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The 20 Best Video Games to Play on Wii

nintendo wii best games

Top 20 Fun and Good Video Games to Play on Wii Right Now!

There are so much games to enjoy and to play out there be it on Pc, Xbox, or PS4 and PS5, But what about Nintendo Wii and what video games this console can offer for the pleasure of gamers?

Well, rest assured and discover Wii games for people of all ages. You can play all of your popular games, as well as profiting from playing a bunch of titles that are exclusively playable on Wii.

With thousands of games available on Wii, selecting the most intriguing games can be a hard task.

That’s why we are here to show you the most fun and good games to play on Wii without wasting time at this stage.

20. Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles received a cult-like following as one of the Nintendo Wii most successful video games to play, proving that expansive RPG gaming could endure — and even flourish — on the console.

Players control cooldowns and switch between simple attacks and more powerful “Arts” in real-time fighting reminiscent of MMORPG games.

The vast open-world is set on the bodies of two titans, with protagonist Shulk attempting to use a mythical sword to protect his people from the evil Mechon force.

It may sound like your typical JRPG, but Chronicles stands out for its scale, immersive plot, beautiful sound design, and simple control scheme.

19. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Metroid Prime 3 is the wii games series’ pinnacle accomplishment. The formula had been tweaked and pruned to its most optimal point by this point, with some of the finest shooting on the framework. Most importantly, it makes excellent use of the Wii Remote.

The ability to freely shoot with the remote makes the experience even faster than in previous titles, where you had to keep R only to look around. It’s almost as good as a mouse and keyboard here, with motion controls – like yanking and pulling the Nunchuk to unlock the Grapple Beam – that make tearing off limbs strangely rewarding.

18. Goldeneye 007

One of the best N64 games to play, makes a comeback with an improved port for the Nintendo Wii. Goldeneye 007 isn’t a direct remake of the N64 hit, but it’s a fantastic reimagining of the old Nintendo classic that fits the same simple plot as the original.

First, let’s get the bad news out of the way. The Bond character resembles Daniel Craig rather than Pierce Brosnan. Few characters’ appearances have also been altered, and some have been completely deleted.

The story has also been altered to reflect Daniel Craig’s films rather than Brosnan’s legendary output.

So it’s not the same Goldeneye title, but that’s why it’s ranked 12th on our list of the best Nintendo Wii fun video games that you should play.

17. Donkey Kong Country Returns

The first Donkey Kong Country is a video game legend. The 1994 title provided treasured memories for many players, from its seemingly modern graphics (at the time), to the classic soundtrack, to the controller-shattering difficulty.

Donkey Kong Country Returns marked the video games series’ victorious return to the Wii after a 13-year absence after Donkey Kong Country 3.

The side-scrolling, platforming gameplay is as brutal as ever, with more bananas to collect and secret areas to explore than you can shake a stick at.

This time, Diddy Kong has a jetpack to help the primate pair navigate the stages, and a co-op mode allows Player 2 to control the junior Kong.

16. Mario Strikers Charged

We’ll be back soon with a trio of the latest Mario online games! The first is Mario Strikers Charged, a wacky Nintendo takes on a football match that includes all of the things you’d expect from Mario Kart and more, as well as making an appearance.

It’s the sequel to Mario Smash Football, or Super Mario Strikers on the GameCube, the name of which varies depending on location. It’s a game I enjoyed playing but was constantly thrashed at by my mates.

Even, it’s among the best fun and popular games that you can play On Nintendo Wii, whether you have friends nearby or not. You can potentially play other users from all over the world thanks to WiFi access.

15. Animal Crossing: City Folk

For its anthropomorphic animals and quirky life simulation gameplay, Nintendo Wii Animal Crossing games franchise has become a household name, a video game that is beloved by fans all over the world.

City Folk successfully took the formula to the Wii in 2008, allowing players to create a life among the forest critters (no, not those woodland critters); if you enjoyed Animal Crossing on the Gamecube or Nintendo DS, you’ll definitely like this as well.

City Folk reintroduces series favorites like the tanuki or raccoon rat, and store owner Tom Nook and players can watch the seasons change in real-time with the Wii’s clock. Motion controls are used in the game for activities like cutting wood and fishing.

14. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

It’s tempting to dismiss Silent Hill: Shattered Memories as a sloppy Wii remake – we’ve all seen enough of those games – but doing so will be a mistake.

In fact, it was an original story loosely based on the first Silent Hill, with the franchise serving as a vehicle to tell a grim, mature story.

While it lacked much of the traditional Silent Hill staples, it did have its own tricks up its sleeve, with interesting gameplay that examined your choices to taunt you with specific elements tailored to your playstyle.

That sounds strange and neurological, and it is. Shattered Memories is among the top video games that any Wii user will enjoy to play.

13. Wii Sports

The majority of people associate the Wii with Wii Sports. Wii Sports was a basic pack-in mini-games series that included motion-controlled approximations of basketball, golf, cricket, baseball, and boxing.

Plays use their Miis (which are connected to your Wii profile) to compete in sports competitions with the Wiimote and Nunchuk, either against other players or the machine.

These Wii video games are straightforward, but they’re still a lot of fun and extremely easy to play. You could put a Wiimote in the hands of almost everyone and they’d work out how to play in seconds.

It was a great showcase for the Wii’s potential at the moment. In retrospect, it may have been the console’s height of growth.

12. Red Steel 2

When the Wii and its motion-sensing controls were first introduced, a lot of enticed gaming players decided to see how hard the Wii’s controls could be pushed.
Fans can have a greater understanding of what can and cannot be achieved in Nintendo Wii games by playing and enjoying a number of different kinds of games.
Games such as MadWorld, Super Mario Galaxy, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess all show these powers, but one game, in particular, stands out in this respect — Red Steel.
Red Steel is a game that combines hack and slash and first-person shooter features, enabling players to fully use the Wii’s updated motion-sensing controls (Wii Motion Plus).

11. MadWorld

The game takes place in a fictitious city where a plague is unleashed on the general population after all contact and transportation in and out of the city is prohibited.

Many that spread this infection (dubbed the Organizers) tell the city’s residents that someone able to challenge anyone else (for the cure) will receive a vaccine.

The Organizers use this confusion to produce a reality programe in which people battle each other for a cash prize.

You take on the role of Jack Cayman, a mysterious and battle-ready entity with a chainsaw-equipped prosthetic arm. As you progress through the game show’s different levels, the plot continues to discover that Cayman’s real motivations are far larger and more daring than merely winning the game.

This is among the best fast-paced action video games available on Nintendo Wii to play and keep you entertained for hours with its unique black and white art style (the only other in-game color being red, from blood), thrilling battles, and compelling story.

10. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The third installment of Nintendo Wii iconic combat video games series received critical praise for tweaking the common format and introducing many new elements, including insanely strong “Final Smash” moves that can swing the momentum of a match.

Brawl also saw the first appearance of third-party characters in the game, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series.

For the first time, the game provided cooperative multiplayer (via Wi-Fi) as well as an extended suite of single-player activities, including the Subspace Emissary Adventure mode.

9. Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart is a games series that has historically established the Kart Racing genre and is widely regarded as the greatest kart racing series of all time.

Mario Kart Nintendo Wii, like previous Mario Kart games, combines all of the series’ most common game-play mechanics, along with new variations, enhancements, and updates.

The inclusion of motion-sensing controls is the most notable change in gameplay as opposed to previous games.

You’ll be able to race with family and friends like never before with the WiiMote and Mario Kart wheel!

You’ll learn to enjoy the madness of motion control racing as you twist and turn around the game’s different racetracks.

8. Super Mario Galaxy

Nintendo, and especially the Mario series, has always been known for their unique creativity. Super Mario Galaxy, one of the most beloved computer games of all time (and on any platform), is as revolutionary as they come, combining the tried-and-true formula implemented in Super Mario 64 with extremely inventive level design and new gravity-based mechanics.

Galaxy, like most games in the franchise, starts with Bowser kidnapping Peach, after which Mario is granted magical powers that enable him to, uh, travel across space and traverse tiny planetoids in search of Power Stars. It may seem stupid, and it is, but the feeling is exquisite.

