The 42 Stunning Anime Girls with Blue Hair

aqua konosuba

We’ve previously showcased lists of female anime characters with pink, green, and blonde hair! However, we couldn’t resist the temptation to talk about some of the absolute best blue-haired anime girls out there.

Choosing the top iconic female characters with blue hair was quite a challenge! We delved deep into the Japanese medium and discovered a diverse range of characters, including magical girls, schoolgirls, and even non-human beauties. Trust us when we say that these 42 anime girls with blue hair are guaranteed to leave you in awe.

So, Here we Go!

42. Yamuraiha 


Let us kicks off our list with Yamuraiha, a supporting blue-haired female character from the Magi anime and manga series, she is one of the eight “Generals” from Sindria and a magician.

I like that she’s so sweet and caring as well as being endowed with large breasts, a pretty face, and blue shiny hair! I may be exaggerating a bit but she’s just so cute girl!

41. Louise Balze 

louise balze

In the fantasy world of Shinka No Mi anime series, we encounter a pretty and strong female character with blue hair named Louise Balze.

Within the series, Louise assumes the role of Louise, the most formidable knight/Valkyrie, whose unmatched abilities leave her feeling perpetually lonely. However, everything changes when she experiences the bitter taste of defeat for the first time, igniting a flicker of light in her eyes.

In that moment, she reaches out to the main character, Seiichi, and implores him to become her teacher, driven by her yearning for connection. Louise’s admiration for Seiichi evolves into a profound love that intertwines their paths forever.

40. Chtholly Nota Seniorious

anime females with blue hair

Chtholly Nota Seniorious, a blue-haired girl from the Worldend anime and manga series, possesses a significant role as the bearer of the legendary carillon, Seniorious. Amongst the fairies in the facility, she held the distinction of being the eldest.

Embracing her role, Chtholly strived to set a positive example for the younger fairies under her care. In an effort to exhibit maturity, she consciously refrained from indulging in sweets in their presence, considering it to be an immature act. However, despite her outward demeanor, Chtholly harbored a tendency of not being entirely truthful with herself.

39. Charolles Iridescence

blue haired anime females

Charolles Iridescence from the Vermeil in Gold series, is a stunning young woman with mesmerizing aqua hair. Within the story, she is depicted as a student at Ortigia Magic Academy and a devoted follower of Marx.

Charolles possesses a mature and nurturing personality, one that brings her great fulfillment. Her academic performance stands on par with that of Lilia, showcasing her dedication and hard work.

While she often accompanies Marx on his endeavors, there is a sense that she also values her independence and occasionally ventures on her own path.

38. Ayano Yugiri

ayano yugiri

One of the most gorgeous anime girls on our list is Ayano Yugiri from the Engage Kiss universe, who captures everyones’ attention with her flowing waist-length dark blue hair and captivating blue eyes.

As Shuu’s former girlfriend and the daughter of his ex-boss, Ayano’s feelings for him run deep, even after their breakup. Throughout the story, she showcases her inherent sweetness, kindness, and generosity, exemplified by her act of treating Shu Ogata to lunch early on.

Ayano finds joy in caring for others, although she struggles to acknowledge this aspect of herself, often dismissing it as her own selfishness or assuming it’s something anyone would do in her position, even though that may not always be the case.

37. Umi Ryuuzaki

female anime characetrs with blue hair

Umi, a magical knight from the fantastical series Magic Knight Rayearth, possesses a unique blend of traits. Though she may be a tad irritable and prone to quick anger, her heart is filled with deep compassion, empathy, and love for her family and friends.

Standing tall with a slender figure, Umi embodies the role of the caring elder sister figure who rushes to your side to lend a helping hand, listen to your troubles, and go to great lengths to protect you. This is the essence of Umi’s character in the beloved anime Magic Knight Rayearth.

36. Olivia Servant

olivia servant

Coming up, we have Olivia Servant, an adventurer who stands among the elite. Her story takes a thrilling turn when, 200 years ago, she fell into a trap within The Unending Dungeon after valiantly defeating a fearsome monster on the dungeon’s second floor.

In the anime The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter, Olivia captivates with her stunning appearance, featuring blue hair and blue eyes. With a figure that exudes allure, she possesses a generous bust and shapely hips that enhance her undeniable beauty.

