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Oi! Tonbo Anime: Main Cast, Staff, Theme Song, and April Release Date Revealed!

oi! tonbo anime

The main staff of Oi! Tonbo anime has revealed details about the main cast, staff, theme song details, and an April release date on TV Tokyo and other networks. 

The main characters in the Oi! Tonbo anime series are Tonbo Ōi (voiced by Rika Hayashi) and Kazuyoshi Igarashi (voiced by Hiroki Tōchi). The animation will be done by OLM, with CG provided by SMDE. Jin Gu Oh will direct the series, Mitsutaka Hirota will handle the scripts, Akira Takeuchi will design the characters, Keita Hattori will direct the 3DCG, and Nobuko Toda will compose the music.

oi! tonbo anime

The premiere date is scheduled for April 2024 on TV Tokyo and other networks. The opening theme, Habatake (Spread Your Wings), is performed by Sacra e sole, and the ending theme, Let’s Swing, is performed by Tokyo Groove Jyoshi. 

Oi! Tonbo, also known as Ooi! Tonbo or Hey! Tonbo, follows Tonbo Ooi, who lost her parents in a car accident and was raised by her grandfather, a fisherman on Kagoshima Island. Tonbo learns to play golf on the island’s three golf courses built by the locals, using her father’s inherited No. 3 iron. The story begins with Tonbo meeting Kazuyoshi Igarashi, a former professional golfer seeking work in Kagoshima.

Oi! Tonbo is a sports anime based on the manga with the same name, created by Ken Kawasaki and illustrated by Yū Furusawa. The manga began in Golf Digest’s golfing magazine, Weekly Golf Digest, on August 4, 2014. Golf Digest has compiled its chapters into individual tankōbon volumes, with the first two volumes released on May 30, 2016. As of November 1, 2023, a total of 47 volumes have been released.

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