Sci-Fi Anime for 2019. Best Anime Series To Watch Right Now

10 Best Sci-Fi Anime for 2019

Sci-fi anime are often out of this world when it comes to ideas. They have some of the best world-building in anime despite recycling some tried and tested sci-fi tropes like spaceships, mechs, and plots more twisted than octopus wirings. In fact, some of the best anime are often set in a sci-fi universe, if you’re into sci-fi anime then check this anime list for sci-fi anime for 2019 that worth your time

Here are our top 10 best Sci-Fi anime for 2019 you should watch

10| Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven

  • Studios: Bones
  • Genres: Adventure, Drama, Mecha, Romance, Sci-Fi
  • Episodes: 50

A lot of things initially don’t make sense in Eureka Seven. However, that’s a pretty standard beginning to most anime. There’s an ongoing war between renegades and a militaristic regime, a girl with special abilities, mechs with hoverboards, and a mouthy boy named Renton Thurston whom the story usually revolves around with.

Oh, it also takes place in the year 12,005, approximately 10,000 years before humanity was forced to move somewhere else due to a weird sentient creature which merged with Earth. Beneath all the absurdity and odd exposition, Eureka Seven isa beautiful and operatic spectacle with great music that usually unfolds during its mech battles

9| Code Geass

  • Studios: Sunrise
  • Genres: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Super Power, Drama, Mecha
  • Episodes: 25

For some who have outgrown the angsty and melodramatic teenage protagonist stereotype, the two seasons of Code Geass can be outlandish. Still, back when it was first released, it was among the top anime for its target age group. Code Geass was essentially Death Note but with sci-fi and a dozen other themes and ideas (including that of Gundams) crammed into what teenagers can consider a masterpiece. The anime took place in an alternate reality where Britain never stopped invading everything and eventually owned the whole world.


  • Studios: Sunrise
  • Genres: Action, Space, Mecha, Romance, Military, Drama, Sci-Fi
  • Episodes: 50

Being one of the most successful mech toy franchises, Mobile Suit Gundam had to be in this list. There’s a lot of shows about them, but Gundam SEED stands out as one of best Mobile Suit Gundam anime, which also comes with decent animation for today’s standards. You can bet it has no shortage of lasers, space wars, and teen drama.

This time around, the star of the Mobile Suit Gundam anime is Kira Yamato. He’s not a human, though, but rather part of a genetically-modified super-human race called “coordinators.” As you can imagine, he’s good at anything he does, and that includes piloting the signature Strike Gundam. He’s also an important figurehead and as a neutralizer in the war caused by the divide between the natural humans and coordinators.

7| Steins;Gate

  • Studios: White Fox
  • Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi
  • Episodes: 24

Originally a video game, Steins;Gate was adapted into an anime TV series in 2011. It has no mechs, visitations to other planets, or space battles, but it deals with sci-fi’s most convoluted idea ever: time travel. So, if you fancy the kind of plot where anything is possible but also impossible at the same time, then go ahead with Steins;Gate.

6| Psycho-Pass

  • Studios: Production I.G
  • Genres: Action, Police, Psychological, Sci-Fi
  • Episodes: 22

If you loved Minority Report, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t check out Psycho-Pass. It’s essentially an anime Minority Report but involves a less futuristic society in Japan. Still, that doesn’t make it any less sci-fi; it’s actually categorized as cyberpunk, which pretty much falls in the sci-fi category.

Its resemblance to Minority Report lies in the same system of society that the plot revolves around: a calculated assessment that can predict crimes and criminals before they happen. This makes the job of law-enforcement personnel a bit easier. They are called Enforcers here and two of them, Shinya Kogami and Akane Tsunemori, have their work cut out for them in this anime.

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