16 Best End Of The World Anime | Post-Apocalyptic Anime

10. Dr. Stone

dr stone


This end of the world apocalypse anime was released only a year ago and caused quite a stir due to the fact that it was a one-of-a-kind shonen.


Fundamentally, everything on Earth is frozen, and technological progress is halted. Millennia later, a virtuoso child named Senku Ishigami learns that the petrification interaction rescued everyone and can be repaired.

They set out to remake decades of human cultural evolution with their old and new companions.

Dr. Stone is a post-apocalyptic anime that tells the story of Senku, a once-in-a-lifetime virtuoso, as he approaches restarting the rational period of humanity after human existence mysteriously stopped when humans became totally frozen more than 3000 thousand years ago.

Senku attempted to comprehend his current environmental factors after the string to another secretive universe before using research to support his everyday daily life.

9. Seraph of the End

post apocalyptic anime

Another fascinating world is presented by the Anime “Seraph of the End”. Instead of gigantic cannibals, Seraph of the End employs a less well-known monster: vampires. Both people above a certain age died as a result of a virus in this anime.

After that, as the planet is just made up of teenagers, the vampires appear and offer to look after them in exchange for blood. Naturally, as the children get older and gain independence, it does not sit well with them.

8. Origin: Spirits of the Past

end of the world anime

When humans create an awful DNA strand that affects plants, such plants scatter across the Earth, destroying it. Humanity, on the verge of extinction, communicates with the plants of the forest and is given a second shot at life.

We see the world from the eyes of Agito, who one day discovers a sleeping girl called Tula who holds the secret to perhaps saving the human race from the forest’s new rulers. What comes next is that you will have to watch the series to get all of the answers.

Origin is an extremely well-crafted anime. With a unique, almost horror-like sci-fi plot, audiences would be in for a real treat if they watch this apocalypse series.


7. Ergo Proxy

ergo proxy


Ergo Proxy is an original anime, which means it was not adapted from any source material, such as a manga or a light novel, and it is regarded as one of the best post apocalyptic anime of all time.

Manglobe is responsible for the production of this series. It’s available on Netflix, and I can assure you that once you read the premise, you’ll be hooked.

The plot is set in the near future in Rondeau, where humans and replicants coexist as AutoRievs, and the dilemma within the anime arises when a virus epidemic triggers robots to become self-conscious and attempts to destroy the world and put an end to humanity.

Consider it a grim cyberpunk-themed anime exhibition, with gothic undertones as a treat.

6. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

post apocalyptic animes

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a good apocalypse anime about the end of the world, produced by the WIT Studio, so the animation is excellent.

It is a mash-up of the Walking Dead and the hugely successful anime series Attack On Titan.

You should watch it if you enjoyed The Walking Dead or AOT, or if you prefer post-apocalyptic and zombie animes.

The plot is set in a post-apocalyptic nuclear revolution in which a strange virus epidemic transforms mutated humans into zombie-like monsters known as Kabane.


The series’ protagonist is Ikoma, an inventor who contracts the virus but prevents it, transforming into a more human hybrid Kabane known as Kabaneri.


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