The 53 Most Iconic Video Game Characters of All Time

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Gaming has become a global phenomenon, with millions of people across the world spending countless hours playing their favorite video games. From epic adventures to heart-pumping action, video games offer a world of endless entertainment for gamers of all ages. However, what truly makes a game stand out is the characters that inhabit it. These digital beings can inspire us, make us laugh, and even make us cry. In this article, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the large base of video game characters and exploring the most iconic ones of all time. From legendary heroes to dastardly villains, this list will bring back nostalgic memories for gamers of all generations. So, get ready to embark on a journey through a list of the 53 iconic video game characters, who hold a special place in the hearts of gamers everywhere.

53. Tom Nook

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First on the list of the most iconic video game characters is Tom Nook, a tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) who is well-known as the proprietor of the Animal Crossing series. He is a memorable and prominent gaming character, with his big eyes, prominent teeth, and bright blue apron. Tom Nook is widely regarded for his business skills and acumen, particularly his ability to entice players into purchasing a new home in the game. Despite his shrewdness, Tom Nook is a beloved character and is well-liked by fans of the Animal Crossing series. He also possesses a caring and helpful personality, always willing to offer a helping hand to his fellow villagers.

52. Samus Aran

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Considered one of the most powerful and iconic female characters in the gaming world. Samus Aran is the main protagonist in the Metroid series and is known for her armored suit and arsenal of weapons. Samus is a skilled bounty hunter who fights against space pirates and other dangerous creatures. Her suit is equipped with various weapons, including missiles, lasers, and bombs, making her a formidable opponent. Samus is also a complex character with a tragic backstory. She was orphaned at a young age when her colony was attacked by space pirates, and was then raised by the alien species known as the Chozo. Samus is determined, resourceful, and intelligent, and her legacy in gaming continues to inspire players around the world.

51. Bison

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Bison is a character that has become iconic in the Street Fighter franchise. He is the ruthless leader of the shadowy organization, Shadaloo, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. His immense power and cunning tactics make him a formidable opponent, and his signature move strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. Throughout the series, M. Bison has played a key role in the storylines and has remained a fan favorite due to his ruthless and calculating nature. Despite his evil ways, his commanding presence and memorable catchphrases have solidified his place as one of the most recognizable video game villains of all time. In short, M. Bison is a villain that is both feared and respected among gamers.

50. Arthur Morgan

arthur morgan

Arthur Morgan is an interesting and well-developed character in the video game “Red Dead Redemption 2“. He is an outlaw in the American Old West who struggles with his morality and loyalty to his gang while also trying to take care of the people he loves. Arthur is a tough and skilled fighter but also has a soft side, especially towards his horse and the young boy he takes under his wing. As the game progresses, Arthur’s character arc takes him on a journey of redemption and self-discovery, culminating in a powerful and emotional ending. His development and relationships with other characters make him a memorable and beloved protagonist in the series..

49. Ezio Auditore da Firenze

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Ezio Auditore da Firenze is the charming and charismatic protagonist of the Assassin’s Creed series. Born into nobility, he is initially motivated by revenge after his family is betrayed and killed by the Templar Order. However, as he becomes more deeply involved in the Assassin Brotherhood, he learns to prioritize their mission of protecting free will and justice. Ezio is known for his exceptional fighting skills, athleticism, and mastery of parkour. He is also a skilled strategist and diplomat, able to build alliances and lead his fellow Assassins. Despite his serious and stoic demeanor, Ezio has a soft spot for romance, and his relationships with various love interests are an important part of his story. His journey takes him across Renaissance Italy and beyond, leaving a lasting impact on the Assassin’s Creed universe.

48. Yoshi


Yoshi is a favorite video game character who first appeared in Super Mario World. This friendly, green dinosaur has since become a mainstay in the Mario franchise, known for his ability to swallow enemies whole and use his long tongue to grab items. In some games, Yoshi is also able to flutter jump and produce colorful eggs that can be used as weapons. Yoshi’s playful and friendly nature has made him a popular character among gamers of all ages, and he has even starred in his own series of games, including Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi’s Woolly World. With his cute appearance and useful abilities, Yoshi is just an interesting fictional character who continues to capture the hearts of gamers around the world.