Olivia’s personality matches her energetic and vibrant nature, as she takes pleasure in playfully teasing and flirting with others, adding an element of excitement to their interactions.

35. Maha 

blue haired waifu

Maha is one of the The World’s Finest Assassin series’ primary protagonists is Maha. She serves as Lugh’s substitute for the cosmetics company and assists him logistically by acquiring money and data.

She is well-connected to the elite and well-known for her role. Maha, a young woman, with mesmerizing purple eyes and lovely long blue hair.

While Maha is intelligent and cunning, she also gains strength and agility through Lugh’s assassin training, and she excels as acting director of Lugh’s expanding cosmetics and chocolate empire.

34. Tomoe 

tomoe from tsukimichi

Here is Tomoe, a hot girl in the isekai series Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy. Tomoe is a member of the World of the Goddess’s Greater Dragons race and is currently Makoto Misumi’s subordinate. She exhibits an easygoing personality and a relaxed outlook on life.

With her waist-length, blue hair, red eyes, and interesting behavior, Tomoe looks even more alluring. In addition, she has an undoubtedly curvy body, which adds to the allure of her presence in the series.

33. Mabel Rayveil 

mabel rayveil

Mabel Rayveil, a captivating blue haired female character from the thrilling anime series Uncle from Another World.

Mabel belongs to the prestigious Frost Clan, a renowned guardian family, and carries the responsibility of protecting the invaluable Frost Sword, a cherished family heirloom. Known as the last descendant of the esteemed Ice Clan.

Her destiny intertwines with a legendary Ice sword, believed to be the only weapon capable of countering the mighty Fire Dragon. Beyond her role as a guardian, Mabel’s character takes on an additional layer of complexity as she emerges as one of the three central love interests in the enthralling tale.

32. Juna Doma

juna doma

The next one is Juna Doma, a charming blue haired anime waifu and an intriguing lineage as the descendant of Lorelei.

At 19 years old, Juna takes on a pivotal role as one of the female protagonists in the captivating series Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki. She proudly carries the heritage of being Excel Walter’s granddaughter, a connection that adds depth to her character.

Juna possesses not only captivating beauty but also a voice that perfectly complements her appearance, making a lasting impression when she crosses paths with Souma during the Talent Recruitment. Their encounter marks a significant moment in their journey together.

31. Fumino Furuhashi 

fumino furuhashi

Fumino Furuhashi is the heroine of the series We Never Learn. As a third-year student, Fumino possesses an extraordinary talent in the fields of arts and literature, showcasing her genius intellect. However, when it comes to even the slightest hint of mathematics, she tends to panic.

Fumino’s physical appearance is equally beautiful. She stands tall and possesses a slender figure, distinguished by smooth blue hair and beautiful brown eyes, which makes her undeniably one of the most stunning girls at Ichinose Academy, earning her the title of one of the prettiest students in the school.

30. Louise

louise the 8th son

Let’s move on to Louise, a lovely female character with blue hair from The 8th son? Are you kidding me? series. Within the story, Louise Yorande Aorelia von Benno Baumeister, assumes the role of one of the primary female deuteragonists.

Born as the third daughter of a retainer to Margrave Bleichröder, Louise possesses a remarkable ability to strengthen her body using magic. In fact, she exhibits such exceptional strength that her family no longer saw the need to train her, as she surpassed even her father and brothers in power.

Consequently, due to her extraordinary abilities, Louise found herself isolated from her family’s dojo, forced to undergo training in solitude.

29. Erio Touwa 

erio touwa

The intriguing and unquestionably beautiful character Erio Touwa is from the anime Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. Erio has a peculiar mindset in which she claims to be an alien sent to Earth to do research.

Honestly, with her mesmerizing blue hair, I can see why one might consider her like an angel. In the series, Erio disappeared without a trace for about six months, which perplexed everyone. She was eventually found floating in the water, and there is where her tale picks up.

It’s fascinating to witness the harmony that exists between Erio and the main character. Erio’s unique demeanor, kind heart, and distinctive beauty are what make her so endearing.

28. Ruri

female anime character with blue hair

With her striking blue hair and undeniable beauty, Ruri from the 2022 anime I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills, stands out as a remarkable young woman.

As the descendant of the hero, she embarks on a personal journey to become a full-fledged hero herself. However, despite her lineage, Ruri faced a challenging predicament. She failed to manifest her power, which led to frequent bullying and ridicule from others who saw her as a failure.

