12 Best Video Games About High School to Play

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The Best Video Games with High School Themes

Summer is nearly close, and it’s time to put up the controller and get back to having fun, Homework may cut into your video games playing-time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun in summer while maintaining the same idea of being at school, particularly if it’s a virtual school.

If you like it or not, here are few virtual high school video games where you can have a good time and maybe even learn a thing or two along the way.

12. Detention

games about school

For reasons unknown, most Asian video games has a high interest with school-set repulsiveness, as Detention is the awesome of few titles to focus on the possibility of a spooky place of graduation, this time from Taiwanese engineer RedCandleGames.

Playing as understudies Wei and Ray, you’ll be investigating the unwanted grounds of Greenwood High School in the 1960’s, during the stature of Taiwan’s “White Terror” time of military law. Get the job done to say, this once flourishing center point of learning and fellowship is currently the somber and evil material for some heavenly side-looking over endurance repulsiveness.

Greenwood is home to various dull privileged insights simply asking to be uncovered, as well, yet to say any longer is sabotage Detention’s most noteworthy qualities; it’s horrifying climate and shockingly modern story. R

edCandle-Games draws on East Asian folklore to build up a reviled high school setting that is entirely its own, so convincing in its supernatural draw that, disregarding leaving us really disrupted.

11. Fable

games about high school

The principal portion of the arrangement was delivered back in the year 2004 and conveys us directly into the adolescence of the hero who thusly loses his folks and someone takes his sister. After this, you start to build up your character from his initial ages up to adulthood by finishing different missions and investigating the dull corners of Albion.

Contingent upon your inclinations, you can pick the abilities and character attribute that are to be created; this shapes certain qualities and shortcomings of the legend.

In addition, Fable is among the best video games has a rich and drawing-in story that has two distinct situations that depend on the choices you make, great or insidiousness.

Taking everything into account, Fable is the best game not just as opposed to different games in the arrangement yet among all games on the planet and you unquestionably need to give it a shot on the off chance that you haven’t yet.

By and by, on the off chance that I was approached to name the best five games I have at any point played, Fable would be on that rundown.

10. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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The bestest Japanese video games delivery on our rundown is additionally the lone section where you play not as the high school student, but rather the educator.

That, as you may envision (particularly from a Fire Emblem game), out of nowhere puts much more weight on your activities and choices during your time at the Gregg Mach Monastery in Three Houses, yet the experience additionally relies generally upon which School House you choose to offer your administrations to.

You can treat your understudies at the military foundation practically like you would Pokemon, in which you prevail upon their warm gestures, train them up for the fight to come, and even take more students from different houses, which – apparently – is by and large how the instructing calling functions, all things considered, isn’t that so?

Regardless, Fire emblem is extraordinary compared to other video games about school themes we might request, on account of its flawless environs, however the organization you keep inside.

9. Surviving High School

games about school

An underlying look at Surviving High School doesn’t evoke an extraordinary initial feeling. An allowed to-play versatile visual novel from EA Video Games with bombastically westernized Manga visuals and in-game microtransactions?

Enduring secondary school in reality is adequately undesirable, thanks much.

In any case, burrow somewhat more profound, and you’ll uncover a shockingly sincere window into current school life, imperfections, and everything,

close by a cast of characters that habitually undermine their models and go out to be three-dimensional, however really charming organization to spend time with.

With its pick your-own-experience design, Surviving High School isn’t such a great amount about the school of Center-score High itself, however the way of life inside it, and the connections you make with your kindred instructors and understudies.

8. Hatoful Boyfriend

hatoful boyfriend

What do you do if you’re one of the few humans living after the great human vs. bird wars of the twenty-first century?

Of course, you will make avian mates – and future love partners – at the St. PigeonNation’s Institute high school.

Previously, only birds were permitted to attend the St. PigeonNation’s Institute; however, you are the first person to be invited to participate in school. You’ve heard a little about the avian culture and even made a few bird friends as you begin your sophomore year.

Now it’s time to look around the birdbath for a feathered, foul-weather love interest. Yes, it’s strange, but it’s still a lot of fun, and the branching plot and various endings have a lot of variety.

7. Corpse Party

video games about high school


Corpse Party is one of the most well-known RPG video games in japan, simply because it is adapted from a popular high school horror anime and manga with the same name.

The game, which was released in 1996, has spawned numerous sequels and related titles, as well as two remakes. It’s a role-playing game about a group of students who are taken to another world after completing a friendship rite.

