The 20 Most Gorgeous Anime Girl with Blue Hair

Top 20 Beautiful Anime Girl with Blue Hair

15. Kurumu Kurono – Rosario + Vampire


Kurumu Kurono is a student , and One of her aims was to steal  Tsukune Aono from Moka Akashiya. Despite her various sexual steps towards Tsukune, in actuality, Kurumu is a very innocent character and deeply yearns for Tsukune’s love.

One of the prettiest anime girl in this list is Kurumu, who has so many pretty attributes that man seeks in a woman, such as: her shoulder-length light ocean blue hair, deep purple eyes, thick long black eyelashes and large breasts.

14. Saya Sasamiya – Asterisk war


Saya is a sleepy-seeming girl, but is much more clever and intelligent than she seems. She has a terrible sense of direction though.

She is on this list due to being a cute anime girl with short stature, has light blue shoulder-length hair, and amazing purple eyes.

13. Aqua – Konosuba

aqua konosuba

She is one of the main characters in Konosuba anime series, she was a  in her world, before getting dragged in fantasy world by Kazuma.

Aqua is such a supernaturally gorgeous girl with a slim figure,  ample breasts, long legs, blue waist-long hair.

Aqua is well-known for being useless xD. as she has a troublesome personality. She is high-spirited, cheerful, and carefree, but rarely thinks about the consequences of her actions.

12. Rei Ayanami – Neon Genesis Evangelion


Rei is another beautiful girl who has short pale blue hair and has pretty red eyes.

At first Rei is looks unsociable, cold, seemingly emotionless, and rarely interacts with anyone.

Hence, As the series progresses, she starts to develop relationships with others and to show moments of genuine emotion and feelings, to even become sad and cry.

11. Wendy Marvel – Fairy Tail

blue hair anime girl

Wendy is a young Gorgeous girl who is a Sky Dragon Slayer. she looks like a petite girl with fair skin, with long, dark blue hair that reaches down to her waist.

Furthermore, Wendy is a very shy and polite and a kind girl, who is always accompanied by her Kawaii Exceed companion, Carla, and She usually yearns to try and make friends.



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