Despite her parents’ support and encouragement to forge her own path, Ruri couldn’t help but feel like a disappointment and struggled with her self-esteem.

27. Vivy

Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song

From the series Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song, Vivy holds the distinction of being the first autonomous humanoid AI in history. Her primary mission as an AI is to spread happiness through her songs, and she wholeheartedly dedicates herself to singing with utmost passion.

Promises and emotions hold great significance to Vivy, and she proudly serves as an AI “diva” dedicated to humankind’s well-being. As the world’s pioneering autonomous humanoid AI, Vivy’s appearance reflects a more human-like design.

With a beautiful face and flowing, lustrous blue hair, she possesses an exquisite presence. Moreover, her flawless voice allows her to fulfill her role as a singer, captivating fans with her remarkable talent.

26. Rikka Takanachi

blue haired female characters

Rikka Takanashi, an extraordinary eye patched anime girl from the Chuunibyou series. Rikka is known for her unusual, imaginative, and sometimes downright reckless behavior that never fails to amuse and entertain.

She often has delusional thoughts of being a magician with dark supernatural powers, referring to it as “The gaze of the wicked Lord,” as she dives into her own fantasy world. Rikka’s personality stands out as one of the most peculiar and eccentric on the list of characters.

But it’s precisely these unique qualities that make her incredibly cool and captivating. Rikka’s ability to embrace her quirks and create her own extraordinary reality adds a touch of fun and humor to the story, making her a memorable and beloved girl with blue hair.

25. Kotomi Ichinose


Clannad’s Kotomi Ichinose, a character with a unique hair color that falls somewhere between navy blue and purple. This interesting detail makes her a worthy addition to our list.

Kotomi embodies the traits of an introverted individual who prefers to immerse herself in her own world. She has a deep love for books and education, and her academic achievements are truly remarkable.

In the series, Kotomi serves as one of the main characters, and the story revolves around her life intertwined with Tomoya Okazaki, a mischievous and apathetic character who couldn’t care less about the world around him.

24. Mio Nishizono

mio from little busters

Up next, we a have  Mio Nishizono, a female character in Little Busters series, who adds depth and introspection to the story.

The blue haired Mio is a quiet and introspective person who finds comfort in books and enjoys spending time in the sunlight. Although she may go unnoticed at first, once you start to unravel her true self, you’ll discover the warmth that radiates from within.

Mio has a mysterious aura that keeps you intrigued and makes it hard to guess her thoughts. She’s not your typical outgoing character, but that’s what makes her so fascinating.

Mio Nishizono reminds us that there’s beauty in those who may seem reserved, and getting to know her is an invitation to explore the hidden depths of her captivating personality.

23. Ophelia Magenta

ophelia magneta

Ophelia Magenta, a character from The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady. Ophelia comes from a noble family and was once engaged to the crown prince of the kingdom.

However, when their engagement is abruptly called off in front of everyone, she finds solace and support in Anisphia, who takes her in as a research assistant.

What sets Ophelia apart is her special connection with the spirits. She is blessed with the ability to connect and bond with magical spirits of any element, granting her the power to use magic from all different realms.

This unique affinity for all magical spirits allows Ophelia to harness the power of various elements in her magical abilities.

22. Lacia 

lacia from beatless

With her stunning blue hair and beautiful face, Lacia from Beatless is often regarded as one of the standout anime girls.

Lacia is an hIE gynoid who managed to escape from the Tokyo Laboratory of the Memeframe Corporation. It is during her escape that she crosses paths with Arato, and she makes an intriguing proposition to him – she asks him to become her “Owner.”

As for her unique abilities, Lacia wields a black casket that serves as her weapon, capable of stopping bullets in their tracks.

21. Myne

Ascendance of a Bookworm


Myne, the protagonist of Ascendance of a Bookworm, is a young woman who dies and is reincarnated in the body of a frail 5-year-old girl named Myne in a fantasy world.

Her love for books is her driving force, and she strives to live a peaceful life surrounded by them. Despite her fragile health, she possesses a vast knowledge of books and a talent for teaching.

As she forms bonds with her new family and encounters new experiences, her perspective expands beyond her initial obsession with books. However, her passion for books can sometimes lead her into reckless behavior. Over time, she becomes more receptive to the advice of those close to her.

