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The Most 10 Weird Sports That Will Chock You

Weird Sports

The 10 Most Weird Sports 

We all have favorite sports or hobbies, that we enjoy with it either we practic it ou just watch it, like Football, Basketball, boxing, Racing ext…

But some people around the world prefer practicing other weird sports.

So we decided to make a list of the weirdest sport that will chock you.

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10. West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta

Weird Sports

The first thing Tualatin, Oregon has going for its uniquely weird sport is the title: West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta. Add the word “regatta” to the name of any boat or yacht race; the regal nomenclature gives the event instant cred.

Located just outside of Portland, this town lives up to the “Keep It Weird” slogan. Every October, participants dress up in ridiculous Halloween costumes and race across Tualatin Lake inside huge pumpkins.

Eat your heart out, New England. This is how the Pacific Northwest does Halloween.

9. Lawn Mower Racing

The Most 10 Weird Sports That Will Chock You

Do not let the comical name lawnmower racing fool you. As funny as the concept is, the sport itself is equally intense.

The major difference between lawnmower racing and go-karting is the vehicle itself. Unlike a go-kart, a lawnmower must maintain its engine and chassis (frame).

This mini-sized style of racing originated in the UK. After a group of friends became fed up with the unavoidable cash vacuum and huge startup costs of auto-racing, they came up with this new sport. Whether the event takes place on a flat track or off-road, lawnmower racing is a hit.

Not convinced? It’s grown so much that Lawnmower Racing Mania 2007 is a real Xbox game. That’s legit.

8. Cycle ball

The Most 10 Weird Sports That Will Chock You


Cycle ball, or “radball” as it’s referred to in German (probably because it’s so sick, bruh) looks very much like a game of soccer… but on bicycles. It’s a two-on-two competition with riders using fixed-gear bikes without a freewheel or brakes.
It’s hard to argue that, at a glance, the sport looks ridiculous as competitors whack a ball around with their bike. Don’t be fooled, though. This picture alone shows just how acrobatic and crafty players can get when trying to save or score a goal.

7. Pillow Fight League

Weird Sports

Thankfully, there is no need to fear waking up from this dream. The Pillow Fight League is a bona fide sport. For that, we can thank the Canadian entrepreneurs who managed to turn this slumber party pastime into a competitive game.

Fights apparently get pretty intense and have resulted in lost teeth and even concussions. This makes a lot more sense upon examining the rules, which allow punching and submission holds. This sport may be intense, but is this still not the most Canadian thing ever?

6. Toe Wrestling

Weird Sports


The United Kingdom is home to many weird sports. Yet this one is a sport so weird, it feels downright uncomfortable just to watch. Welcome to toe wrestling. The only thing funnier than the competition itself is its origin.

Flashback to 1976 Britain in the village of Wetton. A group at Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn was discussing how British athletes never manage to be the best in the world at any one sport… so they decided to host a contest of their own. And that’s how this relative of thumb wrestling was born.

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