They find themselves stuck in a dilapidated schoolhouse surrounded by ghosts of others who have once been trapped there. The students must find a way out while avoiding the threats that lurk around them, like a curious young girl in a red coat.

6. Lego Harry Potter Collection

games about school

There are a lot of Harry Potter video games that, normally, happen in the renowned anecdotal live-in the school of Hogwarts, yet you will not discover one as fun or great as Traveler’s Tales block-based variation of the blockbuster motion pictures.

J.K. Rowling’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a colorful jungle gym in the Lego Harry Potter Collection, which incorporates both of the Lego Harry Potter games covering each of the eight films, accordingly permitting you to observe Harry go through his whole educational time at Hogwarts, from socially off-kilter preadolescent to dominate of the wizarding expressions.

You can expect the typical Lego ballyhoo of block building, perky battle, and center tricks as well, making this a simple offer to anybody with A) an affection for everything Potter or B) kids.

5. White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

video games about high school


High school is a nightmare for so many, and in this game, it is even scarier! White Day: A Labyrinth Called School is a remake of one of the best survival horror video games from Korea.

Players take care of Lee Hui-min, who sneaks into his school at night to leave a present for his crush and return her diary. He becomes lost in the school and learns it is plagued by lethal ghosts.

Players must lead Hui-min to safety while dodging frightening zombies, a possessed homicidal janitor, and solving puzzles in order to rescue the other trapped students and reveal the school’s mystery.

4. Persona 5

persona anime game

Granted, Persona is among the best anime video games where you’ll spend as much time inside the minds of terrorists and reprobates as you can at the Shujin High School Academy in Persona 5, but the prestigious Tokyo-based prep institution has such a good influence in Atlas JRPG that we couldn’t leave it out.

Shujin Academy, which the protagonist can freely visit during their 100+ hour journey, is the place to unwind, establish relationships with friends and companions, and even avoid expulsion by taking a number of school exams in class.

Yes, I said E, but don’t worry; Shujin Academy’s exams are a healthy blend of brain teasers and basic general knowledge questions, both of which can be quickly looked up online if you’re naïve.

3. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

final fantasy type 0

With regards and respect to video games about school, none are very as mind-boggling or dazzling as that of Final Fantasy’s Akademia, home to the tip-top cadets known as Class Zero, and a vital area in the fighting occasions of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

The Akademia is as much a combat area as it is your normal training foundation, having effectively repulsed off a few intrusions throughout its old history.

During the occasions of Type-0, you’ll be at the bleeding edges of one such protection exertion, assuming responsibility for Class Zero and stopping a multitude of Milites via the game’s zippy ongoing battle.

Gracious, and did I make reference to that the Akademia is honored by a divine resembling gem that awards mysterious forces to its understudies? Best. school. Ever.

2. Life Is Strange

games about school

A great school game dissimilar to some other, Life is Strange is one of the best games that catches the apprehension, dread, and showy behaviors of experiencing a high school setting, as we’re pushed into the shoes of the brilliant however contemplative Max Caulfield, who gets herself abruptly possessing time-changing capacities.

Dontnod’s Twin Peaks-enlivened point and snap experience game is a crude investigation of what it resembles to not be seen, particularly when the grown-ups in the room can carry on similarly as adolescents as the kids.

The Oregon-set school of Blackwell Academy and its tired portside town of Arcadia Bay is an intriguing spot to investigate as well, overflowing with the agonizing environment, fascinating characters, and an unfurling secret that we guarantee dares to places you’re not anticipating.

To uncover any more is ruin the experience yet, to take from Max’s own vocabulary, we should simply say it’s a hella cool game.

1. Bully

games about school

You can’t showcases the best high school video games without discussing the Bully game. a Rockstar’s nostalgic, limited scope turn on its open-world recipe, sees you playing as Jimmy Hopkins in the New England Foundation of Bullworth Academy, yet in opposition to its title, Jimmy is a greater amount of an inside and out agitator than your commonplace American harasser.

Your endeavors around both the live-in school’s grounds and the encompassing town of Bullworth are an agenda of exemplary *ahem* extra-curricular exercises, including clench hand battles, sentiment, go-kart races, and even paper adjusts.

You’ll need to take a few exercises, as well, clearly, however, even these will assist Jimmy with getting socializing without of not exactly ideal circumstances, demonstrating that instruction has its advantages all things considered.

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