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Great Pretender Anime Sequel Razbliuto Release Date and Cast Revealed!


The official website of the Great Pretender anime has confirmed the release of a sequel titled Great Pretender: Razbliuto. The first promotional video (PV) for the anime is out, and it’s announced to premiere in February 23, 2024. The main characters and their cast for the sequel have also been revealed.

Great Pretender is an anime full of action, adventure, and mystery. It consists of 23 original episodes and is created by Wit Studio. The show is directed by Hiro Kaburagi, with the screenplay written by Ryōta Kosawa, character designs by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, and music composed by Yutaka Yamada. Yamada also created the theme song “G.P.,” and the ending theme is a cover of “The Great Pretender” by Freddie Mercury, originally recorded by The Platters.

The story is divided into different sections called “Cases.” Case 1, titled “Los Angeles Connection,” includes episodes 1 to 5, Case 2, “Singapore Sky,” spans episodes 6 to 10, Case 3, “Snow of London,” covers episodes 11 to 14, and Case 4, “Wizard of Far East,” includes episodes 15 to 23. The anime premiered on Fuji TV’s +Ultra and BS Fuji from July 8 to December 16, 2020, and the first 14 episodes were released on Netflix outside of Japan on August 20, 2020, with the remaining 9 on November 25.

Additionally, a manga adaptation by Daichi Marui started serializing on Mag Garden’s Mag Comi and LINE Manga from June 10, 2020. Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the manga in North America, but it went on hiatus on September 10, 2020, due to Marui’s health issues.

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In Great Pretender anime, the characters and their respective voice actors are: Dorothy, portrayed by Yuka Komatsu, takes on a main role alongside Jay Jiang, voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi. Makoto Edamura, played by Chiaki Kobayashi, is a supporting character, as is Bingyan, voiced by Mariya Ise, Tsai, played by Mitsuaki Kanuka, Lin, portrayed by Kazuyuki Okitsu, Yang Ai, voiced by Yasuhiro Mamiya, and Wang Yiqi, played by Yasuyuki Kase. 

The story is about a guy named Makoto Edamura who turned to a life of crime, stealing and tricking people to survive. But things take a turn when he tries to scam a tourist and ends up being fooled himself. Now, the police are after him. In a twist of fate, he encounters the tourist again, who happens to be a fellow con artist named Laurent Thierry. Makoto, wanting to prove he’s the best swindler, challenges Laurent. They end up in Los Angeles, and Laurent proposes a big scam targeting the West Coast’s top mafia boss.

The anime, Great Pretender, takes us on a journey with Makoto, Laurent, and their crew as they engage in high-stakes fraud around the world. Makoto soon realizes he’s in for more than he expected, as his skills are constantly tested.

Excitingly, as we mentioned above, there is a sequel called Great Pretender: Razbliuto with a release date slated for February 23, 2024, and Crunchyroll has licensed it. Let us all wait for more scams and adventures!

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