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Top 10 School Anime With an OP MC who has Magic Powers


The Best School Anime With an OP MC 


Hello Anime fans

here is a list of some good School anime series with an op mc who has Magical powers, and spend their school life ready to fight, protect, and save their beloved ones from any harm.

these main characters have magical powers that are believed to be one of the greatest and strongest powers that everyone dreams of.

therefore, this article is showing a list of top 10 anime where OP MC goes to magic school academy.

And we hope that you will find it a very good source of information.

So let’s start our countdown.



10. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

school anime with op mc


The Alzano Empire is home of the rarest magic school in the world.

Here, ambitious young students undergo training to become competent magicians.

Sistine Fibel, a noble girl, and her friend Rumia Tingel attend the Academy, determined to cultivate their skills.

furthermore, their world is thrown on a loop when their favorite teacher surprisingly retires.

Then the enigmatic Glenn Radars replaces him.

His attitude towards life and magic puts him at odds with his class. additionally, nefarious forces hidden within the empire’s walls became active.

Rumia and Glenn find themselves caught up in their schemes.

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records is a harem magic school anime that follows Sistine, who is captivated by a mysterious floating Sky Castle; Rumia, who is haunted by a troubled past; and the Op Mc Glenn, who may be more than meets the eye.

Though completely different on the surface, they are inexplicably bound together by a thread of fate.


9. Mahou Sensou

mahou sensou


Takeshi Nanase finds out abruptly one summer morning.

On his way to kendo practice, Takeshi comes across an unconscious girl in a uniform he doesn’t recognize.

Takeshi saves her, and in return, the girl wakes up and accidentally turns him into a magic-user.

As Takeshi finds out, there is the world he lives in and the world of magic users.

Most magic users just want to peacefully coexist with non-magicians, but there are some with bigger ambitions.

Mui Aiba is a magician enrolled in the Subaru Magic Academy, where magic users can learn to control their powers.

Takeshi and his newly magician friends Kurumi Isoshima and Kazumi Ida decide to enroll in the Magic Academy as well.

They must learn to harness in order to fight off the Ghost Trailers.

A group of magicians who are willing to use violence to assert their superiority over humans.

This School Fantasy Anime depicts the story of the op mc Takeshi and his friends, as they must train to become stronger, face the leader of the Trailers, and prevent the beginning of the Second Great Magic War.


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8. Quanzhi Fashi

school anime with op mc


This Magical School Anime depicts the story of the OP MC “Mo Fan”, who woke up in a familiar world that has vastly changed.

His school has become a school that teaches magic, encouraging everyone to become a mighty magician.

Outside the city, many wandering magical beasts and monsters attack and prey on humans.

A world of advanced science changed into one of the advanced magic.

Despite this, his ambition in life, and his situation remains the same. One of the dregs of the society with a struggling father and a disabled step sister that couldn’t walk.

However, Mo Fan found when everyone can only have one major element, he can do much more!


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