47. Captain Price


Here we have Captain Price, a really iconic figure in the Call of Duty series, renowned for his experience as a British Special Forces veteran and his role as a mentor and leader to players. With his no-nonsense attitude and unbreakable resolve, Price has become a beloved character among fans of the series. Despite his gruff exterior, he also displays a sense of humor and a profound appreciation for the sacrifices made by his fellow soldiers. From leading his team into intense firefights to providing essential intel to his allies, Captain Price is a crucial element of the Call of Duty universe and an enduring symbol of loyalty, courage, and determination.

46. Ryu


Next up, we have Ryu, one of the most iconic characters in the fighting game genre. He is known for his discipline and focus as a martial artist, and for his signature move, the Hadouken. Ryu is a master of the Ansatsuken style, which incorporates both traditional martial arts techniques and mystical energies. He is a formidable opponent in battle, with incredible speed and strength, and an unwavering determination to be the best. Despite his intense dedication to training and combat, Ryu is also a deeply introspective and philosophical character, grappling with questions of honor, purpose, and identity. Whether facing off against other legendary fighters or engaging in deep personal reflection, Ryu is a memorable and true legend with a large fan base.

45. Doomguy


Doomguy, also known as the Doom Slayer, is the protagonist of the popular video game series, Doom. He is a heavily-armored space marine who battles demons and other supernatural creatures on Mars and in Hell itself. Doomguy is known for his incredible strength and speed, as well as his unyielding determination to eliminate any and all threats to humanity. Fans of the series appreciate his iconic weapons, such as the super shotgun and the BFG, and his brutal, gory combat style. Whether he’s ripping and tearing his way through hordes of enemies or facing off against powerful bosses, Doomguy is a symbol of resilience and strength, and he is beloved by fans of the series for his unwavering courage in the face of danger.

44. Sylvanas Windrunner

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Continuing our list, we have Sylvanas Windrunner, a complex and controversial character in the World of Warcraft universe. Once a noble ranger-general of the high elves, she became a banshee and joined the undead Scourge. After breaking free of the Lich King’s control, she became the leader of the Horde and played a pivotal role in the events of the game. While some players view her as a heroic figure who seeks to liberate her people and protect the world from threats, others see her as a ruthless and villainous character who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Despite the debate, Sylvanas has left an indelible mark on the World of Warcraft lore and continues to be a prominent figure in the game.

43. Guybrush Threepwood

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Guybrush Threepwood is the bumbling yet endearing protagonist of the classic point-and-click adventure game series, Monkey Island. Aspiring to become a pirate, Guybrush sets off on a series of hilarious misadventures, encountering eccentric characters and solving puzzles along the way. He may not be the most competent pirate, but his quick wit and determination have helped him save the day more than once. Fans of the series love his quirky personality, iconic clothing, and memorable catchphrases like “Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!” Even with his flaws, Guybrush is among the most loved and memorable characters among gamers.

42. Sephiroth

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Sephiroth is a major antagonist in the Final Fantasy franchise and is known for his iconic long silver hair and powerful presence. He is a former member of SOLDIER and an experimental creation of the Shinra Electric Power Company, which ultimately led to his descent into madness and villainy. Sephiroth’s desire for power and control drives him to destroy the planet and its inhabitants, making him a formidable opponent of the game’s heroes. Despite his evil intentions, Sephiroth is a complex character that has garnered a large following among fans of the series. His iconic theme song, “One-Winged Angel,” and his impressive fighting abilities in battle make him an unforgettable presence in the Final Fantasy universe.

41. Ryu Hayabusa

ryu hayabusa

Ryu Hayabusa is the iconic ninja protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden game series. He is a master swordsman and a skilled warrior and is known for his incredible agility and acrobatic skills. Ryu is driven by a strong sense of justice and is always ready to take on any challenge that comes his way, no matter how difficult or dangerous it may be. He is a solitary figure who prefers to work alone, but when the fate of the world is at stake, he will team up with other skilled warriors to save the day. Ryu is respected and feared by his enemies, and his unwavering determination and unparalleled combat skills make him one of the top characters in video game history.

