The 10 Powerful Anime Swordsman With Insane Abilities


Powerful Anime Swordsman With Insane Abilities


7. Gintoki Sakata / Gintama 



Gintoki Sakata is the main protagonist of the Gintama series.

He is the founder and president of the Yorozuya, as well as a highly skilled samurai, having fought in the Joui War in the past.

During the war, he became known as the Shiroyasha “White Demon” due to his powerful swordsmanship and demonic white appearance.

Gintoki’s swordsmanship is rough, but far from unrefined.

He tends to wield even full-length katanas one-handed with fair wide but quick chops.

His level of skill has been complimented by several esteemed swordmasters, such as Yagyuu Binbokusai, who noted that his style is something not taught but developed by Gintoki himself.

6. Afro Samurai / Afro Samurai

powerful anime swordsman abilities


Afro is an incredibly talented swordsman whose father was decapitated in front of his own eyes as a child.

That traumatic experience caused an innocent little boy to have a mind flustered with revenge and, with that, Afro grew into a cold-blooded killer, willing to kill anyone in his pursuit of the number one.

Afro is a Highly skilled swordsman able to deflect crossbow bolts and shatter bullets as well as perform lethal sword attacks.


Afro can use his subconscious mind to create completely new combat techniques in the middle of the battle as taught by his Sword Master.

He was also able to effectively fight during an aerial battle with the Afro Droid.

5. Hiei / Yu Yu Hakusho


Hiei, Jaganshi Hiei, is the main character in the anime and manga series YuYu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi.

He is “Hiei of the Evil Eye” in the Viz manga and Vincent in Filipino dub.

Hiei is one of the fastest characters in the Yu Yu Hakusho universe, being able to slice an opponent sixteen times in a blink of an eye.

This has caused some to mistakenly believe he can teleport, when in fact he is just moving very fast.

This incredible speed gives him an edge in the battle against slower or close-range fighters.



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