34 Best CGDCT Anime: Cute Girls Doing Cute Things Series!

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Hey everyone, welcome to this moe list that will features the best CGDCT—Cute Girls Doing Cute Things—anime series of all time. 

So, what exactly is CGDCT in anime?

Abbreviated as CGDCT, this genre stands for “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things.” It’s a beloved and cheerful category in anime that often emphasizes “moe” elements and typically caters to an older male audience (Seinen).

Now, without any further delay, let’s dive into the ultimate list of timeless CGDCT anime that will surely bring a smile to your face.

34. Do it Yourself

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First up on our list is “Do it yourself,” a Slice of Life CGDCT anime from 2022. Taking place in a school, the show is full of cute girls and perfectly delivers the essence of sweetness, enjoyment, and relaxation. Childhood friends Serufu and Purin find themselves separated as they enroll in different high schools.

As Serufu ponders ways to mend their fractured bond, a fortunate twist of fate leads her to the DIY club. Though it’s struggling, this encounter becomes a pivotal moment in Serufu’s youth.

This story revolves around furniture, friendship, and life. It highlights the determination of girls who persistently work and tinker despite the obstacles they face. They tirelessly strive to complete their projects by their own hands, refusing to give up as they shape their destinies… and you’re about to witness their kawaii first steps in this journey.

33. Slow Start

slow start

Slow Start animated by CloverWorks, originally aired in 2017, falls under a school anime portraying cute girls doing cute things in heartwarming scenarios. The story centers around Hana Ichinose, a 17-year-old high school student who is not only introverted, but also insecure and timid.

She has just relocated and is about to attend a new school. Complicating matters further, Hana is considered a “slow start,” having missed a year of school, which fills her with apprehension about joining a class of younger peers.

On her very first day, fate takes a turn as the teacher reveals it’s Hana’s birthday. This moment becomes a stepping stone for her to connect with three fellow classmates: Tamate Momochi, an outgoing and charismatic girl; Kanmuri Sengoku, a shy and petite individual; and the popular and attractive Eiko Tokura.

Driven by the desire to forge new friendships, Hana’s interactions with these three classmates mark the beginning of beautiful relationships that will reshape her life.

32. Teppen!!!


Teppen!!! is a CGDCT (Cute Girls Doing Cute Things) comedy anime series infused with the spirit of “manzai,” a traditional style of Japanese stand-up comedy. The show centers on the funny daily lives of five kawaii trios sharing a dormitory. The backdrop is the Teppen Grand Prix, a competition that celebrates the art of stand-up comedy.

Yayoi Sakamoto, along with her friends Yomogi Takahashi and Yuzu Hosono, forms the stand-up trio called Young Wai-Wai. As passionate enthusiasts of comedic performances, they find themselves in the final round of the Teppen Grand Prix, pitted against other hilarious trios. The stakes are high, as only one group will claim victory.

Set in a renowned dormitory where many legendary comedians have resided, the contestants’ stay in the dorm becomes an opportunity to showcase their comedic prowess, and make their audience laugh uncontrollably and prove their talent on the grand stage.

31. Mouretsu Pirates

mouretsu pirates anime

Mouretsu Pirates is an underrated CGDCT anime from 2012, and I can confidently say that giving it a chance is one decision you won’t regret.

The story is set in a distant future where interstellar travel has become routine. Marika Katou, a high school student, juggles her responsibilities in the space yacht club and her part-time job at a restaurant. A chance encounter with peculiar customers unravels a hidden truth: Marika’s estranged father, known as the legendary pirate “Gonzaemon,” has passed away.

Left with his renowned ship, the Bentenmaru, and its crew, Marika faces a pivotal choice. She possesses one of the few Letters of Marque that permit legal piracy, setting her on a crossroads between her normal student life and a daring venture as a high-octane space pirate.

As Marika deliberates her future, the situation draws the attention of various government agencies and the enigmatic transfer student Chiaki Kurihara. They all watch closely, curious to see if the young captain can uphold her father’s legacy. To maintain their reputation, the crew of the Bentenmaru must brave the vast reaches of space, resurrecting their fearsome name once more.

30. Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki

cute girls doing cute things anime

“Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki,” which aired in 2019, is a good comedy and slice of life school anime featuring adorable girls going about their everyday lives. The story revolves around Jin Kaito, a high school student who relocates from Tokyo to Nagoya.

In Nagoya, he encounters Yatogame Monaka, a fellow student known for speaking in the distinctive Nagoya dialect. Yatogame’s cat-like appearance and unfiltered use of the dialect make her a unique presence. However, she remains closed off and distant from Jin.

This beloved local comedy series not only showcases the charming Yatogame-chan but also elevates Nagoya’s status through its heartwarming and endearing observations.

29. Irodorimidori


First seen in 2022 and adapted from a game, this anime is a heartwarming CGDCT stoy with a musical theme. The story revolves around Maigahara Senior High School, a prestigious institution with a rich history of nurturing talented musicians. Within the student body, a captivating rumor circulates: whoever delivers an outstanding performance at the upcoming festival will be rewarded with extra credits.

Enter Serina Akesaka, an extroverted first-year student whose academic performance is on the brink of failure. Inspired by the buzz about the festival, Serina takes the initiative to assemble a band, enlisting the talents of four other students:

Nazuna Tennouzu, Aliciana Ogata, Hakobe Naru, and Nagi Kobotoke. Together, these five passionate girls embark on a musical journey that promises to touch hearts and create a lasting impact through their harmonious melodies.

28. Ippon Again

ippon again anime

Ippon Again is undeniably an amazing show that showcases a mix of strong and adorable girls engaging in both cute and impressive activities. The charm of this series is simply irresistible, making it a must-watch. The series follows the spirited Michi Sonoda surprises her teammate, Sanae Takigawa, by revealing her decision to quit judo for good after her final middle school tournament.

Sanae is taken aback by this announcement, as it was Michi’s fervor for the sport that initially drew her into judo. Michi argues that a fulfilling youth should involve pursuits like finding a boyfriend rather than grappling on sweaty tatami mats.

However, Michi’s plan to conclude her judo journey on a high note is shattered when she suffers a humiliating defeat at the hands of the skilled Towa Hiura. To her chagrin, her strategy takes another hit when she discovers that Towa has enrolled in the same high school as Michi and Sanae. With her former rival reentering her life, Michi might come to realize that her passion for judo still lingers within her.

27. Saki

kawaii anime girls

For those fond of anime featuring kawaii girls doing cute activities, Saki is a good choice from 2009. The story follows Saki Miyanaga, a first-year high school student, harbors a deep aversion to mahjong. Whenever she engages in the game, she strives to maintain a low profile, avoiding any attention.

However, her friend Kyoutarou Suga introduces her to the school’s mahjong club, leading to an encounter with Nodoka Haramura, the reigning champion of the national middle school mahjong championship, and Yuuki Kataoka, another club member.

As the club embarks on several rounds of play, during which Saki attempts to conceal her remarkable skill. Nevertheless, the club president, Hisa Takei, discerns Saki’s distinct playstyle. Recognizing her potential, Hisa tests Saki’s true abilities, unveiling a talent beyond expectations. This discovery challenges Nodoka’s pride, initially straining their relationship.

Ultimately, Saki decides to join the club, and through clarifying misunderstandings with Nodoka, their bond deepens into friendship. As Saki gradually rekindles her interest in mahjong, she and her club mates share a common objective—to triumph in the national competition!

26. Sound of The Sky

sound of the sky

Sound of the Sky, animated by A-1 Pictures, is a visual treat that you should not miss. This is a beautiful anime featuring charming character designs that are sure to captivate your attention. Set on the outskirts of the country of Helvetia, the serene town of Seize flourishes. Amid its cobblestone streets, the townsfolk lead their daily lives, seemingly unaffected by the escalating tensions between Helvetia and the neighboring Roman Empire.

Amidst these circumstances, the 1121st platoon of the Helvetian army, stationed at the Clocktower Fortress in Seize, welcomes a new member—Kanata Sorami, a spirited and youthful recruit. Kanata’s ambition to learn bugle playing brings her to the platoon, where she is mentored by Sergeant Major Rio Kazumiya, a skilled trumpeter.