20. Hina 

blue haired anime girl

Hina, from the anime Plunderer, is a young girl who used to live with her mother in the mountains. She now travels the world in search of The Legendary Red Baron.

Hina has a petite and delicate appearance, with short aqua blue hair and eyes. She may come across as naive due to her innocent nature.

Even with her timidity, she is determined and stays committed once she sets her mind on something. Hina is emotionally sensitive and freely expresses her feelings, even if others may judge her for it.

19. Konata Izumi 

blue haired anime girls

Konata from Lucky Star series, is a cute anime girl with blue hair, she is a petite anime girl who has long, hair, sleepy green eyes, and a beauty mark under her left eye, just like her father. She has a cheerful personality and often speaks in kawaii anime-style terms and with anime intonations, which makes her so cute.

18. Vivi 

blue hair anime girl

One of my favorite anime female characters with blue hair is definitely Vivi from One Piece universe. In the series, she is portrayed as the Princess of Alabasta and a temporary pirate who joined the Straw Hat Pirates for most of The Alabasta Arc.

She stayed on Luffy’s ship until defeating the Baroque Works, who threatened her homeland. She then stayed in her home country but has been shown to have been keeping an eye on the Straw Hat’s progress since then.

17. Bulma 


Bulma needs no introduction, as she is a very well-known anime girl. But here’s a sneak peek: Bulma is a brilliant scientist, Goku’s first friend, and the second daughter of Dr. Brief, founder of Capsule Corporation.

Our blue-haired anime girl, Bulma, is one of the most important female characters in the Dragon ball series. Along with Goku, and Vegeta she’s one of the longest-running characters in all of Dragonball franchise.

16. Princess Lenessia


This is another pretty female character with light blue hair from the Log Horizon anime series. Lenessia (Lenessia or Rayneshia is a member of the Corwen family, the most prestigious dukedom in Eastern Yamato.

Raynesia, who was raised in a prominent noble family, exudes the qualities of the ideal princess: she is graceful, soft-spoken, and well-behaved. Although, she is a royality but her modest persona makes her a really good person to hang out with.

15. Kurumu Kurono 


She is a cute anime girl with blue hair on this list, who has so many great features that a man desires in a woman. These include her shoulder-length light blue hair, deep purple eyes, full long lashes, and appealing body.

Kurumu Kurono is a student and wants to steal Tsukune Aono from Moka Akashiya. Despite various embarrassing tricks, she is actually an innocent girl and all she really wants is his affection.

14. Saya Sasamiya 


Saya from Asterik Wars is a Genki Girl who may seem sleepy and lost, but she’s extremely clever and intelligent. Her sense of direction isn’t the best, though.

She’s on this list because Saya is among the cutest anime girls with blue hair with short stature, shoulder-length hair, and amazing purple eyes.

13. Aqua 

aqua konosuba

Aqua is one of the main characters in the Konosuba anime series, she was a diety in her world before getting transported to a fantasy world due to Kazuma’s request.

Aqua is such a gorgeous blue haired anime girl with an amazing body. She has a busty chest, long legs, and a personality like no other. Sure, she gets into trouble sometimes, but don’t give her too many chances because she will end up in trouble.

12. Rei Ayanami 


Rei is a hot and sexy anime girl with blue hair and red eyes from Neon Genesis Evangelion series. She can be a bit cold at first but eventually forms bonds with other characters.

It’s interesting to see how, as the series progresses, she starts to mend relationships with others and she even becomes sad sometimes. It shows her emotional side which I really liked.

11. Wendy Marvel 

blue hair anime girl

Wendy, a beloved girl from the Fairy Tail anime series, embodies the essence of a Sky Dragon. As a skilled Dragon Slayer, her magical abilities are truly remarkable. With her enchanting blue hair and delicate features, Wendy stands out as one of the most endearing young anime girls of all time.

Beyond her enchanting appearance, Wendy’s personality shines brightly. Her gentle nature is accompanied by a shy and polite demeanor, captivating the hearts of those around her. The delightful presence of Carla, her adorable Exceed companion, is a constant source of companionship and support for Wendy.

10. Esdeath 


In the anime series, Akame ga Kill we have the yander girl Esdeath. She is portrayed as the captain of the Jaegers under orders from the Prime Minister.