7. Okami

Okami is a one-of-a-kind action-adventure games to play on Nintendo Wii that combines Japanese folklore and mythology into its plot, gameplay, and art design.

You take on the role of Amaterasu, a Shinto goddess who transforms into a wolf in order to save her world from darkness.

You’ll read more about a variety of Japanese mythological characters and places as you battle your way through different foes.

Although the game is described as an action adventure, it also includes puzzle and platforming elements.

The battle is fluid, thrilling, and satisfying, with combat enhancements and new abilities unlocked as you advance through the campaign. One of the most fascinating aspects of Okami’s gameplay.

6. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a brilliant game that integrates and draws on the aspects that made previous games so successful while creating its own distinct tone and experience.

Twilight Princess is a notably darker game than previous Zelda games, both thematically and visually, and this leads to an incredible amount of world-building, story elements, and even gameplay.

You take on the role of Link, accompanied by an unknown companion called Midna, and embark on a journey through two dimensions in order to save Hyrule. You play as Link in the ‘natural world, but as a wolf in the ‘Twilight Realm’ dimension.

Twilight Princess on Nintendo Wii, like many Zelda games, finds its strength in its most difficult and engaging elements: the beautiful graphics and general aesthetic, the daunting puzzles and detailed temples, the imaginative and satisfying battle system, and the phenomenal soundtrack.

All of these meticulously designed and painstakingly crafted gameplay components combine to create a stunning and unforgettable gaming experience.

5. Monster Hunter Tri

Monster Hunter Tri, which was originally designed for the PlayStation 3, is among the video games that exemplifies how the Nintendo Wii less powerful hardware will benefit developers.

Due to high production costs, the third console title in the long-running series was moved to the Wii. As a result, one of the biggest and most ambitious games to hit the console was born.

Monster Hunter Tri, like all games in the series, tasked players with battling massive predators, catching monsters Pokémon-style, and continuously improving your character’s gear.

Monster Hunter Tri was a time sink that forced you to keep moving forward if you liked the gameplay loop and the relentless grind.

4. New Super Mario Bros Wii

Nintendo rebooted the Super Mario series in 2006 with New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS. The sequel for the Nintendo Wii is one of the most well-received video games on the console, offering the franchise a fresh coat of paint for a new audience while remaining true to the elements that made it iconic in the first place.

The game’s familiar “World Map” interface and linear level progression tend to make it feel like classic Mario games, but it also introduces some interesting new tricks, such as new elements like the Propeller Mushroom, which offer players an excuse to use the Wii’s motion controls.

3. Punch-Out!!

Punch-Out!! returned with a splash after a fifteen-year absence as one of the few best story-driven boxing video games on Wii.

Players move back into the shoes of Little Mac as he battles his way through the professional boxing circuits, taking on a variety of quirky characters in his quest to become the World Video Boxing Champion.

Players navigate boxing matches with ease by using the Wii’s remote control, which is unmatched in technical complexity.

The format of the remote control requires players to precisely arranging their punches in order to win “points” that grant them more dominant movements.

2. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Although the first Super Mario Galaxy was praised for its creative platforming, stunning visuals, and entertaining gameplay, Super Mario Galaxy 2 has expanded on all of these good aspects to create an extremely breathtaking and engrossing experience.

You take on the role of Mario, flying through universes to save Peach from Bowser’s clutches. When you strive to keep up with Bowser, there are a lot of various types of worlds to visit and appreciate within each galaxy.

All of the best gameplay features from Super Mario Galaxy have been included, including smooth movement, platforming, and battle with Mario, as well as quirky and special level design and star-based quests for each character.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Nintendo Wii saw the release of not one, but two Zelda video games, though only one fully utilized the new technology to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword had an innovative graphics style that called for some of the finest graphics on the console, and it made masterful use of the Wii MotionPlus to demonstrate that motion controls were not a gimmick.

It also made full use of these gesture controls, resulting in the finest swordplay in Zelda’s illustrious history.

The puzzles were also among the best we’d seen, and the storyline was enjoyable not only for fans (it served as the first story chronologically), but also for beginners. This was the Zelda we had been hoping for.

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