Alongside them, the team includes Noël Kannagi, a reserved mechanic, Kureha Suminoya, a determined gunner, and Captain Felicia Heideman, whose compassion shines brightly. Together, they embrace the beauty of life in Seize and the enduring sense of community that thrives amidst a world in turmoil.”

25. Demi-chan wa Kataritai

anime with cute girls

Here is Demi-chan wa Kataritai, a skillful series in its portrayal of cgdct themes via a lovable and delightful trio of charming schoolgirls, which forms its main selling point. The series centers around Tetsuo Takahashi, a high school biology teacher.

While he may appear to be an ordinary instructor, there’s more to him than meets the eye—his fascination with “Demi,” also known as “Ajin,” a term for half-human, half-monster beings. Despite their integration into human society, Takahashi believes that true understanding can only be achieved through direct interaction.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai follows Takahashi’s daily life at Shibasaki High School, where he encounters three Demi students: Hikari Takanashi, a lively vampire; Kyouko Machi, a gentle dullahan; and Yuki Kusakabe, a reserved snow woman. In addition to his students, Takahashi crosses paths with Sakie Satou, a fellow teacher who happens to be a succubus with an aversion to men.

In his pursuit of understanding the Demi, Takahashi conducts casual interviews with the girls, aiming to delve deeper into their abilities, psychology, and interactions within human society. As his relationships with his students grow stronger, Takahashi discovers that the Demi are not as extraordinary as he initially thought.”

24. Eromanga-sensei


Eromanga Sensei, a 2017 anime featuring genres of comedy, drama, romance and ecchi, is adorned with an array of cute girls. The series centers on Sagiri Izumi, who, a year prior, became step-siblings with Masamune Izumi. However, their family’s tranquility is shattered by the untimely demise of their parents, compelling Sagiri to withdraw from the world and isolate herself from her brother.

While shouldering the responsibilities of their fractured family, Masamune earns his livelihood as a successful light novel author. Yet, an intriguing twist lies within: he has never met the illustrious illustrator Eromanga-sensei, renowned for crafting risqué art. Through a series of awkward revelations, it becomes apparent that his elusive collaborator is, in fact, his own younger sister!

Amid the arrival of new characters and challenges, Masamune and Sagiri are thrust into the world of the light novel industry, embarking on a shared journey toward success. “Eromanga-Sensei” captures the evolution of their relationship and their joint pursuit of achievement. As Sagiri gradually emerges from her self-imposed seclusion, the central question lingers: how long can she keep her true identity hidden from the world?”

23. Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

sweet girls anime

Moving on, here is Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de, a recommended anime from 2014, that blends genres of harem, school life, and superpower, with the charm of cute girls doing cute things.

The story unfolds during a Literature Club meeting when the four members, accompanied by their faculty adviser’s niece, discover themselves suddenly blessed with supernatural abilities. Among them, Jurai Andou, a self-proclaimed chuunibyou, is the most thrilled about their newfound powers—despite his ability being nothing more than a flashy display.

Unfortunately for Jurai, his peers far surpass him: Tomoyo Kanzaki controls time, Hatoko Kushikawa commands the five elements, Sayumi Takanashi, the club president, can mend both objects and living beings, and Chifuyu Himeki, the adviser’s niece, manifests objects out of thin air.

Though the mystery behind their powers hangs in the air, the daily lives of these five superpowered students continue as usual in the Literature Club, adding a supernatural twist to their everyday adventures.

22. Is the Order a Rabbit?

anime with adorable girls

Kokoa Hoto is a bundle of positivity and energy, capable of making friends in the blink of an eye. When she moves in with the Kafuu family to attend a high school away from home, she quickly strikes up a friendship with Chino Kafuu, the quiet and curious granddaughter of the Rabbit House cafe’s founder. Tippy, a talking rabbit, is a constant companion on Chino’s head.