Later, she will end up falling deeply in love and becomes obsessed with the main character Tatsumi. Esdeath is feminine, beautiful, and tall. However, her character is scary for she lacks empathy and is manipulative. But she’s still the hot girl with the blue hair ever seen in anime history!

9. Medaka Kurokami


Medaka is the amazing female protagonist of the Medaka Box anime series. She’s a freshman in Class 13, and will eventually become a council president of Hakoniwa Academy.

All of the guys in her class love her, she has good grades, and she’s a pretty anime girl who’s popular in school. She’s too perfect to be real, as a prop in a play. She doesn’t seem to have any insecurities or flaws.

8. Shiro 


Shiro, the protagonist in “No Game, No Life,” is a teenager who happens to be good-looking, intelligent, and a gamer. As such her character offers an interesting contrast with her step-brother’s.

She has a colder personality than many others, but the appeal of her beauty makes up for it. She’s a very pale-skinned anime girl in complexion with messy blue hair and red eyes.

7. Kaname Chidori 


Fullmetal Panic’s Kaname has long dark blue hair that is messed up in a red bow and amazing brown eyes. She’s without a doubt the kind of girl everyone looks up to.

Her personality can be described as being a little shallow at times, but that doesn’t mean she won’t defend her friends and her people. She has a very good heart and can often be found with a smile on her face.

Her personality is shown as a cheerful young girl with a lot of emotion, who’s good at caring for friends and helping them out. She is willing to sacrifice herself for the people that she loves.

6. Konan 

konan akatsuki naruto

Konan from the popular Naruto Shippuden series, is a smart, stoic, and calm lady with short, straight lavender hair up in a bun and pretty gray eyes, and fair skin. Konan is a member of the Akatsuki organization and was Nagato’s partner while they were in the organization.

Konan is not just a great beauty. She is also one of the strongest female characters in the Naruto franchise and a notable part that shaped the whole story.

5. Asuna Yuuki – Sword Art Online


When it comes to compiling a list of breathtaking anime girls, Asuna often claims the spotlight. Renowned for her stunning beauty, she stands as an epitome of elegance with her long hair and captivating hazel eyes.

However, let us delve into a more contemporary incarnation of Asuna – her Undine Avatar from ALO. Sporting a mesmerizing mane of light blue hair, she presents a striking contrast to her traditional appearance within the Sword Art Online franchise. This transformation highlights Asuna’s versatility and ability to captivate audiences with her ever-evolving allure. 

4. Yoshino 


Toshino is kind and adorable. As far as series progresses, she’s still one of the most beautiful spirits to ever appear in the Date A Live anime and manga series.

Oh my god, she is so sweet and beautiful anime girl with blue hair, I’ve seen so far. Toshino is cute, gorgeous, and has the look of a young, with amazing blue eyes and long curly hair.

3. Juvia 


If you’re looking for athe most beautiful anime girls! Fairy Tail should be your target. The show is known for featuring a lots of beautiful females who have a range of different kinds of beauty.

Therefore, the third one on our list is Juvia, a pretty female character from the anime Fairy Tail. She has Blue hair with blue streaks and blue eyes, a fair skin tone, and an irresistible slender figure.

2. Sinon

blue hair anime girl

Sinon (Asada Shino) is a skilled Virtual Reality Game Player and starts playing Gun Gale Online because she wants to find out if it can help her with her trauma, which she wants to overcome deeply.

Sword Art Online’s Sinon is among the prettiest anime girl with blue hair. There are four words that best describe her, she very pretty, so sweet, calm, and cool.

1. Rem 


Even if you’re not familiar with the Re:Zero anime, it’s highly likely you’ve come across the captivating short-haired female character known as Rem. Renowned for her stunning beauty, she has garnered immense popularity among both anime fans and cosplayers alike.

Rem’s charm extends beyond her appearance. With her polite and spontaneous nature, she captivates the hearts of those who encounter her. Sporting short sky-blue hair that gracefully falls over her right eye, her light blue eyes and youthful features exude undeniable cuteness.

While I won’t delve into the details of her role in the series, I wholeheartedly urge you to experience Re:Zero firsthand. Trust me, the journey is truly worth embarking on. Discover Rem’s captivating presence and the wonders that await within the world of Re:Zero.

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