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The Top 10 Adorable Animals you can see ever

5. Tree Kangaroo

Adorable Animals


Closely related to the Aussie native, kangaroos, the tree kangaroo is found in rainforests across Australia and Papua New Guinea. There are 10 different species of tree kangaroos. Though clumsy on the ground, tree kangaroos, naturally are very adept and agile on trees. Their powerful hind legs are used for climbing and enable them to drop down from great heights.

4. Baiji Dolphin

Adorable Animals


Known as the “Goddess of the Yangtze”, the Baiji dolphin was a species that frolicked in China’s Yangtze River. They were recognizable by their stocky body, long, thin snout, small eyes and tiny ear openings where other dolphin’s eyes should be. Unfortunately, the species was declared extinct in 2006. The species rapidly declined due to China’s heavy industrialization and frequent use of the river. Although there was a sighting of a lone Baiji dolphin in 2007, the species is still considered functionally extinct because a few are not enough to save the whole species from full extinction.

3. The American Pika

Adorable Animals


The American Pika is the smaller relative of rabbits and hares. They are typically found in rocky areas in the western United States and southwestern Canada. They are distinguished by their grayish-brown fur, short, round ears and no visible tail. Pikas generally collect and store food to last them throughout the winter months and are sometimes seen gathering wildflowers. Unfortunately, global warming is playing a huge part in their dwindling numbers.

2. Black-footed Ferret

Adorable Animals


The black-footed ferret is the only ferret species native to North America. The beautiful creatures were brought back from near-extinction in 1986 and now thrive (albeit in small numbers). The furry ferrets live off a diet of prairie dogs, can sleep up to 21 hours and are solitary creatures.

1. Kinkajous

 Adorable Animals


Kinkajous are adorable little-seen, often heard nocturnal species also known as the honey bear. They are native to Central America and South America, also are closely related to the raccoon and look so furry and cute thanks to communal grooming. They are blessed with a long tail that doubles as an extra hand and sometimes blanket and their feet can turn in both directions for easy running.

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