain character whose role is to hinder the protagonist’s romances.

In the game, the best outcome for Catarina is exile, and the worst is death. Determined to avoid these fates, she sets out to change her destiny and create a happy future for herself.

With a series of misunderstandings and screwball antics, this love comedy begins, as Catarina navigates the world of “Fortune Lover” to find her own path to happiness.

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