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Monogatari Off Season and Monster Season Anime Confirmed for 2024!

monogatari season off and monster season anime 2024

The Monogatari Series will be getting a new anime adaptation by SHAFT studio, and they’re calling it Monogatari Off season and Monster Season. Aniplex hasn’t told us what kind of anime it will be, but they said the anime will be made in 2024.

The anime based on Off Season and Monster Season will have Shinbo as the chief director, Watanabe designing the characters, and Shaft as the studio making it. Midori Yoshizawa is the director.

monogatari season off and monster season anime 2024

In 2008, they announced they were turning the Bakemonogatari novels into an anime. It aired in 2009 with 15 episodes. The same team made an 11-episode anime called Nisemonogatari in 2012, and a four-episode series called Nekomonogatari (Kuro) on December 31, 2012. They continued with a 26-episode series titled Monogatari Series Second Season in 2013. Then, in 2014, they faced delays and had to air five episodes together in August. In 2014, they aired a four-episode marathon of Tsukimonogatari. Another 13-episode series called Owarimonogatari aired in 2015.

Three films adapting the prequel Kizumonogatari were produced, premiering in 2016 and 2017. A web anime series called Koyomimonogatari was available for download in 2016. A seven-episode series adapting the third Owarimonogatari novel aired in 2017. Zoku Owarimonogatari was released in theaters in 2018 and on TV in 2019.

The anime doesn’t follow the order of the novels. Kizumonogatari was delayed and released in 2016 instead of 2012. Hanamonogatari was supposed to be in its original place but got postponed. Koyomimonogatari, released after Kizumonogatari I and Owarimonogatari, was actually supposed to come before them in the novels.

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