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One-Punch Man as the Highest Rated TV Show on IMDB

One-Punch Man as the highest Rated tv show on IMDB, which make it more popular than Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.
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Recently, One Punch man is being ranked in the first place of The Highest Rated TV Series With At Least 5,000 Votes, Followed by Tv show Breaking bad, and in the third place Game of thrones.

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the first time you hear this! you will definitely wonders, and as I’ve been watching these great two shows for a long time, I can only agree on this, but wait, the truth is one punch man is getting really popular recently.
It might be the next big anime after, One Piece & Naruto and dragon ball, cause now I’m seeing it everywhere.
One punch man makes a big BUZZ on youtube, Social Medias, Bloggers and websites.
It has great animation, interesting unique characters, and great action scenes which were set by the producer of Fullmetal Alchemist fighting scenes.
And it’s absolutely hilarious in every single episode.
So, if you check out the one punch man manga you will see that there still so much more Fun and interesting to come.


One Punch Man summary:
Our Bald super-hero (Saitama) is a strong Man that he can win against anyone with only one punch.
So, to gain such a power he spent all his time training and working so hard until he became the most powerful man But in the process he became a bald man.
However, after Getting too much Power, Saitama has become bored of all of this  and he is always trying to find stronger opponents who can fight him equally.
(manga plot)

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