40. Cortana


Cortana, an AI character in the Halo series, is known for her intelligence, wit, and loyalty to her companion, Master Chief. As a vital part of the Halo storyline, Cortana serves as a guide, advisor, and ally to the player throughout the games. Her advanced programming allows her to analyze complex situations and provide strategic insights, making her an invaluable asset in combat situations. Fans of the series appreciate her sassy personality and emotional depth, as well as her unwavering commitment to protecting humanity. By facing many challenges and setbacks, Cortana becomes a cool female character in the Halo universe and a symbol of hope for fans.

39. Leon S. Kennedy

leon s kennedy

Leon S. Kennedy is a popular character in the Resident Evil series. He is a skilled government agent who has encountered and survived many dangerous situations involving the undead. As a protagonist, Leon’s bravery, resourcefulness, and unwavering determination to protect others have earned him a loyal fanbase. He is also known for his dry sense of humor, which often provides much-needed relief from the tense and terrifying situations that he faces. Fans appreciate Leon’s growth as a character throughout the series, as he evolves from a rookie police officer to a seasoned veteran of bioterrorism defense. Whether he’s battling hordes of zombies or confronting powerful bioweapons, Leon always remains cool under pressure and never backs down from a challenge.

38. Alexios and Kassandra

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Alexios and Kassandra are the dynamic protagonists of the action-packed game, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. These skilled warriors, born into the world of Ancient Greece, offer players two distinct play styles and personalities. Alexios is a fierce fighter, confident in his abilities and unafraid to take on any challenge. Kassandra, on the other hand, is a determined and resourceful warrior, who uses her intellect and cunning to get the job done. Both characters are loved by fans for their charismatic personalities, impressive combat skills, and their ability to shape the story through the player’s choices. The bond between the siblings and their journey to uncover the truth behind their family’s past captivates players, making Alexios and Kassandra unforgettable characters in the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

37. Sarah Kerrigan

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Sarah Kerrigan is a character in the popular science fiction strategy game, StarCraft. Once a powerful Terran soldier, Kerrigan is infested by the alien race known as the Zerg and transformed into their leader, the Queen of Blades. With her newfound abilities and knowledge, Kerrigan becomes a fierce warrior and strategist, using her power to seek vengeance against those who wronged her. Despite her terrifying appearance and ruthless tactics, Kerrigan also shows moments of vulnerability and compassion, making her a complex and fascinating character. Throughout the StarCraft series, Kerrigan’s story arc is one of the most compelling and emotional, and she remains a famous figure in the gaming community.

36. Chloe Price

chloe price

Chloe Price is a compelling female character in the video game series “Life is Strange”. She is a rebellious, troubled teenager who has experienced significant trauma in her life. Despite her tough exterior and devil-may-care attitude, Chloe has a deep vulnerability that endears her to players of the game. As the best friend and love interest of protagonist Max Caulfield, Chloe plays an integral role in the game’s storyline, driving the plot forward with her impulsive decisions and fierce loyalty. Throughout the game, Chloe must confront the consequences of her actions and the reality of her past, making her a relatable and sympathetic character. Her development over the course of the series is a testament to the skillful storytelling and character-building of the game’s creators.

35. Kitana

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in succession, we have Kitana, a popular gaming girl character in the Mortal Kombat franchise. As the princess of the otherworldly realm of Edenia, she is known for her beauty, grace, and fighting prowess. Kitana is skilled in using her iconic steel fans as weapons and is a fierce opponent in combat. Her loyalty to her family and her people is unwavering, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them. Despite her regal upbringing, Kitana is not afraid to get her hands dirty and fight alongside her allies in the fight against evil. Fans of the franchise admire Kitana for her strength, determination, and sense of honor, making her one of the most beloved characters in the series.

34. Wario


Next in the line, we have Wario, a character in the Mario franchise, who is known for his greed and love of money. He is often depicted as an antagonist and rival to Mario and has appeared in various spin-off games. Wario’s personality is defined by his selfishness and desire for wealth, which often leads him into trouble. Despite his faults, he is a popular character among fans of the Mario series and has gained a following of his own. Wario’s unique design and personality make him a memorable addition to the Mario universe, and his misadventures continue to entertain players of all ages.

