19 Best Anime with Maids – Top Series and Characters

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Today, we will be discussing the top anime with maids that you can watch. But first, let’s define what Japanese maid-themed anime tv shows are all about.

In these anime, you’ll encounter maid characters who are women, and sometimes men, employed to assist with various tasks such as cooking, cleaning, running errands, and fulfilling any other needs of their masters.

These series might also explore the dynamic of a Master-Servant Relationship. Alternatively, maids could be working in theme cafes where they cosplay as maids to please customers and create a unique dining experience.

So, if you enjoy the charm, humor, and sometimes romantic interactions that maid anime characters have to offer, stay tuned for our list of the 19 must-watch maids anime series!

19. Mouse

anime maids

Kicking off the list of the top anime with maid characters with Mouse, a must-see underrated tv show of 2003, featuring genres of ecchi, harem, and thieves.

The story revolves around Mouse, a master thief known for his ability to steal anything. His fame has garnered him both fans and enemies, but most notably, he is accompanied by three well-endowed and voluptuous female assistants who support him in every endeavor.

With ingenuity and the playful interactions with his assistants, Mouse fearlessly takes on every challenge that comes his way. Whether it’s stealing valuable treasures or outwitting his adversaries, Mouse proves to be a master of his craft.

As he continues his thieving ways, the question remains whether his legendary feats will be celebrated as a work of art or if he will face consequences for his actions.

18. Pugyuru


Pugyuru is a good comedy anime with short episodes that are sure to entertain you. The story is set in a normal neighborhood in an ordinary city, where a young maid arrives from the maid village to assist an unnamed girl.

However, this isn’t your typical maid – she’s a battery-operated being with some truly unique abilities. Cheko-chan can remove her head and turn her body into glue, among other things.

The fun doesn’t stop there! Cheko-chan is joined by a group of quirky friends, each adding their own craziness to the mix.

From Mizore, the edible snow spirit from the north, to Nachiko, a shape-shifting large squid, and Kanato, the toughest bully in the neighborhood, this group is full of surprises.

As the anime progresses, the once typical high school student’s life becomes filled with laughter and crazy situations thanks to her extraordinary friends. 

17. He is My Master

he is my master

He is My Master, which first aired in 2005, is a really must-watch harem comedy anime featuring pretty maid characters.

The story revolves around runaway sisters Izumi and Mitsuki, who find themselves in a difficult situation with nowhere to go.

However, their luck changes when they encounter Yoshitaka Nakabayashi, a wealthy teenage orphan, who offers them jobs as maids.

Initially, it seems like a dream come true for the sisters, but their excitement is short-lived. Yoshitaka’s true intentions are revealed as he indulges in his own perversities, disregarding the girls’ consent and subjecting them to uncomfortable situations, such as using spy cameras in the sauna and making them wear fetish uniforms.

With the help of their hyperactive pet alligator, the sisters attempt to fend off Yoshitaka’s advances and maintain some control over their lives.

16. The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious

beautiful anime maid character

The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious is a charming romantic 2022 anime produced by Silver Link. This romance slice of life series follows the story of a person who recently hired a beautiful maid character.

At first glance, she appears to be perfect with her stunning looks and excellent cooking skills. However, there’s something intriguingly unusual about her that the protagonist just can’t quite figure out.

As the story unfolds, the mystery surrounding the maid deepens, and the protagonist begins to question what they have gotten themselves into.

15. UzaMaid!

uzamaid anime

UzaMaid! is a comedy anime about maids based on the manga of the same name. The story follows Misha, an elementary school girl who lost her mother at a young age and now lives with her father.

When a new maid joins their household, hilarity ensues as she turns out to be an unusually muscular woman with an excessive love for young girls.

The anime offers a lighthearted and enjoyable experience, making it one of the top choices if you are looking for cute maid characterd. You can binge-watch multiple episodes without getting bored, thanks to its funny and entertaining nature.

While it primarily offers hilarious moments, UzaMaid! will surprise you with deeper themes in the last two episodes, adding a more meaningful touch without sacrificing its comedic elements.

14. Hanaukyo Maid Team

hanaukyo maid teamHanaukyo Maid Team is a charming anime about maids from 2001 that centers around Taro Hanaukyo. After the passing of his mother, she leaves him with one final wish: to go to Tokyo and find his disapproving grandfather.

Upon arriving, Taro learns that his grandfather has also passed away, and surprisingly, the estate, along with all its maids, has been left to him.

However, there’s a catch – Taro is allergic to females and becomes uncomfortable with their advances. The maids, eager to help him in every aspect of his life, from daily tasks to academic challenges, offer their support relentlessly.

As Taro navigates his newfound responsibilities and relationships with the maids, he finds himself in amusing and awkward situations due to his allergies.

13. Hand Maid May

anime with maids

Hand Maid May is a compelling anime that explores themes of sci-fi, romance, and ecchi. The series consists of 10 episodes and centers around Kazuya Saotome, a dedicated electrical engineering student with a passion for computers, building robot squids, and programming.