As Kokoa starts working as a waitress in exchange for a place to stay, she also forms bonds with her co-workers: Rize Tedeza, a part-timer with an unusual background and impressive abilities; Chiya Ujimatsu, a waitress from a rival cafe who follows her own rhythm; and Sharo Kirima, another waitress with an air of nobility despite her financial struggles.

With a mix of light-hearted humor and cozy moments, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? is a must-watch heartwarming anime that falls into the genres of Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, workplace, and comedy. It revolves around the endearing lives of five kawaii young waitresses and their delightful adventures in their beloved town.

21. Konohana Kitan

konohana kitan

In the bustling village of spirits, a cheerful fox girl named Yuzu embarks on her very first job as an attendant at the traditional hot springs inn, Konohanatei. Despite her lack of experience in such a refined establishment, Kiri, the affable and dependable head attendant, wastes no time in teaching Yuzu the ropes.

While Yuzu’s initial enthusiasm occasionally leads to comical missteps, her playful nature brings a unique charm to the inn. Both the patrons and her co-workers quickly warm up to her endearing yet well-intentioned blunders. Guided by fellow foxes like the strict Satsuki, the carefree Natsume, the discerning Ren, and the reserved Sakura, Yuzu gradually learns the intricacies of being an inn attendant. Along the way, she develops an affection for the enchanting world that surrounds her.

Konohana Kitan is an anime that tenderly follows the heartwarming journey of a cute fox girl engaging in cute and endearing activities. As she builds connections with others, Yuzu finds her place within the captivating and mysterious realm of spirits, creating a place she can call home.

20. Urara Meirochou

anime with cute females

Produced by J.C.STAFF, Urara Meirochou is a comedy fantasy anime boasting a line-up of cute female characters. The series centers around Labyrinth Town, a legendary city comprised of ten unique districts that serve as a haven for both witches and diviners.

In the outskirts of this intricate city, young girls embark on a journey of training, aiming to become part of the esteemed “Urara” group. These women are renowned for their unparalleled skill in uncovering the answers to life’s most perplexing questions.

Chiya, a spirited girl raised by animals in the mountains, receives an invitation to fulfill her destiny as a top-tier urara. Her ultimate goal in joining their ranks is to uncover the whereabouts of her long-lost mother.

In the midst of this path, Chiya swiftly befriends three companions: the diligent Kon Tatsumi, the aspiring witch Koume Yukimi, and the reserved Nono Natsume. With their individual resourcefulness and a tenuous connection to the divine, these kawaii four embark on their urara journey with determination and heart.

19. Girls und Panzer

girls und panzer anime

Premiered in 2012, Girls & Panzer is an action military anime infused with a cast of cute girls. The story revolves around the world of “Senshadou,” a unique sport that employs tanks from the World War II era in thrilling elimination-style battles.

Widely embraced by women and girls, Senshadou is hailed as an art form aiming to empower women in culture and catch the attention of men. Its popularity grows, leading to the creation of a global championship, set to take place in Japan.

At the heart of the narrative is Miho Nishizumi, born into a prestigious lineage of Senshadou experts. However, her relationship with the sport takes a tumultuous turn after a traumatic incident forces her to retire and creates a rift between her and her family.

In an attempt to distance herself from Senshadou, she enrolls at Ooarai Girls Academy—a school that has discontinued its tankery program. But news of the impending championships prompts the school to revive the tankery program, compelling Miho to reenter the world she sought to avoid.

With the support of newfound friends, she must confront her past and lead a tank squadron once again. Her mission: to save her school from closure and demonstrate that the Nishizumi-style of Senshadou is about more than just victory.

18. Kinmoza

kinmoza anime

Kinmoza is another pretty CGDCT anime that you shouldn’t miss out on. With its adorable and sparkling artwork, it’s a feast for the eyes. The story follows Shinobu Oomiya, who once embarked on a homestay adventure in England. During her stay, she formed a deep bond with Alice Cartelet, the daughter of the host family. Despite the language barrier, their emotions transcended words.

Fast forward five years, and Shinobu is now a high school freshman. Out of the blue, she receives an air mail letter written in an unfamiliar language. To her surprise, it’s from none other than Alice, sharing details of her own upcoming homestay in Japan.