33. Claire Redfield

claire redfield

Claire Redfield is a fearless and determined character in the Resident Evil series. As the younger sister of Chris Redfield, she’s no stranger to danger and has been involved in multiple outbreaks of the deadly T-Virus. With her combat and survival skills, she faces all sorts of unimaginable horrors, from hordes of zombies to monstrous bioweapons. Despite the dangers, she remains committed to saving innocent lives and exposing the truth behind the sinister Umbrella Corporation. Along the way, she makes many allies who admire her bravery and loyalty. With her unwavering spirit and a sharp mind, Claire Redfield is an unforgettable character in the world of survival horror.

32. Garrus Vakarian

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Ensuing, we have Garrus Vakarian,  an admired gaming character from the Mass Effect series. He is a Turian, a species known for their militaristic and disciplined culture. As a former C-Sec officer and later a member of Commander Shepard’s team, Garrus is a skilled marksman and a tactical genius. He is also known for his dry sense of humor, loyalty, and willingness to bend the rules to achieve his goals. Fans of the series appreciate his complex personality and the growth he undergoes throughout the series, from a by-the-book cop to a daring rebel fighting for justice. Garrus Vakarian is a prime example of the deep and compelling characters that make the Mass Effect series so memorable.

31. Waluigi


Well, Waluigi is a lesser-known character in the Mario franchise but has a dedicated fan base nonetheless. He is the lanky, purple-clad counterpart to Luigi and is often seen as the antagonist in Mario sports games. While he has a mischievous and competitive nature, Waluigi is also known for his comedic and over-the-top personality. Despite his limited appearances in the games, he has gained a cult following among gamers who appreciate his unique design and quirky traits. Waluigi may not be a main character, but he has certainly made a lasting impression on the Mario world.

30. Isaac Clarke


Isaac Clarke is a protagonist of the popular video game series, Dead Space. He is an engineer who is sent to investigate a distress signal on the mining starship USG Ishimura, which quickly turns into a fight for survival against the alien creatures known as Necromorphs. Isaac is known for his resourcefulness and technical skills, using his engineering knowledge to modify weapons and tools to aid in his fight against the Necromorphs. He is also a character who undergoes a significant transformation throughout the series, dealing with psychological trauma and grief as he fights to survive. Fans of the game series appreciate Isaac’s determination, intelligence, and ability to remain calm and focused in even the most dangerous situations.

29. Dorian Pavus

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Dorian Pavus is a charismatic and witty character in the Dragon Age franchise. As a Tevinter mage, he is an outcast among his own people due to his views on magic and the need for change within his homeland. Throughout the series, he becomes a close ally and friend to the player, offering his support and knowledge in their quests. Dorian’s humor and confidence often mask his underlying struggles with the expectations of his family and his desire for acceptance. Nevertheless, his unwavering loyalty to his friends and his commitment to his beliefs make him a valuable asset to any team. Whether he’s providing insightful commentary or casting powerful spells, Dorian Pavus is a fan-favorite character beloved for his charm, wit, and strength of character.

28. Cayde-6


Cayde-6 is a popular character from the Destiny game franchise. He is a witty and sarcastic Exo who serves as a mentor to the player in the game. Cayde-6 is known for his humorous one-liners, which add a lighthearted element to the otherwise intense gameplay. He is also a skilled fighter and plays an important role in the story. Fans of the series appreciate Cayde-6 for his personality, bravery, and loyalty. His unique character design and memorable voice acting make him a fan favorite. Throughout the series, Cayde-6 provides valuable guidance and support to the player, making him an essential part of the Destiny franchise.

27. Gordon Freeman

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Gordon Freeman is a smart character known for his iconic appearance wearing an HEV suit and wielding a crowbar. As the silent protagonist of the Half-Life series, Gordon is a brilliant physicist who works at the Black Mesa Research Facility. When an experiment goes wrong, he becomes embroiled in a battle for survival against alien invaders and the military. Despite being a man of few words, Gordon’s actions speak louder than his words as he becomes a key figure in the resistance against the Combine. His resourcefulness and intelligence allow him to navigate through hazardous environments, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles, all while never uttering a word. As players assume the role of Gordon Freeman, they get to experience firsthand the impact one man can have on the fate of humanity.

