15 Best Xbox Series X Games To Play In 2021

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Top 15 Best Xbox Series X Video Games To Play as of 2021

Which Xbox Series X video games are the greatest may be quite subjective. However, whether you’re new to consoles or just new to Xbox, or if you’re buying games for someone else, keep in mind there is always a good and bad game.

That’s why we are here to narrow the best titles among thousands of games that are absolutely extremely fantastic games that you should focus on.

As we update this list, the greatest and Favorite games on console “Xbox Series X” will likewise vary on a regular basis. As additional original games are released, we’ll want to mix in some of the other very fantastic game titles.

For the time being, though, these are the greatest compatible games for Xbox Series X money can buy.

15. Outer Wilds

outer wilds

This is among the best Outer Worlds games to keep track of, a clockwork solar system brimming with little riches and a true feeling of awe. Take off on a rusty launcher from a forested planet and travel across a swarm of worlds all molded by terrible causes.

There’s something lovely about the way the story flows, entirely natural and without conflict. The idea that you can land on a comet and walkabout would be enough to secure this game a particular place in the hearts of gamers.

But the comet is only the beginning, and the feeling of wonder goes deep. within the last-gen consoles this game is a hidden game do check it out.

14. Immortals: Fenyx Rising

xbox x series games

Look no farther than Immortals: Fenyx Rising if you’re searching for a truly entertaining open-world RPG game with a lot of legendary themes and a lot of exciting fighting.

You take on the role of Fenyx, a demigod striving to save the Greek gods from catastrophe. As an open-world action RPG, you’ll have a lot of territories to explore in terms of exploring.

As you continue through the game, you will be able to level up your talents and equip yourself with a variety of different weapons and armor.

You’ll also get new powers. And you might be amazed at how many different riddles there are to complete in this game. Which might result in either modest prizes or something genuinely wonderful to assist you on your journey.

13. Destiny 2

destiny 2

Bungie seems to have rushed the original Destiny’s release, providing a campaign mode that made no sense and a startling dearth of endgame content.

Destiny 2’s campaign attempted to remedy these wrongs, and it’s everything we’ve come to expect from developer Bungie – loud, quick, hilarious, and a lot of fun.

Destiny 2 is amid the best games on the powerful console Xbox series x, that has grown in unexpected and wonderful ways more than three years after its initial release.

While the first two, lesser expansions didn’t offer much depth, the latest three have given the experience a much-needed facelift.

Beyond Light, which is rife with new endgame content, quests, and locations to explore, alters the essence of Destiny 2 and will keep Guardians busy (and pleased) as the online first-person shooter.

12. Outriders

xbox x series games

If you enjoy games like Destiny 2, which is essentially a looter shooter action game, you’ll probably enjoy Outriders. While the two games aren’t exactly the same, there are some similarities.

Outriders is jam-packed with stuff to chase, from numerous playable character types to the ever-increasing strength of better gear drops and weaponry.

It also has a solid plot, however, the fighting and gunplay are unquestionably the highlights.
It allows single-player gaming as well as multiplayer with up to two more players for a total of three.

Outriders also fully supports cross-play. So, if you play on Xbox Series X but your friend plays on PlayStation 5, you can team up without issue.

11. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

sekiro video game

Speaking of difficult games… Previous predecessors from From Software haven’t shied away from confronting players with apparently insurmountable obstacles, but Sekiro is something else entirely.

Getting beyond the first sector is akin to surviving Dark Souls’ Blighttown, and it only becomes more difficult from there.

So it’s a good thing the task is always fair, and the fighting system is excellent – poised, balletic, and with a few flashes of savagery, all supported by the vision and purity of art that have made From Soft one of modern gaming’s finest companies.

Sekiro is a difficult game, with a sensory experience, but if you persevere, you’ll be rewarded with something really unique.

10. Devil May Cry 5

xbox x series games

After taking a darker turn with Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory (more on that developer later), the classic series returns with Devil May Cry 5.

Set after the events of the previous four games, Devil May Cry 5 puts you in command of three distinct characters, each with their own set of weapons and skills to learn.

Nero’s savagery contrasts with Dante’s flashiness, and both are diametrically opposed to V’s demon-spawning approach.

Devil May Cry 5 seems like the ideal combination of old and modern, with a stunning engine that makes it one of the most visually appealing games on the Xbox One.

However, it has not lost the series’ challenge, and a second run on Son of Sparda’s difficulty changes up the opponent’s diversity.

9. Gears 5

gears 5

Given that it starts at only $10, Gears 5 is the most current installment in the third-person shooter series.

Single-player content, multiplayer experience PvP, co-op, and more are available. There’s also a player vs. environment game in which you must fend off swarms of monsters.

Gears 5 also includes post-game and seasonal extras. So, if you play frequently enough, keep an eye out for these events to keep the gaming fresh and entertaining.

If you enjoy shooters, this is amid the best super-fast loading times games you should try. And, with an affordable price as little as $10, it’s an excellent addition to Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

8. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

xbox x series games

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is one of the rare games with a good next-gen speed that truly deserves the moniker “masterpiece.” Ninja Theory’s troubled adventure game feels carefully designed from start to finish, with every element contributing to the game’s dismal tone.

