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The Most 10 Richest Celebrities

Welcome to this Top List of The Richest Ten Celebrities and famous people Who Have Waaay More $$$ Than You Ever Even Thought!

Oh Yeah, you will stumble upon singers, actors, businessmen, and even some media executives, and talk show host, so with no further ado, Here’s a compiled of 10 Richest celebrities who have way more dollars that you can’t imagine! Diddy deserves it, though.

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10. Justin Timberlake

Richest Celebrities


Justin Randall Timberlake, occasionally known by his initials JT, is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. Raised in Tennessee, he appeared on the television shows Star Search and The All-New Mickey Mouse Club as a child.

He was paid $6 million for literally just singing “ba da ba ba ba” for McDonald’s, That’s hilarious.

9. Mariah Carey

Richest Celebrities

Mariah Carey is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, and entrepreneur. Referred to as the “Songbird Supreme” by the Guinness World Records, she is noted for her five-octave vocal range, melismatic singing style, signature use of the whistle register, and songwriting prowess.

has made $60 million on just the song “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

8. Professional leach, Kevin Federline

Richest Celebrities

Kevin Earl Federline, sometimes referred to as K-Fed, is an American rapper, DJ, actor, television personality, professional wrestler, and fashion model.

he gets $20,000 a month from Britney Spears. He apparently wants to double that to $40,000.

7.  Celine Dion

Richest Celebrities


Céline Marie Claudette Dion CC OQ is a Canadian singer. Born into a large family from Charlemagne, Quebec, she emerged as a teen star in her homeland with a series of French-language albums during the 1980s

She is the second wealthiest female musician. She’s worth $400 million.

6. Vanilla Ice 

Richest Celebrities

Robert Matthew Van Winkle, known professionally as Vanilla Ice, is an American rapper, actor, and television host.

 He has a net worth of $18 million.

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