26. Big Daddy


Big Daddy is a fictional character in the video game series Bioshock. They are massive, heavily armored, genetically modified humans, designed to protect the Little Sisters, young girls who harvest a substance called ADAM from corpses. The Big Daddies are the product of a genetic experiment gone wrong, with their organic material fused with industrial equipment, making them formidable opponents. Despite their intimidating appearance, Big Daddies have a softer side, as they are fiercely protective of the Little Sisters in their care. The Big Daddy’s iconic deep breathing and clanking footsteps can be heard throughout the game, adding to their imposing presence. Overall, Big Daddy is an iconic and memorable character in the Bioshock universe, and a fan favorite among gamers.

25. Chun-Li

street fighter characters

Chun-Li is a highly skilled fighter from the Street Fighter game franchise. Her trademark outfit consists of a blue qipao dress with gold accents and white boots. Chun-Li’s fighting style combines Chinese martial arts with acrobatics, making her both fast and agile in combat. Her signature move is the “Hyakuretsukyaku,” a series of lightning-fast kicks that can deal devastating damage to opponents. Chun-Li is also known for her determination and sense of justice, as she is a police officer who seeks to bring down criminal organizations. In addition to her fighting prowess, she is also highly intelligent and speaks multiple languages. Chun-Li has become an iconic figure in gaming and has inspired many female characters in the industry.

24. Nathan Drake

nathan drake

Moving on, we have Nathan Drake, a great video game character who rose to fame as the protagonist of the Uncharted series. He is an adventurous treasure hunter who is always on the lookout for ancient treasures and artifacts. Nathan has a likable personality with his witty humor and charismatic demeanor. His backstory and relationships with other characters in the series have been explored in-depth, making him a fan-favorite. Throughout the series, Nathan has shown his courage, quick thinking, and exceptional combat skills, making him one of the most capable heroes in the gaming world. With his ability to overcome challenges, his determination, and his unwavering loyalty to his friends, Nathan Drake has captured the hearts of gamers around the world.

23. Kuai Liang


Kuai Liang, also known as Sub-Zero, is a popular gaming character in the Mortal Kombat franchise. He is the younger brother of the original Sub-Zero, Bi-Han, and assumed his mantle after his brother’s death. Kuai Liang is a Lin Kuei warrior who struggles with his loyalty to his clan and his desire to do what is right. Despite being a formidable fighter with cryomancy abilities, Kuai Liang is often portrayed as a conflicted character who questions his actions and motives. He is also known for his rivalry with Scorpion, a fellow Mortal Kombat character, which has evolved over the years into a more nuanced relationship. Overall, Kuai Liang is a fan favorite due to his complexity and the emotional depth he brings to the Mortal Kombat universe.

22. Princess Peach

princess peach

In the Mario franchise, we have Princess Peach, a beloved character known for her grace, charm, and intelligence. As the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, she has faced many challenges over the years, often requiring the help of Mario and his friends to save her from the clutches of Bowser. Despite her frequent kidnappings, Peach is no damsel in distress – she has a fierce spirit and is always willing to lend a hand in the fight against evil. Her iconic pink dress and golden hair have made her a recognizable figure in gaming culture, and her role as both a princess and a hero has made her an inspiration to many. While she may have started out as a typical princess trope, Peach has evolved into a complex and dynamic character, one who is capable of holding her own against even the toughest of foes.

21. Link

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Link is a skilled and agile character from the popular video game franchise “The Legend of Zelda.” As the titular character, Link has been featured in numerous games over the years, each with their own unique storyline and gameplay mechanics. Despite the variations in each game, Link is always portrayed as a brave and determined hero, tasked with saving the land of Hyrule from evil forces. With his iconic green tunic and trusty sword, Link battles through dungeons solve puzzles and defeat powerful bosses to ultimately save the day. Moreover, Link’s journey is often accompanied by a beautiful and stirring musical score, which helps to immerse players in the world of Hyrule. Well, Link will always remain an enduring symbol of heroism and adventure in the world of video games.

