Top 10 Anime Where the Overpowered Mc is Emotionless and Cold


Anime Where the Overpowered Mc is Emotionless and Cold


Hey everyone this is Anime Browser and today we are covering The Top 10 Best Anime Series Where Overpowered (Op) Mc (Main Character) is Emotionless and Cold.

Today our anime list is depicting the 10 tv shows Where the Overpowered Mc is Emotionless, heartless, and cold blooded. Think assassins, murderers, and cold blooded killers…

Many of these main characters have had traumatic, dark and twisted pasts.

How do I know this? Well, you’re gonna have to find out when you see them in action!


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Thumbnail: Soccer Spirits

Voiced By:  Zina

Intro Song: Soundscape To Ardor – Bleach [Rayden remix]

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