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Top 15 Best Romantic Anime Series to Know About!

best romantic anime shows

10. My Love Story!!


A lot of couples in romance anime take a whole season to get together, however, My Love Story’s Takeo and Yamato are not an ordinary couple. Takeo, the strange fundamental hero, appears as though a yakuza chief – so not a teen young lady’s ordinary dream fellow – but rather Yamato succumbs to him right away. Obviously, every last bit of her companions believes she’s crazy, so the dynamic between the couple and their companions turns into a significant piece of their common story.

Above all, My Love Story investigates Takeo and Yamato’s relationship as it develops constantly – this isn’t another will-they, will not they sentiment. It’s reliably brilliant and hits every one of the most loved sayings, as well, without exaggerating them- – that implies seashore, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day scenes! It additionally has one of the cutest signature melodies lately, extraordinary for watching with that unique individual.

9. Ao Haru Ride

romantic anime

The sculpture, visuals, and animation were all excellent in this magnificent romance anime. So, What’s the story? It wasn’t bad at all! It was really really appealing and well-balanced.

Furthermore, the characters and their development (particularly romantic development) shone brightly. All falls into line, resulting in a seamless blend of elements befitting of a heartwarming novel.

Yoshioka Futaba, who was hated by her peers in middle school due to her pretty girl features, had to wait for her middle school life to stop so she could start again. As a result, she was unable to express her feelings to Tanaka-Kun, the boy she adored.

8. Bakemonogatari


The premise is amusing and enjoyable, as are the characters. Just one word of advice before you begin watching this: don’t take it seriously.

Well, This anime shows is not intended for extreme or nuanced romantic content. Koyomi Aragi is the story’s protagonist.

Koyomi Aragi has superhuman powers such as quick healing and the capacity to see in the dark. These skills are a byproduct of the vampiric powers he acquired after being attacked by a vampire.

He was rescued by a man called Meme Oshino, and as a result of his efforts, he is no longer a vampire and has only a few remaining powers. Aragi is a laid-back kid who struggles in school. He is, though, gifted in mathematics.

7. Kids on the Slope

romantic anime

Until transferring to Kyushu for his first year of high school in the summer of 1966, Nishimi Kaoru was the top student at his middle school.

When Kaoru encounters the wild Kawabuchi Sentarou, he is an introverted classical pianist who is resigned to keeping to himself at yet another high school. Despite their initially opposing attitudes, the two quickly become friends and begin learning jazz together.

Sentarou’s deep interest in the music encourages Kaoru to learn more and participate in their after-school jazz sessions at Sentarou’s childhood friend Muake Ritsuko’s studio at her family’s record store.

Sakamichi no Apollon is a touching romantic anime tale about three friends who are brought together by their shared love of jazz.

6. The Tatami Galaxy

romantic anime

The Tatami Galaxy (2010) is a wild, weird, and heartwarming romantic anime story about a man in his third year of college dealing with regret.

Until that moment, he had been wasting his time with his friend Ozu breaking up couples rather than searching for a partner for himself.

As he attempts to fix it after seeing a strange figure who appears to be a prophet, he is sent back in time to his freshman year in college where he can learn to survive without remorse.

This romantic anime tv shows has 11 episodes and a weighted rating of 8.61. (from 91,546 users). It’s spans various genres like mystery, comedy, psychological, and romance.

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