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Anime Film Fureru from Anohana Staff Scheduled for Fall 2024 Release

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The creative team behind the acclaimed anime films “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day,” “The Anthem of the Heart,” and “Her Blue Sky” is reuniting to bring forth a new original feature-length anime film named Fureru (Touch). Scheduled for a Japanese theatrical release in Fall 2024.

Fureru will be produced by Studio CloverWorks under the direction of Tatsuyuki Nagai, with Mari Okada handling the scriptwriting and Masayoshi Tanaka designing the characters. Aniplex and STORY inc. are collaborating on the production of Fureru, which will be distributed by Toho and Aniplex.

The film marks the return of the creative trio known for their emotionally resonant “heart-shaking” trilogy. While the plot details of “Fureru” remain under wraps, there is a teaser visual that was released depicting three young boys carrying a mysterious fluffy creature in a bucket.

fureru filmAdditionally, a brief 30-second promotional video (PV) trailer has been released, offering a glimpse into the film’s epic atmosphere.

Set in Tokyo, the upcoming anime movie Fureru tells the story of three childhood friends who are reconnected by a mysterious creature. The film explores the deep bonds formed in childhood and the enduring power of friendship as the trio navigates their lives as young adults.

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