In an exciting turn of events, Alice will be attending the same high school and living with Shinobu. Joined by their friends Youko Inokuma, Aya Komichi, and Karen Kujou, the five girls navigate school life together, discovering the beauty of each other’s cultures along the way.

17. Blend S

blend s anime

Blend S is an incredibly cool anime that skillfully blends cuteness and workplace fun. The story centers around 16-year-old Maika Sakuranomiya, who yearns for independence and a part-time job to fund her dream of studying abroad. Unfortunately, her efforts are constantly thwarted due to the unintentionally intimidating expression she wears when she smiles, despite her otherwise cheerful demeanor.

After another disappointing interview, Maika stumbles upon Café Stile, a coffee shop where the staff engage customers by embodying distinct personas. The charismatic Italian manager, Dino, is captivated by Maika’s cuteness from the start and offers her a position as a waitress with a sadistic persona.

Regardless of her inherent clumsiness, she surprisingly excels at serving masochistic customers by embracing her newfound ruthless demeanor. Together with her colleagues Kaho Hinata, the tsundere, and Mafuyu Hoshikawa, the younger sister character, Maika fully embraces her unique trait and solidifies her place in the cafe through her skillful portrayal of merciless charm!

16. Kemono Friends

kemono friends anime

Kemono Friends was overlooked by many Western anime fans for quite some time, let alone taken seriously. However, upon giving it a fair chance, I am genuinely convinced that Kemono Friends stands out as one of the most exceptional and distinctive CGDCT anime in this list.

The story takes place in Japari Park, an untouched haven where humanoid animals known as “Friends” lead their daily lives amidst the park’s diverse natural surroundings.

On a tranquil afternoon in the savannah region, the spirited Serval encounters a curious new Friend named Kaban. Intrigued, Serval playfully engages with Kaban to determine her species. To Serval’s surprise, even Kaban herself is uncertain about her identity.

A heartwarming friendship blooms, and the two embark on a remarkable journey through the various habitats, landmarks, and attractions of Japari Park. Their ultimate destination is the park’s library, where they hope to unravel the mystery of Kaban’s origin.

Throughout their adventure, they encounter numerous other Friends, delving into their lives and providing assistance when needed. However, their exploration also unveils the unsettling truth about the park’s reality and their own existence.

15. Himouto! Umaru-Chan

cute girls anime

Appearances can be deceiving, and this holds true for Umaru Doma, who seems like the ideal high school girl—until she steps through her front door! Once home, a whole new persona emerges. Clad in her hamster hoodie, she sheds her diligent student facade and embraces her inner lazy, junk food-loving otaku, while leaving all the household chores to her responsible older brother, Taihei.

Whether she’s hanging out with her friends Nana Ebina and Kirie Motoba or engaging in playful rivalry with the self-proclaimed “rival” Sylphinford Tachibana, Umaru is a master of unwinding and enjoying herself.

Himouto! Umaru-chan is a nice anime with a unique story that chronicles the daily lives of the kawaii duo Umaru and Taihei. As they navigate the complexities of caring for—and tolerating—each other, the series also highlights the enduring bonds between friends and siblings.

14. Tamako Market

tamako market

Plz don’t overlook the cuteness of Tamako Market, a wonderful CGDCT anime produced by Kyoto Animation and aired in 2013. Set within the Usagiyama Shopping District, this series introduces us to a quirky and tightly-knit community of business owners.

At the heart of it all is Tamako Kitashirakawa, an endearing but somewhat clumsy teenage girl hailing from a family of mochi bakers. Their cozy shop, Tama-ya, adds a warm touch to the district. One fateful day, Tamako encounters a talking bird who claims to be royalty from a distant land.

This bird, named Dera Mochimazzi, is on a mission to find a bride for his country’s prince. However, Dera’s appetite for mochi grows so uncontrollably that he becomes overweight and unable to return home. As a result, he takes up residence with Tamako’s family and becomes a beloved figure within the community.

