Lost Ark: End-Game Content Rankings for the Tier System

It could be difficult to decide which of the many distinct advanced classes to choose for your initial character since Lost Ark offers a wide variety of options. Before we get started, I would just want to mention that I am of the opinion that individuals are able to play all games in a non-meta fashion and yet be better than those who follow meta.

When playing Lost Ark, the player becomes more significant than the choices, and the same is true for the rules of the game. Everyone is able to do major harm and is functional and wonderful, so choose anything that you love doing the most and become an expert in it. Having said that, a Lost Ark Tier Ranking is still useful for determining what kind of builds are considered to be meta, and we hope that our guide will be of use to you in making that determination.

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1. Best Tier: S

Classes that are part of this Lost Ark Tier provide distinctive contributions to the most recent end-game raid that you are participating in and are virtually always feasible, no matter the player’s level of expertise.

2. Gunlancer

In my experience, playing and having fun with this class requires the least amount of effort. Picture being capable of engaging the monster in direct combat, where it is practically hard for you to take damage, where you are able to stun the boss, and where you are able to get all of the Most Valuable Players in your raids.

3. Paladin

This tanky support class is fantastic at maximizing both the group’s capability for doing damage and the group’s ability to stay alive. Your group will be protected by paladins, and they will also be able to remove debuffs and maintain continual buff uptime. In addition to this, they are very difficult to overlook since they are equipped with two trustworthy counters.

4. Destroyer

The occidental release of the title has received some recent balancing changes, and as a result, the Destroyer class has begun gaining prominence. This class’ melee attacks have a sluggish yet powerful hit rate, allowing them to completely destroy their foes while maintaining the ideal distance.

5. Bard

The bard is yet another support class that may be found on this tier list. Bards offer attack buffs, shield buffs, and other buffs that are comparable to those provided by Paladins. You have the option to match the robustness of the Paladin by selecting Heavy Armor Engraving, which is the main difference between bards and paladins.

6. Next-to-Best Tier: A

The majority of classes in this group have similar strengths, although some are simpler to use than others.

7. Arcanist

RNG-based Output class Arcanist provides excellent damage with great crit affinity. Arcanists lack stagger and weak spot damage, which may hinder them during additional end-game scenarios.

8. Berserker

The title’s squishiest warrior type does massive damage and is simple to play. However, mastering when committing to extended sequences and cooldowns is tricky.

9. Glavier

Western Lost Ark’s 4th combat practitioner class is this one. Glaviers, spear-wielding characters, can hit bosses and move well.

10. Sorcerer

MMORPG wizard players should try this profession. Sorcerers, particularly the Igniter build, may instantly kill bosses with their AOE or single-target firepower.

11. Deathblade

One among the only assassin types with numerous playstyles and outstanding synergy with many combat classes. Surge, as well as Remaining Energy compositions, are available.

12. Wardancer

This quick, high-damage character is easy to master. Its 6-second power bonus period dictates when it’s appropriate to maintain and rotate abilities.

13. Shadow Hunter

In contrast, the assassin type is inexpensive and easier to construct. Demon form gives them excellent endurance and massive damage.

14. Scrapper

A diverse combative art class. She’s fast, powerful, and has significant staggering damage.

15. Striker

The masculine Wardancer is easier to use and less gear-dependent than the Deathblow configuration. Its high damage yield and top-tier countermeasures render this category successful.

16. Artillerist

Ranged Gunlancers are members of this category. They’re shielded, do massive damage, and will not perish. Due to monster mobility, you may miss powerful AoE abilities.

17. Gunslinger

Gunslingers are fun to play. The peacemaker’s build boosts pistols, shotguns, as well as rifles usage.

18. Regular Tier: B

These classes are strong, but the ordinary player will struggle to maximize their value. Novice players should avoid these.

19. Sharpshooter

Sharpshooter is a static distant harm dealer who has two powerful talents. This gives you an enjoyable profession that doesn’t dominate in a single field, but proficiency will render you useful against other distant damage providers.

20. Soulfist

Like Goku’s Power Ball, the character’s Spirit Bomb is renowned. It’s hard to succeed in this DPS type. Developing this discipline might be challenging, yet it scales well into subsequent levels.

21. Deadeye

Deadeye concludes the compilation. This average power class positions effectively to maximize shotgun rear strike effectiveness.


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