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Anime Where MC Is From Demon Origins


Anime Where MC Is From Demon Origins

7- Jigoku Shoujo


Ai Enma looks like a cute and innocent girl, but behind those big crimson eyes lies a tragic story.

The folks of her village condemned her to a sacrificial death.

Incidentally, she would eventually get revenge after climbing out of the grave where she was buried in, and burning down the village.

Now she atones for the destruction that she has caused, by helping others extract their vengeance and transporting the damned to Hell.

6- High School DxD


Rias Gremory is a pureblood devil, who also happens to be the sister of Lucifer!

But you’d never figure that by just looking at her, as she just so happens to be the hottest girl in her school.

So what kind of extracurricular activities does Rias spend her time on?

Oh, just normal teenage girl things like unleashing the destructive, supernatural powers she has inherited on those who rub her the wrong way.

5- InuYasha


It’s all too easy to assume that demons are all evil.

Don’t be too quick to pass judgment (also, it’s racist…or speciesist).

We all know how lovable and heroic Inuyasha can be.

Definitely not someone who would initially be suspected of being a demonic entity, even though he is a half-human, and half-youkai dog.

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