Meanwhile, Tamako’s friend Mochizou Ooji harbors secret feelings for her. Despite their fathers’ rivalry in the mochi business, will it come between Tamako and Mochizou? And what twists await Dera as he strives to fulfill his task of finding a bride for the prince?

13. Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai

best cute girls doing cute things anime

Featuring one of the cutest anime girls of all time, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! is an exceptional anime with Cgdct themes that you should definitely consider watching. The series highlights a common phase in life where individuals believe themselves to be unique and distinct from the ordinary masses. This phenomenon, known as “chuunibyou,” often leads to entertaining and sometimes awkward moments.

Yuuta Togashi carries the lingering marks of his chuunibyou phase, where he once portrayed himself as the “Dark Flame Master.” These memories are a source of intense embarrassment for him, prompting him to enroll in a distant high school to escape his past. Yearning for a typical, chuunibyou-free existence, he aims to start anew.

Yet, his past rears its head once more with the arrival of Rikka Takanashi, his new classmate who identifies herself as the vessel of the “Wicked Eye.” As this eccentric girl crashes into Yuuta’s life, his aspirations for a normal life unravel. Through humor and heartwarming moments, this story unfolds, following a boy’s journey to leave his awkward memories behind, only to find that the past’s delusions are not easily left behind.

12. love Live

love live anime

Love Live is an anime that falls within the genres of Idols, Music, and School. The story is set in Otonokizaka High School, which is situated at the intersection of three distinct cities: Akihabara, a hub of pop culture in constant evolution; Kanda, a place of tradition and history; and Jinbo, a peaceful area known for its mature and refined residents. However, the school is facing an impending closure due to declining student enrollment.

With the school’s closure impending within three years, a group of nine female students unite with a common objective: to form a pop idol group that can rekindle the school’s popularity and prevent its shutdown. Their mission is crystal clear: “In order to save our beloved school, there’s only one path ahead…becoming pop stars!”

Their strategy is straightforward: To gain nationwide fame, use the resulting media exposure to rejuvenate their school’s image, and attract a new wave of students to the struggling region. It’s a plan that’s both simple and sturdy. Although they’re filled with nerves and uncertainty about the plan’s feasibility, their journey has begun, for better or for worse.

11. Hanayamata

hanayamata anime

Hanyamata is an anime that revolves around the concept of cute girls doing good things. And yes, it’s unabashedly sweet and endearing, perhaps to a point that might make you blush.

At the tender age of 14, Naru Sekiya, a high school student, finds herself feeling inadequate in comparison to the fairy tale princesses she so admires. She also perceives a stark contrast between her desired ideal self and her peers.

Yaya Sasame, her childhood friend, is engrossed in her school’s rock band, while Tami Nishimikado, another childhood friend, is an active member of the student council. Hoping to gather the courage to progress, Naru has yearned for a magical key to unlock her timid heart ever since starting high school.

During a moonlit night, Naru encounters what she believes to be an adorable fairy perched atop a torii gate. To her astonishment, the “fairy” turns out to be an ordinary girl and a transfer student from America. This girl, Hana N. Fountainstand, excitedly reconnects with Naru and proposes the idea of starting a yosakoi club—a vibrant form of Japanese dance that Hana has cherished since childhood.

Even her initial apprehensions about Hana’s boundless enthusiasm and the thought of dancing in public, Naru gradually finds herself drawn into the world of yosakoi. As she assists her new friend in pursuing her dream, Naru’s journey becomes a testament to how the winds of fate can guide a young maiden like herself.

10. Little Witch Academia

magical girls

Among young witches, the legendary figure of Shiny Chariot stands as the ultimate role model. Yet, as time passes, the perception of Chariot changes—mentioning her name can brand a witch as childish. Despite this, Atsuko Kagari remains unwavering in her admiration for Chariot.

With the dream of becoming as captivating as her idol, Atsuko enrolls at Luna Nova Magical Academy. However, reality at the academy doesn’t align with Atsuko’s expectations: mundane lectures, stern instructors, and fellow students who mock Chariot fill the campus.

