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The Best Anime News Websites you Should Know About!

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Here the Top 10 Anime News Websites to Uncover the Latest Anime and Manga updates

well, being an anime fan for decades, I’m aware that aside from knowing good streaming anime websites, otakus should also have in their hands a good anime news website. So, to be informed and updated about the latest news about their favorite tv shows, and stuff like that.

so upon reading the title above, it became clear that we will be mentioning the best websites that covers the latest anime news and reviews.

Hence, with no further ado, Just take a look at these amazing websites that all anime fans should know about. and bookmark some of them, in order to be the first to get informed about what’s going on within the anime and manga world.


10. Kotaku

kotaku anime news

kicking off the list of the best anime news websites with Kotaku. which is and amazing portal that i personally like, because its not only anime related, but also they have news, reviews, and tips about the gaming world too.

this website will be good for those fans who likes anime and games, as they consistently publish the latest gossips, reviews, and lists that will really helps you in many ways.


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9. Japan times

japan times

From the Title “Japan Times” you will probably guess that this website is a newspaper. yeah, a japan newspaper that cover everything related to the Nippon Culture, including anime and manga of course.

what i like about this website, is that they are originally from japan. and since the niche of anime is Japanese, there is no wonder that “Japan Times” will bring us the most accurate and latest news that hits with the Hype and it is real.


8. Viz

viz media

Well, VIZ Media LLC. is originally an American manga publisher, anime distributor and entertainment company.

So it is obvious that they will have the most accurate reports and updates about manga and anime stuff.

Furthermore, aside from publishing the latest news, their amazing website offers fans the possibility to read and watch some of their favorite shows.

so just bookmark their website, and you will never miss a beat of their latest news and updates.


7. CBR

anime website

CBR is a well-known website that cover many topics, like Movies, Tv Series, and Comics. But, they also have a section in their websites specialized in highlighting everything related to the anime world, including its news, tops, review and much more.

So, if you are looking for a website that offers various headlines of various topics while keeping you updated with the most recent anime and manga reports.

CBR will Probably became your one stop place to uncover all of that in just one click.


6. Manga.Tokyo

manga anime news

Manga.Tokyo, doesn’t need further clarification, as upon just reading its name, it is obvious that is a website related to the Japanese anime and manga world.

Personally speaking, this website is a must have for those loyal anime fans, because simply this anime website offers more than gossips, as it covers also, epic reviews, everything revolving around Otakus world, Seasonal anime and manga guides, and so on.

Hence, MANGA.TOKYO is an online news site that will updates you with the fastest and most recent reports related to anime, manga, games, and other aspects of Japanese otaku culture.


5. My Anime List

MyAnimeList, is a website that i personally check multiple times in one day, because this site is essential for otakus, to check out the best anime and manga recommendations, News, Reviews, Lists, and the actual ranks of our favorited shows.

Overall, if Facebook is considered the largest social media site that gather people all over the world, MyAnimeList is the same too. as it gathers otakus in one place where they can chat, share their reviews, opinions, votes and much more going on within this amazing Website.


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4. Crunchyroll

anime news site

Better known as a streaming anime website, Crunchyroll can be considered like The Netflix of the Anime World, while it also offers anime fans the latest and fastest news too.

The most loveable thing about Crunchyroll, is that you don’t need to look elsewhere for something related to the anime world.

This amazing site allows you to watch your favorited anime tv shows, discovers the most recent news, check their forum for recommendations, questions, and much more… so why not bookmarking Crunchyroll and fully enjoy everything related to the Japanese culture.


3. Otaku Mode

otaku mode

here we have another good anime website, that offers so much otaku’s related stuff including: anime goods sells, updates, reviews, topics about the japanese culture, and so on…

Otaku Mode promises fans that they are online to share the latest Japanese pop culture news through its Facebook page, which has over 20 million likes. and sells products related to Japanese anime, manga, games, music, and fashion through its website. and their team strives to be the fastest source for delivering world-famous Japanese pop culture content around the globe.


2. Anime Uk News


Upon checking infos about the Anime Uk News site, they claims that they are here to offer us All the latest updates, the hottest reviews, and a welcoming community for all anime, manga, and light novel fans in the UK and beyond.

Well, i have joined them, and in a short time I’ve became addicted to this amazing website, as i have made so many friends within their portal, while im having an eye on the most recent anime and manga news.


1. Anime News Network

anime news network

Coming at number 1 of our list of the best Anime News Websites, we have Anime News Network.

I cant really describe how much amazing, accurate, and an informing it is.

By the way, I’m also a writer on BakaBuzz, and to do so I’m sometimes relying on Anime News network to gets information and news about the anime lists im making.

Anime News Network is an anime industry news website that cis like the Wikipedia of the Anime World.

The Site deliver the fastest updates and topics about Japanese anime, manga, video games, music and other topics about other cultures.


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