The game was so good when it first came out in 2017, that Xbox Game Studios bought Ninja Theory shortly after. Now, the company is hard at work on Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, a forthcoming Xbox exclusive.

Although you should play Senua’s Sacrifice, keep in mind that it is a difficult game. It isn’t hesitant to lean into its ideas, employing audio and visual design to create an unsettling environment.

7. Wasteland 3

xbox x series games

It is a genre-defining post-apocalyptic RPG that serves as a love letter to the old school while also incorporating modernism and enhanced features for a current audience.

Wasteland 3 is related to the Fallout world in that it is set in a destroyed America that is fighting to live after a global nuclear war. Humanity is on the verge of extinction as rogue war robots roam the plains and mutated creatures lurk in the dark.

Only the Desert Rangers, who are descended from the US military, are attempting to reestablish some sort of law and order in the midst of the turmoil. Wasteland 3 is set in a reimagined Colorado, complete with destructive nuclear winters and a parade of mad groups and outlaws.

The Patriarch is the region’s major power, and your crew heads to Colorado to establish a trading route. Things rapidly turn worse as a cannibalistic tribe attacks your caravan, leaving you for the deceased.

6. Hitman 3

hitman 3

Hitman 3 is a fitting conclusion to Io Interactive’s World of Assassination, as well as a celebration of the studio’s long-running stealth sandbox.

The third game has a faster load times, and some of the most inventive-level designs in the trilogy, including the superb Dartmoor murder mystery and an intriguing retro level in the shape of Berlin.

Hitman 3 doesn’t modify much of the fundamental formula, which is a good thing for a sandbox game.

Even better, Hitman and Hitman 2 goods and levels may be imported into Hitman 3. After five years, the World of Assassination trilogy may now be entirely unified under one roof, with goods shared throughout levels.

5. Forza Horizon 4

xbox x series games

Forza Horizon has always been amid the best racing games that everyone can enjoy, but the fourth installment in the xbox x series took things to the next level.

It’s the most ambitious entry yet, with a massive shared world experience and weekly new upgrades to keep players interested week after week.

It’s a technological accomplishment, with 4K HDR, a frame rate of 60 frames per second, and an almost completely destructible world.

Furthermore, Forza Horizon 4 is now available to more gamers than ever before owing to Microsoft initiatives like Game Pass and Play Anywhere.

Forza Horizon 4 is an online multiplayer title that also transports players to a large and meticulously recreated reimagining of the British countryside, replete with rolling fields, dense woodlands, and charming villages.

4. Resident Evil 2

resident evil 2

It was released in early 2019, and it is a hybrid of a remake and a reinvention. It’s more than simply dynamic worlds, nicer textures, and visuals.

Resident Evil 2 is a total reimagining of the 1998 PlayStation original game that previously held the title. And it achieves all of this within the backdrop of a franchise that occasionally gets it and sometimes misses the mark.

Resident Evil 2’s makers at Capcom understand what makes a successful Resident Evil game — some mix of riddles, resource scarcity, a self-contained environment, and a horrible, thudding monster of a man always someplace following you — and delivered it all in a packaging that’s both current and vintage.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

xbox x series games

Red Dead Redemption 2 pours an incredible amount of content into one of the finest designed dynamic worlds that demands to be tasted and appreciated.

Rockstar Games produced a smooth experience, sweeping — and at times surprising, even infuriating — epic every bit as grandiose as the Western films and books that inspired it, part action game, half cowboy simulator, part lament on steamrolling progress, part study of American values real and imagined.

Rockstar is no stranger to open-world action games, but Red Dead Redemption 2 lays a flag in the ground, stating that the company isn’t restricted to a single, high-profile brand.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a proclamation that its quasi-Western epic can compete with the likes of Grand Theft Auto V.

 2. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

xbox x series games

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is an absolutely gorgeous game in every way. Ori is oozing with affection and state-of-the-art workmanship, from the game’s charming soundtrack score to the beautiful visual presentation, making it very simply one of the greatest Xbox games out today.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a platformer at heart, but this latest installment in the franchise has great memorable characters and expands the game’s combat systems in interesting ways, providing Ori with a larger toolkit to work with.

Ori is a cat-like spirit who you guide through the game on a journey to restore the purity and sanctity of an enchanted woodland that is slowly being polluted by an unseen power.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

best xbox games

All the previous games are good but this xbox series x title is super!! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an original game that chronicles a tale that speaks for itself since hundreds of gamers continue to return to it despite the fact that it has been a decade since its debut.

The Nords’ portion of Tamriel offers a smooth experience, intriguing individuals to meet, unusual stories to hear, dungeons and castles to conquer, and much more.

Whether you choose to play as a tanky melee warrior, a cunning backstabbing rogue, a master of the magical arts, or a hybrid of the two, Skyrim allows you complete flexibility.

Because of backward compatibility and the Skyrim Special Edition, this fantastic Xbox series x game is no longer simply one of the finest Xbox series x games that has a highly next-generation performance, but also one of the best Xbox One and XBOX 360 games of all time.

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