Adding to her challenges is her own lack of magical prowess, which leads her to be perceived as a troublemaker. Yet, an opportunity arises for Atsuko to prove herself to her peers and teachers, and she seizes it. Now, she must take on the responsibility of halting a rampaging dragon before it wreaks havoc on the entire academy.

In an era where magic is fading, Little Witch Academia is a magical anime with cgdct moments, and epic adventures of Akko and her sweet friends as they unravel the true essence of being a witch.

9. Azumanga Daioh

azumanga daioh

If you’re looking for top-tier humor, then I have a great CGDCT anime recommendation for you – don’t miss out on this one. Azumanga Daioh follows the story of Chiyo Mihama, who enters high school as one of the most unique students in her freshman class.

She’s a 10-year-old academic prodigy with a passion for plush dolls and homemade cooking. However, when your homeroom teacher is Yukari Tanizaki – a person who’d rather commandeer a student’s bike than be tardy – the term “strange” takes on a whole new meaning.

The class overseen by Yukari-sensei is definitely not lacking in quirky characters. Alongside Chiyo, you’ll find Tomo Takino, a lively tomboy with boundless enthusiasm; Koyomi Mizuhara, Tomo’s quick-tempered best friend; and Sakaki, an athletic beauty with a penchant for cats, despite her imposing appearance.

And let’s not forget transfer student Ayumu Kasuga, who always seems to have her head in the clouds and some interesting ideas about Chiyo’s distinctive pigtails.

This kawaii  group of girls embarks on a journey through the highs and lows of school life. Their escapades are a blend of continuous laughter, surreal absurdity, and even moments of poignant reflection on the fleeting nature of high school.

8. Shirobako

shirobako anime

Set in Kaminoyama High School, where a tight-knit group of five best friends—Aoi Miyamori, Ema Yasuhara, Midori Imai, Shizuka Sakaki, and Misa Toudou—first bonded over their shared passion for anime.

Their love for the art form led them to establish the animation club, and after crafting their debut amateur anime for the culture festival, they pledged to carve out careers in the industry. Their ultimate dream: collaborating to bring their original mainstream show to life.

Fast forward two and a half years, and Aoi and Ema have managed to secure positions at the prestigious Musashino Animation production company. However, their comrades are facing their own set of challenges in pursuit of their aspirations.

Shizuka grapples with the frustration of not being recognized as a capable voice actor, Misa finds herself in a secure yet unsatisfying role designing 3D models for an automobile company, and Midori, a university student, is determined to chase her ambition as a storyteller.

Shirobako is a good cgdct anime following these five cute girls, who will discover that the journey towards success is a winding one, fraught with detours and uncertainties. Yet, their unyielding perseverance and unique creative spirit prove that even the loftiest dreams can be realized with dedication and a splash of unconventional imagination.

7. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

dragon maid

Every day for Kobayashi is an unvarying cycle of work and exhaustion, with evenings spent unwinding over drinks with coworkers. But her mundane existence takes an unexpected turn one morning when she’s greeted at her doorstep by the imposing visage of a dragon.

This dragon, who introduces herself as Tooru, quickly transforms into a young woman dressed as a maid. After a chance encounter with Kobayashi while she was inebriated in the mountains the previous night, Tooru accepts Kobayashi’s offer to become her personal live-in maid.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is a charming fantasy slice-of-life anime that delves into the everyday interactions between Kobayashi, her adorable dragon maid Tooru, and a delightful assortment of unique and kawaii dragons. As they bridge their differences and forge connections, they discover the beauty of growing closer in their shared journey.

6. Nichijou


Aired  in 2011, and known as one of the best anime of all time, Nichijou is a beloved CGDCT series that primarily centers around the delightful antics of a trio of childhood friends: Mio Naganohara, Yuuko Aioi, and Mai Minakami.

Their tales become intertwined with the young prodigy Hakase Shinonome, her robotic guardian Nano, and their conversing feline companion, Sakamoto. Each passing day brings a blend of the ordinary and the absurd to the lives of these six characters, as well as those who orbit around them.

From strolling to school to encountering a chatty crow, from spending time with friends to witnessing the school principal execute a deer suplex, the series showcases the extraordinary moments embedded within everyday life in the whimsical world of “Nichijou.”

