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Highspeed Etoile Anime Reveals New Visuals, Trailer, and Spring 2024 Release Date!


New visuals of Kanata Asakawa (voiced by Yoko Hikasa) and Towa Komachi (voiced by Shiori Izawa) from the upcoming TV anime HIGHSPEED Etoile are now out. The show is set to air in April 2024 and follows the characters enjoying moments at the race track before the big race. 

Kanata Asakawa
Towa Komachi

But that’s not all – the has cool character designs by Takuya Fujima and is planning to team up with the Japanese Super Formula Championship. The show is made by the Good Smile Company and King Records. Plus, there’s a special manga spin-off called Highspeed Etoile: L’Entrée de Towa et Kanata. This manga, drawn by Chiaki Misono with help from the Suzuka Circuit, started appearing on Akita Shoten’s Manga Cross website in October 2023.

The characters in the Highspeed Etoile anime include Fūka Izumi as Rin Rindo, Yōko Hikasa as Kanata Asakawa, Shiori Izawa as Towa Komachi, Yui Horie as Sofia B. (Bryant) Tokitou, Ayaka Suwa as Youran Liu, Nana Mizuki as Alice Summerwood, Kenichirō Matsuda as Richard Parker, Kousuke Toriumi as Lorenzo M. Salvatore, Yurie Funato as Prima Stella’s Hikari Hinata, and Shū Uchida as Prima Stella’s Akari Kuzuryū.

  • Highspeed Etoile Trailer

Highspeed Etoile tells the story of Rin Rindou. Once, Rin dreamed of being a ballet dancer, but an injury made her give up that dream. She became a gamer living with her grandmother after that. One day, her life takes a turn, and she finds herself in the world of racing.

The anime happens in the future, where advanced technology allows vehicles to travel safely at 500 km/h (about 310 mph). A new kind of race called NEX Race is created, changing the racing world. NEX Racing uses AI control support and a “Revolburst” system. Rin Rindou, a newcomer, enters NEX Race, bringing more changes and excitement to the sport.

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