Anime Like Hai to Gensou no Grimgar [Anime Recommendations]

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The 7 Anime Similar to Hai to Gensou no Grimgar


Hey Everyone, Probably all anime fans loves Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Anime series!

That’s why here are some suggestion of anime series that are just like Hai to Gensou no Grimgar.


the plot of This game anime is highlighting the emotions of Fear, survival, instinct.

where the anime characters waking up in a foreign land with nothing but hazy memories and the knowledge of their name.

living with only these three emotions dwelling inside their souls.

These characters must accept the paying task in this game-like-world, and became soldiers

who must eliminates anything that threatens the peace of this fantasy world.

However, this is not an easy game, as its rule is to kill or be killed.

So lets Countdown Our Anime Series Like like Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. 

7. Heart No Kuni No Alice Movie 



here is an underrated anime series, that rally deserves to be watched, the story focuses on The girly but bloody otome game re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s classic fantasy novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with bishounen characters and added romance.

A parody of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland where Alice is smart and non-doormat like.
In this story, Alice is not all what she seems.

She is practical, strong, yet darkly cynical. Instead of the tradition story, Alice is kidnapped unwillingly by a mysterious (yet somewhat bishie-looking) man with bunny ears into a place call Heartland.

Stuck in Heartland due to a trick by the mysterious bunny-eared man, she meets the residents of this world.

Along the way, Alice meets Blood, handsome mafia leader; Ace, the psycho yet charming knight and more… What should Alice do in such a world!


Source: MU

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6. Overlord


The story of overlord anime tv shows centers around Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is shut down one day.

And, while Momonga decides to log out as the server shuts down, he found himself trapped in the world of Yggdrasil as a powerful skeletal wizard.

The world continues to change, with non-player characters (NPCs) beginning to feel his  emotions and becoming life-like.

Momonga becomes cold and calculating, while having his emotions suppressed, as if he was not an actual human.

Having no parents, friends, or place in society, this ordinary young man Momonga then strives to take over the new world the game has become.


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5. Accel world



Accel World will quench your thirst of wanting more from Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Anime series! this anime story is set in The year of 2046.

Haruyuki is an overweight Boy who finds himself on the lowest social rungs of his school.

Tired of his miserable life, Haruyuki can only seeks refuge in virtual life.

But One day his life  change when Kuroyukihime, the most popular prettiest girl in school, introduces him to a mysterious program called Brain Burst and a virtual reality called the Accel World.


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 Anime Similar to Hai to Gensou no Grimgar


4. Log Horizon


Here is Another Good Anime About Gaming world “Log Horizon”, its story depicts: During the release of its twelfth expansion pack: Novasphere Pioneers, thirty thousand Japanese gamers who are all logged on at the time of the update.

However, they suddenly find themselves transported into the game world and donning their in-game avatars.

So, In the midst of the event, a socially awkward gamer called Shiroe, who isn’t very good at taming with others.

Hence, he forms a guild called “Log Horizon” with an eclectic group of other players, In order to survive in this world full of monsters.


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3. Btooom!


one of the best survival anime i have ever seen! btoom is really a show that you will fall in love with! the story foloows Ryouta Sakamoto, who suddenly finds himself moving from playing the Btoom! video game to being transported on a mysterious island.

He is carrying a day’s worth of provisions, a bag of bombs, a strange crystal in his left hand and a huge gaping hole in his memory.

But it doesn’t take him so long to find out what’s going on, especially after the first person Ryouta meets indeed tries to kill him.

Someone is attempting to recreate the ultra-violent Btoom! game in real life and the island has been filled with an army of other unwilling players, each armed with one of the multiple variants of explosive weapons called BIM.


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2. Sword art Online

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is an anime that doesn’t need promotion, its an anime series that is so popluar worldwide.

this game anime revolves around a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG), that has been released where players control their avatars with their bodies using a piece of technology called Nerve Gear.

One day, players discover they cannot log out, as the game creator is holding them captive unless they reach the 100th floor of the game’s tower and defeat the final boss.

However, when you die in-game, you die in the real world. Their struggle for survival starts now…

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1. Danmachi


Danmachi is a good anime series to watch, the story takes place at the city of Orario which possesses a huge labyrinth in the underground.

Its strange name attracts excitement, illusions of honor, and hopes of romance with a pretty girl.

In this city of dreams and desires, new adventurer Bell Cranel has his fateful encounter with the tiny cute miss Hestia.

Thus begins the story of a boy striving to become the best adventurer along with the lonely Hestia searching for getting followers.

So, The question is, Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?


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