20. Luigi

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Luigi, the beloved brother of Mario, is known for being the taller and leaner of the two siblings. Often overlooked for his more famous brother, Luigi is nonetheless an important and memorable character in the gaming world. He first appeared in the game “Mario Bros.” in 1983 and has since become a staple character in many Mario games, including the popular “Super Mario Bros.” series. Luigi’s green and white attire is instantly recognizable, and his nervous, hesitant personality is endearing to players. He may not have the same level of confidence as Mario, but Luigi has proven time and time again that he is just as capable of saving the Mushroom Kingdom. With his unique abilities, such as his high jump and ability to run on water, Luigi has become a fan favorite and a valuable addition to the Mario universe.

19. Bowser

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Bowser is one of the most iconic video game villains, and a staple character in the Super Mario franchise. Known for his towering size, spiky shell, and fiery breath, Bowser is a fearsome foe that has challenged Mario and his friends time and time again. Despite his brutish appearance and evil tendencies, Bowser is also known for his charisma and humor, making him a beloved character among gamers. His dynamic personality has evolved over the years, with some games portraying him as a serious villain and others as a comedic character with a soft spot for his children. Regardless of his portrayal, Bowser remains one of the most recognizable and entertaining characters in gaming history.

18. Fox McCloud

fox mccloud

Fox McCloud is the charismatic leader of the Star Fox team, a group of skilled pilots dedicated to defending the Lylat system. He is known for his bravery, quick thinking, and impressive flying skills, which have helped him overcome countless challenges and enemies. Fox’s trusty Arwing spacecraft is his greatest asset, equipped with an array of powerful weapons and gadgets. He is often joined by his loyal teammates, who provide valuable support and backup during missions. Fox’s ultimate goal is to protect the galaxy from the evil forces that threaten its peace, and he will stop at nothing to achieve it.

17. Diddy Kong

diddy kong

Diddy Kong is among the most iconic video game characters of all time.  In the Nintendo universe, he is known for his upbeat and playful personality. He first appeared as Donkey Kong’s sidekick in the popular Donkey Kong Country series. Despite being small in size, Diddy is quick and agile, making him a valuable asset in any adventure. He also has a few unique abilities, such as his signature cartwheel and jetpack, which allow him to reach new heights and explore difficult terrain. Diddy Kong’s playful and fun-loving nature has made him a fan favorite, and he continues to be a popular character in the Super Smash Bros. series.

16. Master Chief


Master Chief is the iconic protagonist of the Halo series, developed by Bungie Studios and later 343 Industries. He is a genetically enhanced super-soldier and the last surviving member of the SPARTAN-II project, designed to create elite soldiers to combat insurrectionists and alien threats. The Chief’s stoic personality and unwavering dedication to duty have made him a fan favorite, and his iconic armor and helmet have become some of the most recognizable in video game history. Throughout the series, he fights against the alien Covenant and other threats, often working alongside the artificial intelligence construct Cortana. Master Chief’s story has spanned multiple games, books, and other media, cementing his place as one of the most beloved and recognizable video game characters of all time.

15. Kratos


Kratos, the brutal protagonist of the God of War franchise, is one of the most iconic characters in video game history. Originally a Spartan warrior, Kratos seeks revenge against the gods of Olympus after they betray him and cause him to lose everything he holds dear. With his iconic Blades of Chaos and brute strength, Kratos has become known for his violent and epic battles against mythical beasts and deities alike. However, over the course of the series, Kratos undergoes a significant transformation, evolving from a vengeful warrior to a more complex and introspective character, struggling with his past and seeking redemption. Kratos has become a symbol of the dark and violent side of video games, but also a character that challenges players to confront themes of mortality, loss, and the consequences of one’s actions. His story has captivated gamers for over a decade and will undoubtedly continue to do so with the upcoming release of God of War: Ragnarok.

14. Geralt of Rivia

best video games characters

Geralt of Rivia is the main protagonist of The Witcher series of books, games, and adaptations. He is a skilled and experienced monster hunter, known as a Witcher, with enhanced abilities and senses. Geralt is a complex character, often portrayed as a loner with a dry sense of humor, but also as a man with a strong sense of morality and justice. He has a deep loyalty to his friends and allies, including his lover, the sorceress Yennefer, and his adopted daughter, Ciri. Geralt’s adventures are full of political intrigue, complex relationships, and epic battles against supernatural creatures. He is a fascinating and famous game character who has captured the hearts of many fans around the world.

