Top 22 Best Vampire Girls from Anime Series


Here is the List of The Top 22 Best Anime Vampire Girls Characters

Hey again anime fans, welcome to this post that features the best, the cutest, and deadliest vampire girls in Anime and Manga Series.

from classics, to the newest series, we have compiled so many female anime characters, that you will really fall in love with, even at the cost of getting your blood sucked out of your veins…


with no further ado, lets jump to the countdown of our 22 Vampire Anime Girls that you mustn’t mess With!

22. Yuuko Tamaru from Devils Line

Anime Vampire Girls
Anime Vampire Girls

the first anime vampire girl on our list, is Yuuko Tamaru from Devils Line which a good series that you should really watch.

Yuuko is girl with a sad dark backstory, and im not gonna talk about that, so to not spoil the whole show for you.

Like any other vampire characters in anime or movies, at the sight of blood this girl will turn into a Fierce vampire.

Therefore, Upon seeing her prey, here eyes turns red, veins appears around eyes and veins, nails became claws, and her teeth will sharpens and gets ready to suck some blood.


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21. Karin Maaka From Chibi Vampire

karen maka


The Main Character of the Chibi Vampire Anime series, Karin is a lovely female “blood-producing” vampire.

Yeah, her body produces blood, which means she doesn’t need to fed on humans in order to survive.

However, sometimes when she sense danger, unhappiness, or gets embarrassed, her blood levels increase dramatically! which results in frequent nosebleeds.

20. Redcurrant from Mahoutsukai no Yome

anime girl

Behold, one of the most beautiful Female Vampire Characters in Anime, this girl with her pretty eyes as red as currants and pointed ears will probably wows you with her beauty.


Reducurrant is so gentle and not that type of evil species, as she is carefree and and don’t pay much attention to appearances, focusing only on talent, which she trades for her life energy “Blood”.

19. Rima Touya from Vampire Knight

vampire knight

It’s Time for a pretty sweet anime vampire model girl to enter the podium,  Rima Touya from Vampire Knight is one of the youngest Night Class students who has a close relationship of an unknown nature with Senri Shiki

And, In some Vampire Knight flashbacks, we will discover that Rima have a passion for acting despite her career as a model.

18. Krul Tepes from Owari no Seraph

Anime Vampire Girls
Anime Vampire Girls

From the Amazing Owari no Seraph Anime series, comes this loli bad female vampire, one of the girls that instantly suck your blood out if you mess with her, or trying to getting close too.

She is a secondary main character in the series, and the one that twisted the plot of the shows, by turning Mikaela Hyakuya and Mahiru Hīragi into vampires.


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17. Almaria from Ange Vierge

cute anime girl

Almaria is that kind of vampire girls, that you will wish to get sucked by her teeth, yeah, because she is and extremely pretty female anime character.

She is the main protagonist Ange Vierge series, who is usually seen fighting using blood.

Meanwhile, she thinks that feeding on others is absurd, thus, she has not feed on anyone yet.

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