5. Yuru Camp

yuru camp

Who would have thought that a camping-themed series could be so enjoyable, compelling, and thoroughly entertaining? “Yuru Camp” is precisely that kind of exceptional anime, seamlessly blending cute girls doing cute things.

The story centers around Rin Shima, a young woman who finds solace and joy in camping alone at the foothills of Mount Fuji. Whether it’s setting up her tent or gathering firewood, she thrives in her solitary camping experiences and has no intention of deviating from this routine.

However, her familiar camping solitude takes an unexpected turn when the lost Nadeshiko Kagamihara stumbles upon her campsite, seeking refuge. Nadeshiko had originally set out to catch a glimpse of the picturesque Mount Fuji, but her plans are disrupted when fatigue leads her to doze off midway.

Left with no other options, she reaches out to the only person nearby—Rin. Despite their spontaneous introduction, the two girls find themselves sharing a cozy night together, relishing warm ramen and engaging in heartwarming conversation by the campfire’s glow.

Even after Nadeshiko’s sister arrives to collect her later that night, both girls secretly ponder the prospect of embarking on another camping adventure together.

4. Non Non Biyori

non non biyori

Non Non Biyori is a really good slice of life cgdct anime that revolves around positive themes like friendship, growth, and the beauty of rural life. The story focuses on Hotaru Ichijou, whose world undergoes a transformation when her family relocates from Tokyo to the serene village of Asahigaoka.

In this quaint village school with just five students sharing a classroom, she forges deep connections with her classmates, including the spirited Renge Miyauchi and the Koshigaya siblings.

As they navigate the simplicity and charms of country living, Hotaru’s arrival introduces fresh perspectives and adds a touch of excitement to their everyday routines.

3. Gabriel Dropout

gabriel dropout anime

In this story, we have some young anime angels must dwell among humans to become full-fledged angels. Even the top student, Gabriel White Tenma, is no exception. However, after immersing herself in Earth’s video games, she transforms from a diligent angel to a hikikomori, proclaiming herself a “Fallen Angel.”

Her carefree lifestyle irks Vignette April Tsukinose, a demon Gabriel once befriended. Despite Vignette’s efforts, Gabriel remains unfazed, leading a leisurely existence. Their quirky group expands to include Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha, an angel with a sadistic streak, and Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa, a self-proclaimed future ruler of the Underworld.

Gabriel Dropout is a nice anime that chronicles the daily lives of these cute girls doing cute things, as they navigate their roles as angels and demons while embracing their humorous misunderstandings.

2. Lucky Star

cgdct animes

From its debut in 2007 to the present day, Lucky☆Star, a Kyoto Animation production, remains popular, proving its status as a must-watch anime. The series is a CGDCT story that showcases the everyday lives of four high school girls: Konata Izumi, the laid-back otaku; Tsukasa and Kagami Hiiragi, the charming twins with contrasting personalities; and the intelligent, polite Miyuki Takara.

As they navigate through school and beyond, their unique friendship blossoms, resulting in animated conversations and amusing reflections on the world around them. No topic remains untouched, whether it’s Japanese traditions, the quirks of otaku culture, academic life, or even the art of preparing and savoring diverse foods—every aspect is subject to their engaging discussions and lighthearted musings.

1. K-on

top cgdct anime

Ending our list of the best Cgdct shows with K-On!, an excellent anime that features a cheerful group of female leads, making it a happy pastime for fans. The story revolves around the Light Music Club, where the easygoing Yui Hirasawa initially believes they engage in simple activities.

However, when Yui contemplates leaving the club, she discovers that its survival depends on her participation. This dilemma leads to a turning point as the club’s members—the mature Mio Akiyama, the playful Ritsu Tainaka, and the refined Tsumugi Kotobuki—perform an instrumental piece to persuade Yui to stay.

Within the clubroom filled with the sounds of these endearing girls, they balance their academic responsibilities with their passion for music. While they may enjoy some lighthearted moments, this combination makes the high school life in “K-On!” even more vibrant and exciting.


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