13. Agent 47

agent 47

Agent 47 is a fictional character and the protagonist of the popular stealth game series, Hitman. He is a genetically-engineered assassin who is trained to carry out deadly missions with precision and efficiency. He is often referred to as “47” due to the barcode tattooed on the back of his head. He is known for his iconic black suit and red tie, as well as his bald head. Throughout the series, Agent 47 has taken on a variety of contracts, ranging from political assassinations to corporate espionage. He is a master of disguise and can blend in with his surroundings to avoid detection. He is also skilled in close combat and can take down his enemies with a variety of weapons, including knives, pistols, and assault rifles. Despite his profession, Agent 47 has shown moments of humanity and compassion, particularly towards his handler, Diana Burnwood, and a few other characters throughout the series. He is a complex and intriguing character that has captured the imaginations of gamers worldwide.

12. Commander Shepard

commander shepard

Commander Shepard is the main protagonist in the popular video game series “Mass Effect”. Shepard is a highly skilled human soldier who is tasked with saving the galaxy from various threats. Players get to customize their Shepard, choosing their gender, appearance, and backstory, which affects how the story unfolds. Shepard is a charismatic leader who can gather allies from across the galaxy to aid in their mission. The character’s decisions throughout the series impact the fate of the galaxy, and there are often moral dilemmas that players must navigate. Shepard is known for their strength, intelligence, and bravery, and their story is one of the most epic in video game history.

11. Jill Valentine

jill valentine

Next up, we have Jill Valentine, a skilled and resilient female character in the Resident Evil series. Initially, she was part of the special forces unit, S.T.A.R.S, and played a vital role in the investigation of the Spencer Mansion incident. Her bravery and quick thinking were evident during her encounters with various bio-organic weapons, including the infamous Nemesis. Throughout the series, she consistently demonstrates her resourcefulness and combat proficiency, making her a reliable ally. Jill’s experiences have also caused her to develop a sense of empathy towards those affected by bioterrorism, leading her to pursue a career as a BSAA agent. Her determination to stop bioterrorism and protect innocent lives is a testament to her character. Despite facing numerous challenges, Jill never gives up and always finds a way to persevere.

10. Joel


Joel is the main character of the critically acclaimed video game “The Last of Us.” He is a complex and flawed character who has experienced immense loss and trauma. Despite his gruff exterior, Joel has a deep capacity for love and compassion, especially towards the game’s other protagonist, Ellie. Throughout the game, Joel struggles with his past and present decisions, including his decision to lie to Ellie about the true nature of their mission. However, his love for Ellie ultimately leads him to make a sacrificial decision in the game’s climactic ending. Joel is a memorable character who has left a lasting impact on the gaming industry and players alike.

9. Cloud Strife

cloud strife

 In the popular Final Fantasy VII series, we have Cloud Strife. At the start of the game, Cloud is a member of the eco-terrorist group Avalanche, working to bring down the Shinra Electric Power Company. Cloud is initially portrayed as cold and distant, but as the game progresses, he begins to reveal his true personality. He is haunted by his past as a failed SOLDIER and struggles with feelings of guilt and self-doubt. Despite his flaws, Cloud is a skilled warrior, wielding a massive sword in battle. His character arc is a central theme of the game, as he comes to terms with his past and learns to trust his friends. Cloud’s iconic design, coupled with his complex character development, has made him a beloved and enduring video game character.

8. Solid Snake

video games characters

Coming in, we have Solid Snake, the legendary gaming character of the Metal Gear Solid series, is a man with a troubled and dark past. He is often depicted as a lone wolf, relying on his stealth and combat skills to complete his missions. He is also plagued by existential questions and moral dilemmas, questioning his own actions and the motivations of those around him. Snake is known for his iconic bandana, gruff voice, and stoic demeanor, but also has a softer side, caring deeply for his friends and comrades. Throughout his many adventures, Snake evolves and changes, but his unwavering dedication to the greater good remains a constant.

