10 Anime Where MC Starts Weak And Becomes an Unbeatable OP Mc

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10 Anime Where MC Starts Weak And Becomes Unbeatable And OP


One of the best parts of a great anime series is getting to watch MC starts weak then grow and develop into better versions of himself and even become op.

Sometimes, this growth can be pretty dramatic, to the point that the character is a totally different person by the series’s conclusion.

There’s My Hero Academia, an anime where the mc Izuku Midoriya who goes from being a powerless weak middle schooler to a formidable unbeatable and op hero (even though he still cries all the time).

If you’re wondering about anime series where the MC goes from weak to becoming an unbeatable op legend, then you should check this list.

10| Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi

  • Studios: TMS Entertainment
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, School, Shounen
  • Episodes: 50

“Weak Legs” Kenichi Shirahama would rather spend his time reading self improvement books than fighting. However, when he finally works up the courage to become strong and join his school’s karate club, he is coerced into fighting a bullying upperclassman who is intent on getting him kicked out of the club.

He is about to give it all up until he falls for his mysterious new classmate, Miu Furinji. In order to face this challenge, he undergoes rigorous training at the dojo she lives at, Ryouzanpaku. Some initial training by the masters there allow him to defeat his upperclassman, however his fighting prowess brings him to the attention of the powerful gang of delinquents, Ragnarok. Wishing to protect the things he loves and determined to have the strength to face the increasing adversity, he must learn various martial arts from the dojo’s resident masters, taking Karate, Muay Thai, Ju Jitsu and Chinese Martial Arts and combining them to create his own fighting style!

9| Tiger & Bunny

  • Studios: Sunrise
  • Genres: Action, Mystery, Comedy, Super Power
  • Episodes: 25

In Stern Bild City, those with special abilities are called “NEXT,” and can use their powers for good or bad. A unique organized group of NEXT appear regularly on Hero TV, where they chase down evildoers to bring limelight to their sponsors and earn Hero Points in the hopes of becoming the next “King of Heroes.”

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, known as “Wild Tiger,” is a veteran hero whose performance has been dwindling as of late, partially due to his inability to cooperate with other heroes. After a disappointing season in which most of the other heroes far outperformed Tiger, he is paired up with a brand new hero who identifies himself by his real name—Barnaby Brooks Jr.

8| Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

  • Studios: A-1 Pictures
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
  • Episodes: 12

Fear, survival, instinct. Thrown into a foreign land with nothing but memories and the knowledge of their name.

They can feel only these three emotions resonating deep within their souls. A group of strangers is given no other choice than to accept the only paying job in this game-like worl.

And eliminate anything that threatens the peace in their new world, Grimgar.

7| Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

  • Studios: Gainax
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi
  • Episodes: 27

Simon and Kamina were born and raised in a deep, underground village, hidden from the fabled surface. One day while excavating the earth, Simon stumbles upon a mysterious object that turns out to be the ignition key to an ancient artifact of war, which the duo dubs Lagann. Using their new weapon, Simon and Kamina fend off a surprise attack from the surface with the help of Yoko Littner.

6| Tenjou Tenge

  • Studios: Madhouse
  • Genres: Action, Ecchi, Martial Arts, Comedy, Super Power, School
  • Episodes: 24

For some people, high school represents the opportunity for a fresh start. You can take new classes and make new friends. For Souichiro Nagi and Bob Makihara, though, high school means something different: the chance to become the top fighters in the entire student body! Too bad Toudou Academy is the hardest possible place to realize their dreams. Their new high school is no ordinary academic institution. Rather than concentrating on classic subjects like math and science, Toudou Academy was created for the sole purpose of reviving the martial arts in Japan!

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10 Anime Where MC Starts Weak And Becomes Unbeatable And OP

5| Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

  • Studios: J.C.Staff
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
  • Episodes: 13

a young man who hopes to become the greatest adventurer in city of Orario. After a chance encounter with the lonely goddess, Hestia, his dreams become a little closer to reality. With her support, Bell embarks on a fantastic quest as he ventures deep within the city’s monster

Even on the surface, survival is a hard-earned privilege. Indeed, nothing is ever certain in a world where gods and humans live and work together, especially when they often struggle to get along. One thing is for sure, though: a myriad of blunders, triumphs and friendships awaits the dauntlessly optimistic protagonist of this herculean tale.

4| Fate/stay night

  • Studios: Studio Deen
  • Genres: Action, Supernatural, Magic, Romance, Fantasy
  • Episodes: 24

Mysterious inferno kills his family, and Shirou is saved and by Kiritsugu Emiya his teacher of magic.

years after Kiritsugu’s death, Shirou is cleaning at school, and finds himself in the middle of a deadly encounter between two superhumans. During his attempt to escape, the boy is caught by one of the Servants and receives a life-threatening injury. Miraculously, he survives, but the same Servant returns to finish what he started. In desperation, Shirou summons a Servant of his own, a knight named Saber. The two must now participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War, a battle royale of seven Servants and the mages who summoned them, with the grand prize being none other than the omnipotent Holy Grail itself.

3| Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

  • Studios: Artland
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Shounen, Super Power
  • Episodes: 203

There is no putting it lightly—Tsunayoshi Sawada is just no good. He is clumsy, talentless, and in love with the school idol Kyouko, a girl so completely out of his league. Dubbed “Loser Tsuna” by his classmates, he seems to be the very personification of failure in the guise of a middle-schooler.

Tsuna’s life takes an extraordinary twist when he encounters the mysterious Reborn, who happens to be a hitman.

shockingly, a baby! Sent from the strongest Mafia family in Italy, Reborn is assigned the daunting mission of preparing the dull middle schooler to succeed the ninth boss of the notorious Vongola family, who is on the brink of retirement. The dull boy has a grueling road ahead, but with the help of his new criminal affiliates and his peculiar home tutor, perhaps even Loser Tsuna can achieve greatness.

2| Hajime no Ippo

  • Studios: Madhouse
  • Genres: Comedy, Sports, Drama, Shounen
  • Episodes: 75

Hajime no Ippo features a protagonist who makes some serious changes in his life. Ippo Makunouchi starts out as a boy who is constantly bullied by his classmates. When he first gets involved on boxing, he’s not particularly motivated, and has a reputation for being lazy. 

After his girlfriend threatens to break up with him, he starts dedicating himself to training. It’s a long, hard road, but he manages to become strong enough to win an incredible 23 out of his 25 matches.

1| Boku no Hero Academia

  • Studios: Bones
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, School, Shounen, Super Power
  • Episodes: 13

At the beginning of Boku no Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya has no special abilities to speak of; he’s just a regular middle school kid. This is a problem, considering he wants to be a superhero and the majority of his classmates have superpowers. When Izuku does get a quirk of his own, he has to endure a merciless training program and multiple encounters with villains before he’s able to harness a fraction of its full potential.

While he still has a long way to go, he makes incredible progress in a short time, and can soon hold his own against villains.

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