One day, he unexpectedly receives a hand-sized cyberdoll named May, which was sent to him as part of a revenge tactic by his rival, hidden in a CD from Cyberdyne Co. Despite the unusual circumstances, May becomes a helpful companion to Kazuya, assisting him in cleaning up his life and actions.

With May’s support, Kazuya endeavors to win the heart of Kasumi, who happens to be the daughter of his landlord. As the story unfolds, the anime delves into the developing relationship between Kazuya and May, as well as the challenges and romantic pursuits he faces with Kasumi.

12. And Yet the Town Moves

anime about maids

And Yet the Town Moves is a delightful slice of life anime produced by SHAFT, which aired in 2010.

The story follows Hotori Arashiyama, an energetic and unconventional girl with an ambitious dream of becoming a brilliant high school detective.

However, for now, she finds herself working at the Seaside maid café to earn some extra money. The café itself is quite empty, and Hotori’s maid skills are far from refined, making her less than the ideal gracious maid.

In the mix comes Toshiko, Hotori’s friend and classmate, who is passionate about maid cafés, particularly interested in one of the few regular customers named Sanada.

Inspired by her passion and the desire to improve Seaside, Toshiko embarks on a mission to transform the café into a proud and successful bistro.

The challenge lies in whether a café run by an elderly woman whose go-to solution for everything is curry and staffed by a clueless and daring teenager like Hotori can truly become a success or attract more than the usual four patrons.

11. Kamen no Maid Guy

kamen no maid guy anime

Now, we have Kamen no Maid Guy, a fantastic shounen anime produced by Madhouse studio, featuring hot female maids and offers a perfect story to unwind and enjoy without overthinking.

The series revolves around two siblings, Naeko and Kousuke Fujiwara, who inherit a mansion from their grandfather. To their surprise, their home will now be taken care of by two capable maids with unique qualities.

Fubiki, a beautiful maid, perfectly appeals to Kousuke’s specific interests. On the other hand, there’s Kogarashi, an enormous and strong man who wholeheartedly fulfills his duties as a maid.

Little do the siblings know that they are actually the last heirs of their family’s inheritance, and these “maids” have been hired to protect them.

For Kousuke, this new life with the quirky maids is a dream come true. However, Naeko’s situation is quite different, as her sizable, gravity-defying breasts become a constant target of amusing antics from Kogarashi and other males.

10. Mahoromatic

mahoromatic anime

With 12 episodes, Mahoromatic is an excellent anime with a great story and an attractive female maid character that I highly recommend to any romance lover.

The protagonist, Mahoro, is a former Vesper battle android who has decided to relinquish her weapons and live as a human. With this choice, she gains an extended lifespan of 398 days instead of 37.

Mahoro becomes the maid of Misato Suguru, where she takes on a different kind of battle, protecting him from various challenges.

She handles tasks such as cooking and cleaning while also defending Suguru from an amorous teacher and keeping him away from inappropriate material like ecchi magazines.

9. Kimiaru: They Are My Noble Masters

kimiaru anime

Next, we have Kimiaru: They Are My Noble Masters, an ecchi harem anime featuring sexy maid characters, revealing outfits, and plenty of fanservice.

The story revolves around siblings Ren and Mihato Uesugi, who have relocated to Chiharu in search of employment and a place to live. However, finding work has proven to be quite challenging.

Through a series of events, the siblings find themselves in the prestigious Kuonji household and unexpectedly end up accepting live-in maid positions.

Their duties involve serving the demanding members of the Kuonji family, which includes the renowned Shinra, the inventive Miyu, and the youngest member, Yume.

Assisted by the experienced ex-militant head-butler Colonel, the head maid Benisu, and the other wait staff, Ren and Mihato embark on a journey to become the best maids and butlers they can be.

The tasks they face are far from easy, as they deal with everything from complex family dynamics, inappropriate sibling love, to handling various household games and challenges. 

8. Akiba Maid War

akiba maid war

Aired in 2022, Akiba Maid War is an anime with maids that combines action and comedy, animated by P.A. Works studio. The story is set in Akihabara, the vibrant hub of cool hobbies and unique amusements.

In 1999, a young and enthusiastic girl named Nagomi Wahira arrives in Akihabara with the dream of working at a maid café. She quickly finds herself at café Ton Tokoton, also known as the Pig Hut.

However, Nagomi soon realizes that life in the bustling Akihabara is more challenging than she expected. Paired with Ranko, a seemingly serious and unfriendly co-worker, Nagomi faces the task of making the Pig Hut stand out and become the top-ranking maid café among fierce competition.

Throughout her journey, she’ll carve a place for herself amidst the excitement and intricacies of life at the Pig Hut.

As Nagomi’s dreams draw closer, she discovers that things may not be as straightforward as they seem in the world of maid cafés in Akihabara.