7. Ellie


Now we have Ellie, from the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us, who is a strong and resilient survivor. She is a teenage girl who has learned to navigate the dangers of her world and protect herself from infected and hostile humans. Despite facing unimaginable challenges and losses, Ellie is determined to survive and find hope in a bleak world. Her courage and resourcefulness make her a valuable companion to Joel, the game’s protagonist. As the story progresses, Ellie matures and develops complex relationships with other characters, revealing her vulnerability and humanity. She is a fighter who refuses to give up, even when the odds are against her. Ellie’s journey is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of hope in the face of adversity.

6. John Marston


John Marston from Red Dead Redemption is an intriguing video game character. He is a former outlaw who was forced to retire and settle down with his family, only to be blackmailed by the government into hunting down his former gang members. Despite his past, John is portrayed as a sympathetic and honorable man who is struggling to redeem himself and protect his loved ones. He is a skilled gunslinger and horseman, but also a man of integrity and compassion. Through his interactions with other characters, including his wife Abigail and son Jack, John shows his vulnerabilities and his determination to make amends for his past mistakes. The player is given control over John’s choices and actions, which allows for a deep emotional investment in his character arc. Overall, John Marston is a well-written and memorable character who represents the themes of redemption, family, and the changing of the Old West.

5. Iori Yagami

top video games characters

Well, Iori is a mainstay character in The King of Fighters fighting game series, debuting in 1995. His signature move, the “Maiden Masher,” is a formidable attack that strikes fear into his opponents. Despite his aggressive demeanor, Iori has a complex backstory involving a tragic incident that led him to seek revenge against his rival, Kyo Kusanagi. His character has evolved throughout the series, but he remains popular due to his unique design and gameplay style. Iori is often associated with the color red, reflecting his fiery personality. He has also made guest appearances in other fighting games and media, such as Capcom vs. SNK 2 and The King of Fighters: Destiny. Overall, Iori Yagami is an iconic character known for his fierce personality, signature moves, and compelling backstory in the world of fighting games.

4. Sam Fisher

sam fisher

Sam Fisher is a beloved character in the world of gaming, and for good reason. As a former Navy SEAL turned spy, he has been the protagonist of the popular Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series for nearly two decades. Fisher’s character is known for his unwavering dedication to his mission, his impressive combat skills, and his high-tech gadgets. He is a master of stealth and espionage, and his ability to blend into his surroundings makes him a force to be reckoned with. Despite his often stoic demeanor, Fisher’s backstory and relationships with other characters in the series add depth and emotional weight to his character. With his trademark night-vision goggles and gruff voice, Sam Fisher is a true icon in the gaming world.

3. Crash Bandicoot


The next figure is Crash Bandicoot, a popular video game character who has been entertaining gamers since 1996. As one of the original PlayStation mascots, he’s known for his platforming skills, lovable personality, and intense gadgets. Crash has starred in many different types of games, including racing games and classic platformers. However, his personality and enthusiasm remain constant in all of them. He’s become a cultural icon in the gaming industry and has had a profound impact on it. He remains a beloved character for gamers of all ages, bringing joy and excitement to every game he appears in. With his infectious personality and boundless energy, he’s sure to continue entertaining fans for many more years to come.

2. Mario


Mario is one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in the history of gaming. The Italian plumber has been entertaining players for over three decades, jumping and stomping his way through countless worlds to save his beloved Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. With his signature red cap and blue overalls, Mario is an icon of pop culture, inspiring everything from cosplay to theme parks. From his classic platforming adventures to his recent forays into racing and sports, Mario has proven time and again that he can do it all with style and grace. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a casual player, there’s no denying the appeal of this timeless hero.

1. Lara Croft


wrapping up our list with Lara Croft, a British archaeologist, and adventurer who has been one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. With her signature dual pistols and athletic prowess, Lara has been a role model for gamers and female protagonists in the industry. Her character has evolved over time, from the original polygonal design to a more realistic and relatable version in the 2013 reboot. Lara’s backstory has also been fleshed out, with her upbringing and family history explored in the latest games. She is known for her strong will, intelligence, and courage, and has faced many challenges and dangers in her quests for ancient artifacts and treasures. Despite controversies over her sexualized portrayal in the past, Lara remains a beloved and respected character in the gaming community.


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