The Ideal Sponger Life Light Novel is Receiving An Anime Series

The Ideal Sponger Life (Riso No Himo Seikatsu) anime

On December 15, 2023, the official X account for The Ideal Sponger Life (Riso no Himo Seikatsu) light novel series announced the exciting news of an anime adaptation. 

The series, written by Tsunehiko Watanabe, initially started on the novel posting website Shōsetsuka ni Narō in 2011 and was later published in print by Shufunotomo. With illustrations by Jū Ayakura, it became part of the Hero Bunko imprint. As of September 2021, fourteen volumes have been released. In November 2020, J-Novel Club secured the English publishing rights.

 Additionally, a manga adaptation by Neko Hinotsuki has been serialized in Young Ace magazine since February 2017, and it has been collected into eighteen tankōbon volumes by September 2023. Seven Seas Entertainment also announced the English publication of the series in March 2018.

The Ideal Sponger Life (Riso No Himo Seikatsu) anime

The main characters in The Ideal Sponger Life are Zenjiro Yamai, a Japanese salaryman summoned to Another World who becomes the Prince Consort of the Kingdom of Capua and discovers he has “Space-Time” Bloodline Magic. Aura Capua is the Queen of the Kingdom of Capua, the last surviving royal, and Zenjiro’s wife. Freya Uppasala, the 1st Princess of the Kingdom of Uppasala, captains the 8th ship of the Uppasala Navy. Inesl works in the Inner Palace of the Kingdom of Capua as a trusted head maid. Fabio Deubashe serves as the head secretary for Queen Aura. Victoria Kronkvist, also known as Skaji, is a skilled warrior from the Kingdom of Uppasala. Pujol Guillén is a general in the Army of the Kingdom of Capua, ambitious and skilled. Natalio Maldonado is a Palace Knight who becomes Zenjiro’s Personal Knight. Xavier Gaziel is the youngest son of Margrave “Miguel Gaziel” and the only surviving heir of the Gaziel Family.

The story is about Zenjiro Yamai, a regular office worker in Japan, who gets unexpectedly summoned to a different world. Queen Aura, the one who summoned him, asks him to marry her and become her Prince Consort. She promises a life of luxury and freedom, with the only condition being that he provides her with an heir. Excited about the prospect of a carefree life, Zenjiro accepts. However, he soon realizes that this new world is full of magic, diverse cultures, and nobles with secret plans. In this world, even simple words and gifts hold hidden meanings, making Zenjiro’s journey more complex than he initially thought.

Source: X account

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