Top 10 Anime with Super OP Badass Smart MC

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Top 10 Anime with Super Overpowered, Badass, and Smart MC

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Bakabuzz, Out of everyone who has watched anime, everyone has probably seen an MC “main character” that is Op, badass or extremely smart.

Well, in today’s Topic, we’re going to uncover for you some of the best anime series of that kind, be it classics or the most newest ones, we have both of them so just to give you some good anime tv shows with an MC that is just So Overpowered, Smart, and Badass AF!

Here we Go!!

10. Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

anime with badass op mc

Starting off at number 10, we have Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle. With this anime, we have the MC who, like mentioned a few seconds ago, is really Op, Badass and good at solving puzzles.

He doesn’t do particularly well in school, which is what makes his puzzle solving abilities even more impressive.

He is forced to solve puzzles with friends and strangers, where failure will result in death. With these stakes at hand, everyone in his team can count on him to keep them alive.


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9. Utawarerumono

anime with overpowered main character

In this anime we see the main character who doesn’t remember his past, nor his own name. Nevertheless, he is welcomed into a village who’s inhabitants have tails and large ears, and with the mc now named Hakouro not only does he not have these features, but he also has a mask that cannot be removed from his face.

Originally released in April of 2006, this anime falls into the expected action and fantasy genres.

8. Imawa no Kuni no Alice

animes with badass mc

At number 8, we have Imawa no Kuni no Alice. In English the Anime is named Alice in Borderland, it has an op, badass mc, and is definitely an action filled series.

The people who enjoy manga more will probably like this, because the anime is only 3 episodes long unfortunately.

You might think why even mention it then? Because a live action adaptation is said to be premiering on Netflix this year. Although the details of what’s happening is sketchy, it is expected to be released some time this year.

7. Chrome Shelled Regios

chrome shelled regios

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world, this anime follows a Badass Op Mc with a shady past that he just can’t seem to escape.

With the world being the way it is, humanity lives in giant mobile cities to keep them from being overrun by filth monsters.

Originally released in January of 2019, this 24 episode anime with an overpowered main character has been enjoyed by fantasy, action and adventure fans.

6. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

rakudai kishi no cavalry

At number 6, we have Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. Translated in English to “Chivalry of a Failed Knight” this anime follows the Badass Op Mc Ikki Kurogane, who is the only member of the rank F category in his school.

Even though he is in the F class, this doesn’t stop him from going out of his way to prove how great and Op he is, and this is the kind of attitude which ends up getting him into a lot of duels.

An anime filled with action, magic and romance, this series is definitely a great watch.

5. Unlimited Psychic Squad

overpowered animes character

Next up at number 5 we have Unlimited Psychic Squad. For those who have seen this Anime, you’d definitely agree that the Mc Kyousuke is extremely Op, Badass, Cool, and Smart as hell.

He is an esper, which is someone with psychic abilities, and his main mission throughout the anime is to rescue and help other espers who are being mistreated by regular humans.

It was released in January of 2013, and has been enjoyed by many fans of the action and supernatural genres.


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4. Alderamin on the Sky

op mc

Taking place in a fantasy war setting, our main character Ikta along with a team are part of the military and end up saving a very important royal figure.

After doing so, he and his team are granted the rank of Imperial Knight and must continue fighting in this war, the only problem is, Ikta never wanted to fight and has always longed for a peaceful life where he could relax.

Will that ever come to pass? Who knows, guess you’ll just have to watch all 13 episodes to find out.

3. Log Horizon

log horizon

Next at number 3, we have Log Horizon. This anime has a kind of Sword Art Online feel to it, and I’m sure a few people will agree.

The Anime depicts the story of A large group of gamers, who are whisked away to a fantasy world, and have to band together under the commend of the op smart mc Shiroe, to survive and find a way back to their own world.

First released in October of 2013, this anime belongs in genres like action, adventure and

2. Beelzebub


Coming At number 2 of the best anime with an op, badass smart mc, we have Beelzebub. With this anime, the main character isn’t particularly powerful, but he is definitely badass, and no one in his school dares to mess with him.

He has to help raise the son of a demon lord, and deal with the baby demon’s nanny on top of that.

This anime is 60 episodes long and has been enjoyed since its first release in January 2011.

1. Code Geass

anime with op badass mc

And finally at the number 1 spot we have Code Geass. It would be a shame if this anime wasn’t in first place, because probably it offers one of the most op mc, smart strategies, and badass moments of all times of vigilantes and masked heroes.

Not only does Zero dish out justice from the safety of being behind a mask, he also makes great sacrifices in order to protect his kingdom and the people in it.

Originally released in October of 2006, it has been enjoyed by many people throughout the recent years.


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And with that, we have come to the end of this list. If you think an anime you like should’ve been in this list, comment below and make sure share it with your friends.

Thank you so much for watching and we will see you in the next one.

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