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Top 10 Anime where MC is Transported to a Game World


Top 10 Best Anime Series where The MC is Transported to a Game World

Hey, Anime Fans, welcome back to Bakabuzz, in this recommended anime list about the Top 10 Best Anime where the MC (Main Character)  is Transported or Transferred to a Game World.

we all like the isekai anime genre, as it offers so much excitement, and epic stories that takes place within other fantasy worlds and realms, with some other species and beings unlike the real world we live in.

today’s list is specifically focusing on a sub-isekai-genre which is a world-like game where the mc must survive, or try to fit in such an unusual realm.

With no Further Ado, Let us countdwon for you the best 10 Japanese anime tv shows where the mc is transported to a game world.

Anime List: 
  • 10. My Next Life As a Villainess
  • 9. Bofuri 
  • 8. Full Dive
  • 7. Demon Lord Retry
  • 6. Log Horizon
  • 5. Re:Creators
  • 4. I’m Standing on 1.000.000 Lives
  • 3. Darwin’s Game
  • 2. Accel World
  • 1. Overlord


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Top 10 Anime where MC is a Low Rank But is Actually Overpowered

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