8 Best Romance Anime 2019 That will Make Your Heart Flutter


Romance Anime 2019 That’ll Make Your Heart Flutter

If you’re looking for brand new romance anime of 2019 that’ll make your heart flutter, BakaBuzz will give you what you want!

Here are 8 romance anime 2019 of mingled with some other genres: (comedies, dramas, tragedies, supernatural —pick your poison!) serious love stories that will play with your hearts.

Let’s countdown our list of best romance anime 2019 that’ll make your heart flutter.

8. Meiji Tokyo Renka


Meiji Tokyo Renka is a New 2019 Romance Anime and is a TMS Entertainment Studio Production.


Mei Ayazuki is just your ordinary, everyday high-school girl.

That is until one night when the moon is full and red, she’s transferring through time to the Meiji Period by magician Charlie.

She ends up in a strange, Meiji-era ‘Tokyo’ where the existence of ghosts is normal.

Led by Charlie, she finally arrives at the Rokumeikan.

There, waiting for her to arrive, are the historical figures Ougai Mori, Shunsou Hishida, Otojirou Kawakami, Kyouka Izumi, Gorou Fujita, Yakumo Koizumi, and Tousuke Iwasaki.

Whilst interacting with these men, she discovers she is a Tamayori – someone who can see ghosts – a skill that is highly valued in the Meiji Period.

Due to these powers, her relationship with the men begins to change… As she gets to know these handsome men in a new era she just can’t get used to, love begins to grow within her.

Will Mei be able to return to her time? What will become of her love – a love that crosses the boundaries of time and space?


7. How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno.


How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno is a New 2019 Romance Anime and is a Lesprit Studio Production.


Ueno-san, who is in her third year of junior high school, is in love with the concept of falling in love.

She makes full use of her inventions and tries to show it off to Tanaka, her Science Club kouhai.


6. 3D Girlfriend


3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2nd Season is a New 2019 Romance Anime and is a Hoods Entertainment Studio Production.


For Hikari Tsutsui, life within the two-dimensional realm is much simpler.

Socially inept and awkward, he immerses himself in video games and anime, only to be far from his classmates.

Sharing his misery is Yuuto Itou, his only friend, who wears cat ears and is equally obsessed with the world of games.

After being forced to clean the pool as punishment for arriving late, Tsutsui meets Iroha Igarashi, but he attempts to steer clear of her, as her notoriety precedes her.

Brazenly blunt, loathed by female classmates, and infamous for messing around with boys, Tsutsui believes that getting involved with her would cause nothing but problems.

3D Kanojo: Real Girl is a story revolving around these two outcasts—a boy full of emotions he has never experienced before, struggling to lay them bare, and a girl who strives to break him out of his shell.

5. Date A Live


Date A Live Ⅲ is a New 2019 Romance Anime and is an AIC Plus+ Studio Production.


“Before the world ends, kill me or kiss me.”

Thirty years before the events of Date A Live, an enormous explosion devastates east Asia and kills 150 million people.

This is the first known “Spacequake”, an inexplicable natural disaster that has since become commonplace. Fast forward to the future.

In high school second-year, Shidou Itsuka lives alone with his cute little sister while their parents are away.

What do these things have to do with each other? While rushing to save his sister from a sudden Spacequake, Shidou is caught in the blast and, in the midst of the chaos, finds a mysterious girl.

It turns out that this girl is actually a Spirit, a powerful being from another world whose arrival devastates the surrounding area.

Thankfully, the anti-Spirit strike team rescues Shidou… led by his little sister?!

This vicious task force is ready to exterminate Spirits with extreme prejudice.

But this violent method is not for Shidou.

He discovers the one way to neutralize these Spirits peacefully: make them fall in love.

Now, it’s up to Shidou to save the world by dating those who threaten to destroy it!

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