Best 8 Action Anime 2020 To watch: Best From Rest Edition

best action anime 2020
Dorohedoro an underrated action anime of this year

2020, What a Year, We all are stuck at home and now its the perfect time to watch some of the best action anime of this season. Here I am to fix your action anime watch list of 2020 with some amazing 8 action anime that you can watch.

From 2020 hit action anime The God Of Highschool to webtoon adaptation Tower of God we have covered all the amazing and best anime that you can watch which are currently streaming on your favorite streaming services.

1. The God Of Highschool

The God of High School is the most talked-about webtoon action anime adaptation of 2020 or one can say of all time. The series is an action-adventure and can be also defined as a shounen action series.

This is the second anime from the house of MAPPA to be released this year after another hit anime Dorohedoro which is already gaining popularity among the mainstream anime fans through another big anime like Attack On Titan.

The God of High School is the latest webtoon adaptation from South Korea. It follows taekwondo expert Jin Mo-Ri as he battles his way through a tournament.


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2.Darwin game

17-year-old Kaname Sudō is playing Darwin ‘s Challenge, an online challenge that includes the battle for life and death.

Many that play a game are granted the Sigil, a skill that ranges from player to player. Kaname decides to eliminate the game and to hunt and defeat the Game Master. Created by the studio Nexus, this 11-episode production is completely produced by the creator of the story Yuki Takahata, resulting in an adaptation that fits the source material nearly one-to-one.

If you’re searching for a smart action anime tv show with a serious mystery story, Darwin ‘s Game is a decent 2020 pick.


The series is based on Q Hayashida’s dark fantasy cult sci-fi manga of the same name. It’s set in the Pit, a harsh metropolis populated by humans, and an ever-increasing number of unfortunate people.

Filled to the brim with gnarly violence, leather-clad strangers, pitch-black horror, and more than a few moments of light-hearted levity. The anime blends dystopian body-horror action and piece-of-life humor to make it one of the most entertaining and creative new 2020 tv shows.

4.Tower Of God

Tower of God is an 2020 action fantasy anime adaptation of artist S.I.U.’s online ‘manhwa’ (Korean for ‘comic’) which was published by the online webcomic platform Webtoon. It is a joint production between Crunchyroll and Webtoon and is also the first webtoon to be adapted to an anime of this year.

The show follows Bam, an amnesiac adolescent who is mysteriously teleported into the eponymous Tower of God. A supernatural system seemingly encompassing the entire universe and built to grant enormous forces to anyone capable of achieving its heights. On his quest to reach the top of the tower in search of his beloved friend Rachel,

Bam must surround himself with allies to conquer the deadly challenges of the Tower and even deadlier adversaries. The show will please everyone looking for a new shonen show to binge, a stunning fantasy-adventure with rich characters, deep mythology, and beautiful animation.

5. Plunderer

Plunderer is an amazing 2020 action anime series based on the manga by Suu Minazuki. The series revolves around a genius but a basic premise, set in a futuristic future. every human being has its own worth determined by a special “Count” If this count is reduced to 0.

The individual will be pulled down into the “abyss” of Hina ‘s count corresponds to how many hundreds of kilometers she has journeyed For the last five years, she’s been hunting for the Iconic Ace from her mother’s last wish.


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6. Gibiate

This is an original anime series that is directed and produced by Masahiko Komino and Yoshitaka Amano respectively. The series is made with the joint production of Studio Elle and Lunch Box which was written by Ryō Aoki.

The year is 2030 and an infectious illness called “Gibia” has totally invaded Earth, turning sick humans into various monsters. An early Edo-period samurai and a ninja journey through time and arrive in a devastated Japan to help a scientist working on a virus cure.


7. Deca-Dence

This anime will surely give you some vibes of Attack On Titan and Mortal Engines, produced by Nut Studios this is one of the most anticipated new anime of this summer season.

Humanity has been forced to the verge of extinction by the unexpected arrival of Gadoll’s alien life forms. Some remaining humans now live in a Deca-dence mobile base 3000 m high to defend themselves from the invasion of Gadoll. One fine day a girl named Natsume who is a tanker girl dreams of becoming a Gear encounters surly Kaburagi, a repairman of the armor.


8. No Guns Life Season 2

This is the 2020 second season of this hit Madhouse produced action anime, it is an anime studio that has produced some well-known anime like OnePunch Man, Deathnote, and Trigun. The Berühren Corporation is equipping cyborg troops, known as the Extended, with robotic components. Juuzou Inui was created as a soldier and does not have any memory of his past life.

Now he’s running a company that looks after Extended-related accidents across the area. If a giant robotic man drops in looking for help with a child on his back, Juuuzo can not turn him over. Yet there is more about this case


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