The 10 Best Anime With An Anti-Hero Main Character To Watch

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Today’s list is about the 10 anime with an anti-hero and dark Mc

What are the best anime with an anti-hero main character? An anti-hero is basically a fictional character who doesn’t act like a traditional anime hero, who are known for their values and personal beliefs give them the courage and resolve to endure risk and even danger in order to protect and help those in need. However, anti-heroes can often be slightly villainous, usually using any means necessary to insure their victory.

It’s a difficult concept to explain without examples, but luckily we have 10 good examples of the best anime with anti hero characters coming right up on this list.

10. Gangsta

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Kicking off the list of the best anime with anti-hero main character with Gangsta, a series that follows the adventures of an amazing duo of anti-heroes that go by the name, The Handymen. The group consists of two guys named Nicholas and Worick whose reputation precedes them as being very good mercenaries for hire.

Throughout their adventures, they complete jobs for anyone who will hire them, anyone from the mafia to the police. This anime is classified into genres like action, and drama, which is meant for more mature audiences, which makes sense given the abundance of violence. It is also only one season, and unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that there will be a second one, this is because the studio responsible for creating Gangsta filed for bankruptcy in 2015.

9. Arifureta

anti hero anime

Next up at number 9, we have Arifureta. The main character of this anime is a 17-year-old boy, who goes by the name Hajime Nagumo, an innocent boy who will turn into a dark anti-hero of the anime series. He is transported to a fantasy world, along with his classmates, and finds out he has very little magic power compared to his companions, it is because of this that they abandon him and leave him to die.

However, he manages to fight his way through the world with his vampire-companion Yue, and he becomes a different person because of it. This anime is relatively new, as it was aired from July to October of 2019.

8. Unlimited Psychic Squad.

unlimited psychic squad

This anime takes place in a world where a group of people with psychic abilities are mistreated by humans. This group of people is known as espers, and the main character of this anime happens to be one of them.

He goes by the name Kyousuke, and his main mission throughout the anime is to save as many espers as he can, by any means necessary, and recruit them to join his cause of helping more espers. It’s that “by any means necessary” part that leads him to be classified as an anime anti-hero dark Mc.

7. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom.

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A change of place from the last anime, this story takes place in the real world, even though it’s slightly different. This is a good dark anime with an anti hero main character that takes place in America, in a time when the mafia has a lot of power.

There is a mysterious company named Inferno that is behind many assassinations, using a powerful human weapon that goes by the name Phantom. One day, an unfortunate Japanese tourist witnesses an assassination by Phantom, and he tries to escape, but fails. His memories are wiped and he becomes a puppet of Inferno. He tries to survive the danger of his new life, all with the hope of one day regaining his memories.

6. Shield Hero

anti hero dark anime

This is a good isekai anime that follows the main character Naofumi, who is summoned to a fantasy world with 3 other heroes. Each hero is given a weapon, and the weapon bestowed to Naofumi is a shield. He is ridiculed by the other heroes because of the weak offensive abilities of his weapon and is soon after betrayed by someone he considers a friend.

He then goes through the anime building his reputation and strength, with his demi-human companion by his side. He is seen to show that he is definitely not above a little revenge when he confronts his betrayer, and he would clearly do anything needed to restore his honor.

5. A Certain Scientific Accelerator

evil anime character

Moving onto number 5, we have A Certain Scientific Accelerator. Taking place in a metropolis known as Academy City, a city that is known for its technological and scientific superiority, we find our anime anti-hero dark main character “Accelerator”. Like a previously mentioned anime Unlimited Psychic Squad, this anime also has beings known as espers.

These espers are classified into different levels, with level 5 being the most powerful. Even after being weakened by a brain injury, the most powerful of the level 5 class is none other than our main character Accelerator. After being approached by a mysterious woman, who tells him of sinister plans for an evil organization, Accelerator readies himself to step into harm’s way to stop this organization from harming those he holds dear.

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4. Darker Than Black

dark anti hero anime

This anime first appeared in April of 2007 and proves even now to be extremely popular. It is included in genres like action, superpower, and sci-fi. The story takes place in a world where two portals known as “gates” have appeared, Heaven’s Gate appearing in South America, and Hell’s Gate appearing in Japan.

With these gates appearing, entities known as Contractors appeared too, a contractor is someone who trades their humanity for extraordinary powers. Following a contractor named Hei, also known by many as Black Reaper, the violence and story are extremely gripping, always leading you to watch one more episode.

3. Inuyashiki

Anti Hero Anime

At number 3, we have Inuyashiki. This anime has a lot going on. It follows Ichirou, who is going through a very tough time in his life. His wife and kids are distant and disinterested in him, and this behavior continues even when he is diagnosed with stomach cancer.

His only companion and comforter are his Shiba Inu. However, this all changes when he is suddenly reborn as a mechanized weapon, in a strange new world. He uses his newly found abilities to save someone’s life, and in doing so, is filled with determination to do more good for the world around him. This anime has quite a bit of harsh moments, and with reference to themes early on in the anime, it is definitely not for the light-hearted fans.

2. Death Note


in the second spot, we have Death Note. This infamous dark anime depicts the story of one of the best anti-heroes ever to exist in the anime world. Light Yagami is the main character and is the typical “perfect boy” in almost everything he does. One day he finds a Death Note, which was dropped by a Shinigami (also known as a god of death), and he suddenly has the power to kill anyone in the world just by writing their name in the book.

He writes down the names of criminals who have committed terrible things, and he sees himself as the savior of the world by playing god. Throughout the anime, he has to navigate through this world continuing to upload both personas, all while avoiding the people trying to stop these killings.

1. Code Geass

dark anti hero anime

Finally, at number 1, we have Code Geass. This anime definitely deserves first place, and if you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you do. It was originally released in October of 2006 and has remained a fan favorite.

The story follows the main character who is granted Geass, otherwise known as the Power of Kings. This power allows him to erase memories of anyone he chooses (with some limitations of course), and using this power, he becomes the vigilante known by everyone as Zero.

In this dark anime story, he makes many sacrifices for the good of the world and serves as one of the greatest anti-heroes main characters of all time.

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