7. The Duke of Death and His Maid

best maids anime to watch

The Duke of Death and His Maid is a rom-com anime with a maid heroine that aired in 2021. The story revolves around a duke who, as a young boy, was cursed by a witch.

The curse causes any living thing he touches to die, making it difficult for him to connect with others. As a result, his family sends him away to live in an old mansion.

Now a young man, the duke’s only companions are an elderly butler and his childhood friend, Alice, who works as a buxom and blonde maid.

Regardless of the risk of death by touching the duke, Alice fearlessly teases him, getting close and flirting playfully. Even with her teasing, Alice’s affection for the duke is genuine and heartfelt.

6. Shounen Maid

shounen maid

Next up we have Shounen Maid, a shoujo comedy maid anime that premiered in 2016, produced by 8Bit. The story revolves around Chihiro, who becomes an orphan after losing his mother.

With no other known family, he must figure out how to move forward in life. One day, he has a fortuitous meeting with a young and attractive man named Madoka, who happens to be his wealthy uncle.

Madoka invites Chihiro to live with him in his home and, in return, asks Chihiro to take care of the messy and irresponsible household. The only catch is that this task requires Chihiro to wear a maid outfit!

5. Hayate the Combat Butler

Hayate the Combat Butler

If you’re a fan of cute and cheerful female characters in maid outfits, you’ll definitely enjoy Hayate the Combat Butler, a hilarious comedy anime series from 2009, produced by J.C.Staff, features a delightful mix of maids and butlers.

The story follows Hayate, who has already proven his dedication by saving his master from the clutches of the Sicilian Mafia. But there’s no time for him to rest!

As new challenges arise, Hayate must stay focused and determined to protect his master, Nagi. Amidst the chaos, he also finds himself tackling unexpected tasks, such as cleaning and much more.

Throughout the series, Hayate faces various perils, formidable foes, and exciting challenges. From racing in marathons to conquering dungeons and even taking on giant robots, being a butler is no ordinary job for him!

4. Ladies versus Butlers

good maid anime

Ladies versus Butlers is undeniably one of the best maid-themed anime on our recommendation list that you should definitely consider watching.

This series is labeled as a harem school show and revolves around Hino Akiharu, who receives a scholarship to attend Hakureiryou Academy as part of the Servant Education program. His destiny is to become a butler serving the incredibly wealthy.

On his first day at the academy, a chance accident leads to an awkward situation where he accidentally touches the chest of the school’s most prestigious and voluptuous student, Selenia Iori Flameheart.

From that point on, Hino faces numerous challenges as he navigates the demanding Servant-Ed curriculum. He is tormented by his childhood friend Tomomi and often irritated by the pompous Selenia.

Amidst all the chaos, Hino must strive to excel in his studies, make genuine friendships, and survive each day without encountering unfortunate, embarrassing incidents with his female peers.

3. Emma: A Victorian Romance

emma victorian romance anime

Emma: A Victorian Romance is a heartfelt anime with a maid protagonist produced by Studio Pierrot. Set in the late 19th century, a period defined by rigid social hierarchies, the story revolves around a young woman named Emma, who works as a maid for a retired governess.

One day, a man named William, belonging to the upper class, visits the mansion to see the governess. However, fate has other plans, as William finds himself enamored with Emma instead. Their love blossoms, but societal norms and prejudices against relationships between different social classes become significant hurdles in their path.

William and Emma’s journey is far from easy, as they face numerous challenges and societal pressures. Will they be able to defy the conventions of their time and embrace their love, or will they be forced to part ways, succumbing to the demands of society and leaving their hearts in turmoil?

2. Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

maid sama anime

Maid Sama by J.C.Staff, aired in spring 2010, is a delightful comedy romance anime with a solid focus on the theme of maids.

Misaki Ayuzawa, the President of the Student Council at Seika High School, is known for her tough and no-nonsense demeanor towards boys during school hours.

However, to support her financially struggling family, she works secretly at a maid cafe in Akihabara after school. Her carefully guarded secret is at risk when the handsome and popular Usui Takumi discovers her double life during a chance encounter at the cafe.

Now, Misaki’s reputation and dignity at school hang in the balance as she navigates the complexities of her relationship with Usui and the challenges of balancing her school and work life. 

1. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

best maids anime of all time

At number 1 we have Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, a fantastic comedy fantasy anime, known for featuring one of the best maid characters of all time.

The story revolves around Miss Kobayashi, an ordinary office worker leading a mundane life until she saves the life of a distressed female dragon named Tohru.

Tohru is incredibly grateful and transforms into an adorable human girl with horns and a tail to repay her debt.

From that moment on, Tohru becomes Miss Kobayashi’s roommate, bringing excitement and chaos to her once-normal life.

With a persistent and affectionate dragon by her side, Miss Kobayashi’s life takes a whimsical and adventurous turn, as she navigates the ups and downs of living with a magical dragon in human form.

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